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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. As my instructor used to say, pain is but an irritation of the skin.
  2. tonker

    Roe sack

    Perfect, please send your details thanks👍.
  3. tonker

    Roe sack

    Hi guys, I am looking for an old battered but serviceable Roe sack. It can be as rough looking as you like, as long as it works. oh and as cheap as poss. many thanks for any replies.
  4. Roe sack please if not gone to the man above.
  5. That's ok for you to say, I chucked £1500 at a series of bone crunchers and sports injury physios, After the doc said we don't do backs on nhs. I went back and told him what I'd spent and that he does do backs now. He sent me for scans and xrays and it turned out they wanted to fuse the lower part of my back with a cradle. then I got a rollicking for not using my knees when I bent down. I said look at my history as you've rebuilt both of them and they won't take the bending, hence the screws both metal and arthritic in my knees, and that's why I take pain killers
  6. If I have a bad night with my back, I take 2 Zapain on an empty stomach and stay in bed for a while, after 15 minutes i'm either not quite right ( a bit light headed ) or i realise I don't hurt anymore. Zapain are 30/500 the same as co-codamol. I've also just started CBD for my screws, but haven't taken it long enough to see any benefit yet.
  7. I'll have this please, pm me your details.
  8. tonker

    New coat.

    .Thanks for all the replies guys plenty of reviews to look at now👍
  9. tonker

    New coat.

    I've had lots of cars in my time, but my present one is the best so I'm asking about the best coat I can get.
  10. tonker

    New coat.

    Right then peoples. I like most of us I expect have a lot of shooting coats, some for a driven day, some for stalking and some for anything and everything. Can I have you collective views please on a new coat. Must be waterproof Guaranteed, breathable,and not stupidly hot. I'm going to be out in all weathers so need something that will work for many hours at a time. Many thanks for any replies. Steve.
  11. tonker

    cleaning rod

    Hi guys, I'm after a cleaning rod that will take male threaded brushes ie female threaded rod. I have a number or brushes for my .222 and .243 but no rod, can anyone help please?
  12. tonker

    ferret cage

    As above, anyone want a two storey ferret cage, pick up only, gratis.
  13. tonker


    I was out on cut grass Fri night and saw it from the tailgate of the truck. To be honest hadn't heard about it, and thought it was a plane coming into Bristol airport with it's lights on a long way away, thought it odd it not moving across the sky. Didn't think any more about it and went back to scanning, butthanks for clearing that up.
  14. I'll have the smock please if it hasn't gone already.
  15. If it's not gone I'll have it sportsbob 👍
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