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  1. will this fit the 400 IR ? KW
  2. this time of year a pigeon will be nowt but a maggot riddled mush in two days. KW
  3. kdubya


    Kuwait, France, Tunisia , all at the same time , all just pure coincidence, and all still nothing whatsoever to do with a certain religion? hello!! KW
  4. I take it that as you are so ashamed of YOUR (not mine sunshine we did OK by our subjects)past you will clear off out, and enter some sort of servitude to repay your debt then, try Ryanair I prefare them to (anything but) Easyjet KW
  5. I have two fac air rifles, I want a sub 12lb for in the barns , they have a use. KW
  6. my wife's father used to live on the outskirts of sandy and on nice summer eve's we would often be treat to a fly past of some real old timers,from old warden, remember a lysander going over regularly, lovely sights and memories. KW
  7. All joking apart , if its any consolation it wont be long before we join you. KW
  8. thanks for the heads up I am after a cheap sub fac pcp . KW
  9. If the govt really want to make a difference, they should address the little fact that child poverty has risen for the first time in a decade, oops sorry they are going to address it they are changing the way the figures are collected. KW
  10. Er actually no its not payback time for the commonwealth, the commonwealth is a fairly modern term and those in it tend to apply and join, so I assume you refer to the Empire were we ruled either directly or indirectly and developed encouraged and created stability, wealth, safe communities and an infrastructure that worked for those countries, still with progression and the clamor for independence (listening are you wee eck) we dropped the empire bit, no more flag waving once a year in the school playground, and we let the associated countries go and develop their own states and culture, and gain full independence, from our shelter, yes things have moved on dramatically since then for a hell of a lot of them, BACKWARDS that is,so have we a lot to say sorry for then! KW
  11. We didn't start it? and they are coming from Libya , er who supported and funded the push ( air strikes and no fly zones etc) to see the Libyan regime taken out and the capture and murder (very civilsed) on TV of Gaddafi and who opened the country up to traffickers and thugs? We deliberately set about for "regime change" and we supplied weapons to the ah hem opposition who are now far worse than the regime replaced,immigrants in Calais interviewed on the BBC where from Afghanistan and Iran ,so who de-stabilised that then? the tooth fairy! yep sorry it is down to us we gave a false promise and we set about on an action that we had never had and still dont have a planned conclusion of. KW
  12. Where to? we cant send people back to a cruel and murderous existence, created thanks to our ever so moral obligation to do away with leaders who ran countries the way those countries NEEDED ruling, harsh perhaps but definitely true! did we make life better for the "oppressed" I would say no if anything a damn sight worse, and even more so now that due to OUR like it or not total de- stabilisation of north Africa and most of the middle east,. And of course the aim of coming through a safe country to get to us is not helped in the least by our mad diverse and multicultural experiment and the little fact we also sent out the message that the yellow brick road really does end on our shore's, the term reap what you sow has never been more apt. KW
  13. No problem with that at all, only thing is do we believe the road tax and the tax we pay on fuel and then the tax we pay on the tax that is on the fuel!!!actually goes on the roads? KW
  14. Apparently the problems in Calais with thousands of immigrants invading the town in their efforts to cross to England, are our problem and the deputies mayor's exact words are they should not be stopped till Dover and good luck to them in their efforts? whats the bet some agreement is soon reached to allow some in. KW
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