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  1. You look a bit like the green man melv
  2. You fools, clearly the easiest option here is to get rid of the missus! Problem solved
  3. This is England, it’ll only get worse
  4. I would suggest a few nights(3) in north Devon- croyde/exmoor and then head down to lands end for the remainder, plenty of places to pitch up for the night, gorgeous part of the world!!!
  5. Ollieollie

    2 weeks off

    Never liked the thought of going on a cruise, with the exception of the Arctic circle and fjords cruise which I will do one day
  6. I did it, I can arrange any weather for £50,000 per day. After payment is cleared and you’ve signed the disclaimer I’ll make the arrangements. I also offer a 5% PW discount
  7. Yellow tricoflex is standard in horticulture, worked in a nursery when I was younger and this stuff was bomb proof!!
  8. I avoid formal events like the plague, even those on telly
  9. Ollieollie


    I’d take exmoor over most places
  10. Sod off ****** first of all we call it building walls down here.
  11. I’d put my feet up for a while
  12. I know your right chris, just seems a shame to scrap a working car
  13. Hello All, So i no longer require my 2nd vehicle, it has been used solely for work(bricklayer), it a peugeot 307sw. A i its been a work car its not in the tidiest condition. The scrappy has quoted me £130 for it. For all the hassle i think i will go with the scrap man but as its a runner it seems a shame to scrap it but i cant see me getting much more than that selling it, if i needed it i would have continued to use it 155000 miles Diesel Cracked windscreen Engine management light on but mechanic says the light coming on is the fault, no codes when plugged in Your thoughts please......... Ollie
  14. A fresh appeal for some bunnies, any going?? cheers
  15. I hated working away. Good shout from Lori, get some fishing in!! What do you do in telly?
  16. I am a very good cook, mainly down to my mom. Over the years i have converted the missus into a reasonable producer as well, the only thing is when she cooks everylast thing, pot, utensil in the kitchen gets used no matter how small the dish. If she does something like a sunday roast it looks like a heard of wilderbeast has been through
  17. Don't forget to clear a space in the shed for Mel
  18. I’m down in June if you fancy a fishin session pasty
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