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    The sticks in Somerset cider country
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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. tonker

    Little egret

    We have had 40 or more in the village for the last few years, our village is drained by a Rhyne system so is ideal for them . (start of the Somerset levels).
  2. tonker


    I think it bad manners when an article is put up for sale on the other sales page. When you reply on that page to say you'd buy said Item soon after it being put up for sale, only to find that 24hrs later it sold to someone else. Especially after the seller had been on site three or four times after putting said item up with no contact. Could the mods not bring in a ruling that an article would only be sold after the buyer had left a message on said advert, instead of pm the vendor. I was looking at buying something here and elsewhere, left a message to seller on the sales page and let the other go thinking I'd bought the one on PW. Shan't make that mistake again. and breathe.
  3. tonker

    Butchering bits

    Go on then, if paypal is ok please send your details.
  4. tonker

    future of farming

    Change, adapt, diversify and life goes on, as it has for hundreds of years. Farming is a way of life not a job. 😊.
  5. tonker

    We're Off

    Second piece is in the wrong place bud, I don't know what the next 6015 are going to look like.🤪.
  6. tonker

    How many Foxes are killed in 2019

    5 up till now, 3 vixens and two Dogs, .222 longer shots 17 closer ones. Total 34.
  7. tonker

    British passport renewal.

    Not easy typing with six fingers either! end up tying themselves in knots.
  8. tonker

    Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuff {sold}

    yes please pm details.
  9. Today is Our Christmas day! Son had the double ended bug Christmas eve and wasn't any better next day, so we cancelled it and had it all today with Grandkids,Son,Daughter and their other halves. Just got up from the table and about to open presents, so feels like the real day.
  10. tonker

    Thread of the year

    The Brexit thread Lol.
  11. tonker

    Hatchets and Martinis fillet knife

    Superflex please
  12. tonker

    Bad handling of guns on television

    I think you're all taking a made for tv comedy series waaaay to seriously, You'll be telling me Die hard or Mission impossible was true life next lol.
  13. tonker

    pard nv007 add on night vision

    I've had one for a while, and use a sniper hog ir. I can see farther than i wish to shoot. As said least mag scope you can get and works better with scopes withnot to many coating layers. I use mine with a Hawke sidewinder and can see over 300 clearly no problem. I prefer my Photon and doubler, but that is because I've had it for years. The fact I can swap it from Hmr, .222 and .243 is great as if I'm out for an evening stalk I can just click on the Pard and go Foxing, all I needed was 3 bayonet fittings for the different rifles. In answer to the question get one you'll not be dissapointed. play with your setting and adjust slowly to let it catch up. Good bit of kit.
  14. tonker

    Stormcloth thermal jacket 43" chest.

    Go on then, You've talked me into it.
  15. hi mate atp 66 not 90