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    The sticks in Somerset cider country
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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. tonker

    Regionalised Terminology

    In Somerset it's Rhyne (pronouced reen)
  2. tonker

    Regionalised Terminology

    Another one for the Bristol/Somerset area Wer bist, = where are you.
  3. tonker

    Regionalised Terminology

    Now theese gottun whir theese cas'n backun ***'n. Now you have it where you can't reverse it haven't you. Wer bist e goin ar kid. Where are you off to. Just a couple sensor won't print a double s
  4. tonker

    Garage Roof Leaks. Corrugated Asbestos.

    Put ladder on roof, same way as sheets, cover at least 3 bolts, put plank on ladder this spreads your weight. use Acrypol+ or similar and paint over the area. do not brush out to much, let the fibres in it do their job ( like paintable fibreglass) jobs a goodun, and a bit flexible to.
  5. tonker

    A classic wife over reaction.

    I washed up the dinner things, on our first Sunday lunch we got back from our honeymoon, I said I'd do it again the next Sunday, but the footy was on, so she got fed up waiting by 8 that night and did it herself. Haven't done it since. We got married in 1977. (true story).
  6. tonker

    Vintage choke case

    Go on then,
  7. tonker

    What would you do?

    In answer to the question of what I'd do with that amount. Anything I bloody wanted to, because I could. lol.
  8. tonker

    Two Fishing/Shooting Bags - SOLD

    yes please, pm you details please.
  9. tonker

    Tour de Yorkshire

    The Highway code for cyclists states: Ride single file on narrow or busy roads, and when riding round bends. ( Rule 66) it also says to be thoughtful to other road users. It also says don't ride on the pavement, obey all road signs and lines and also obey traffic lights. One can only assume cyclists can't read!!!!!!
  10. tonker

    My Fella's Cooking is terrible

    Try weetabix smothered with butter and a good layer of Marmalade on.
  11. tonker

    rugged phone

    Romes, thank you I'll take a look at the reviews. Many thanks
  12. tonker

    rugged phone

    Hello, having shot and been in the construction industry since the year dot, and not wearing ear protection, I'm now pretty mutton geoff. I dropped my phone off the third story scaffold last week and it didn't bounce very well!!! So my question is can you recommend a cheap, rugged phone with a loud ring tone that might suit an old codger like me. The iphone that my lad gave me to use is ok but I don't hear the thing ring if it's in my trouser pocket. And I don't think it will last very long anyway if the truth were known. The phone I had was a moto G in a case, that had a nice loud ring but it didn't take the slight drop lol. thanks for any suggestions
  13. tonker

    Badger cull

    wymberley is spot on. Then after you have your proof of passing the course, you then have to send off your cert to the police for a variation to have Badger put on as LQ for you otherwise it is still illegal. Then it is not every one you can cull it is on a quota, and there are rules and regs, there is a min calibre to. That is what I have been told anyway true or not I don't know, but makes sense.
  14. tonker

    Are you British

    Rewulf, I'm sure that's what they said, mind you I am hard of hearing Lol. I read somewhere that Celts were short,stocky and exceedingly good looking, me to a tee
  15. tonker

    Are you British

    I've been told I look like a Celt.