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  1. how's you.... well worth setting up for, well done......?
  2. I bet the barrels were hot.... cracking result, well done
  3. afternoon sessions seem to be delivering decent results, well worth setting up for 20-60 pigeons....enjoy the rest of your holiday ?
  4. She worked really hard and enjoyed very minute
  5. Stayed until 6.45....just in case we got a return flight...
  6. Set of in search of pigeons and ended up on some wheat stubble. 50 birds feeding and some joining so it looked promising. My new shooting buddy decided to bring his sprocker, she recently had a litter of 5 gorgeous pups and this was her first time out in a few months. What a dog, so alert and responsive. Ruby noticed the birds before we did, cracking working dog. the wind was very strong and gave us some challenging shots,cracking sport. The flight line dried up but we had a few visitors which kept us entertained. Steve noticed a pair committing to the pattern and let me have a go even though it was his turn, dropped them both....result we finished the day on 48 with 42 picked, I had 25 and big grin on my face. Superb afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed watching ruby work....I think she enjoyed it more than we did.
  7. Quality write up, pics and days sport. Nice one...?
  8. The guy I was out with has perms in Warwickshire and Worcestershire, he does an average of 100 miles a week just checking his perms, he is lucky he can fit this in around his work (self employed). even though we didn't get a gun out it was enjoyable just looking at the different perms and listening to how he has shot them in the past.
  9. Quality days sport, great result with moving the hide. This pigeon shooting lark is hard work but when you get a result like this it's worth all the effort. wel done lads ?
  10. Got a call at around midday..fancy trying to find a few pigeons... i must of opened a dozen farm gates today, we struggled to find any decent flight lines or pigeons ? We found a field of wheat stubble which was being hit hard however no permission to shoot. We traveled around 80 miles with no joy, the rain came down big time so decided to go for a beer. That's pigeon shooting...
  11. Can't beat crow bashing, some nice doubles....cracking bag ?
  12. Quality pics and time spent with your son. nice one ?
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