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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. I'll have the smock please if it hasn't gone already.
  2. If it's not gone I'll have it sportsbob 👍
  3. tonker

    Rare bird alert.

    Ditchy you don't improve ,
  4. Go on then , better send me some details.
  5. tonker

    Scottish route 500

    Did the 500 and some,.did the coast road all around Scotland in a camper. I took a month over it and loved every minute of it. I have a mate has a farm just past Aros bridge on Mull. Must have had twenty holidays up there over the years. (I prefer the west coast). If you can avoid June, July and August they're the worst midge months. Smidge works and anything containing bog myrtle extract keeps them at bay but nothing will keep them all away. But then that's part of Scotland. lol
  6. I cut up a Harris fence panel as spikes, if you can imagine. two upright bits , and half a side width each side that way they sit on the horizontal with a spike for the ground and a spike to go in the Corex then they spin a bit . Wish I could draw with a computer, anyway they are about 15'' long with a little cross piece. (work well)
  7. tonker

    Repairing render

    Guns are still readily available at tool hire shops. Make your mix like soup and do it in a number of coats otherwise it will run.
  8. Got one on my wrist now. My second in 12 yrs, helpful push button illuminated dial when out shooting, and a good hard wearing watch. I wouldn't hesitate if I needed another. and I haven't a scoobie who the seller is.
  9. mell can I have a battery case for both AA and 18650 with a couple of belt loops on the back please ( don't know if they come with these) Cheers Steve.
  10. tonker

    Chicken advice

    You'll find you get no eggs in winter unless you light their coup, my mate has a free range unit and says a chicken needs something like 16hrs of light a day to lay eggs (something of that ilk). I know when I kept them I used to think the first egg I had in the spring used to cost me about £110 lol, for all the food I had fed them during the winter.
  11. Ready cooked Rhubarb for crumble?
  12. tonker

    Vit 160

    Hi guys, I have an unused 1 kilo tub of v160 I would like to swap for v140 if anyone localish to me fancies a trade cheers.
  13. Was that aeroplane?
  14. Then you're not in the group I'm talking about are you, you're making an effort. Some make a living by sitting on their butts and doing nothing and haven't done a days work in their lives. Don't tell me I'm wrong because I've been with some and tried to help them with offers of work, they don't want to know.
  15. Make all the benefit claimers that are fit enough to work do it, let them earn it for a change instead of us funding their lives. They may be slow and moan, but anything picked is better than nowt!! rant over and breeeeath.
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