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  1. i hope so ant.mass.because it had to go straight back as it lost air like a sieve when i collected it from theoben. i'm still unsure how to send it though
  2. ok so how would i send it.i bought it from theoben originally 4 miles up the road in somersham so getting it sorted was a 5 minute ride there.
  3. hi haven't done much lately but have just been asked to sort out some rabbits.trouble is my mk2 theoben rapid hasn't been used for about 3 years.where is the best place to get it serviced.i'm in cambs
  4. i'll keep my ole 300tdi 90 thanks
  5. lord nelsons. thats what i have its lovely
  6. i use one of the oblong heater pads they have in reptile vivariums . low running cost
  7. don't know just putting it out there, if he has had no joy over the weekend,as i told him you guys would probably come good with an answer.cheers all will let you know
  8. quick one people is is possible to buy a new length of lead screw for a lath or will i need to thread my own. asking for a friend,cheers all
  9. he needs to be have his oxygen supply removed
  10. what actually should we do if they were caught,lot of opinions on what we can't. we need people to be scared of commiting such crimes.
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