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  1. Thanks for your interest and my apologies, I clearly need to update the profile. I'm in Chippenham. Another member has expressed an interest and so has first refusal. Will confirm if he does not take.
  2. 600 x 12 Gauge 70mm 29g 6-shot Fibre Wad Cartridges, £100 I rarely use the 12-bore these days and have a significant excess of cartridges. An opportunity for someone to save £54 on RRP.
  3. I'm willing to meet in Warwick, but only for a definite sale and £50 deposit upfront.
  4. Boiler, shower and dishwasher all broke this weekend. Reduced to £350 for quick sale.
  5. Thanks Zap, appreciate the steer which will note for next time. Meanwhile, now SOLD.
  6. Sold, thanks for the interest.
  7. Browning Masters R/H Skeet Vest & Cap in XL, used twice before stopping clay shooting. Vest originally purchased for £120 and cap for £15, bargain at £70 posted please: Tailored and designed for complete freedom of movement and the utmost functionality. • A large water-resistant leather strip allows you to shoulder with ease and no pad snagging • Quilted Reactar pocket affords maximum recoil protection and comfortable firing (Reactar sold separately) • Integrated vest expander (2"), allowing for increased size flexibility • Large Double cartridge pockets
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