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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. Then you're not in the group I'm talking about are you, you're making an effort. Some make a living by sitting on their butts and doing nothing and haven't done a days work in their lives. Don't tell me I'm wrong because I've been with some and tried to help them with offers of work, they don't want to know.
  2. Make all the benefit claimers that are fit enough to work do it, let them earn it for a change instead of us funding their lives. They may be slow and moan, but anything picked is better than nowt!! rant over and breeeeath.
  3. Or you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.
  4. Still like the one in Zulu "" Stop poking me with those bloody sticks""
  5. tonker

    Pigs not using sty

    Chuck some grub in with the bedding straw on the deck, they'll snuffle for it and make there own bed in the process. it has worked with me in the past. but if there is something they don't like you'll never make them go in.
  6. spready if you're left with it, I'll do £50, bud

    1. tonker

      Turret cap

      Hi guys, Have any of you got a turret cap off of a naff Hawke scope, like an idiot I must have dragged mine out into the mud with the strap of my rifle after unscrewing them and putting them down in my slip before zeroing. Searched but no joy (lesson learnt) .
    2. Stopped when I was 40 that's 27 years ago. tried twice before but my hair fell out alopecia. started when I was 9 so smoked for 30 years. Once you've beaten it you'll never look back. I did it with willpower. Best of luck anyone about to try well worth it for you and your family.
    3. tonker

      Solaris srx

      Go on then telf better send me your details.
    4. tonker


      P*** take I think.
    5. Can't see a size bud.
    6. She'll have a blood test to see the uric acid in her system.
    7. Hi Simon, Have had it for 4yrs, most cases are bad for a week then clear up. If she has more than two acute attacks she can go on allopurinol (that would be for life) My attack never let up much for 6 months the Docs couldn't understand it. Ended up eating colchicine tablets, you should only have a three day course because it affects your tummy. as an aside you can get it in any joint toe,finger,elbow anywhere, it's a build up of uric acid that forms in your joints as crystals, very painful (unbearable) If you want to Pm me and chat then please do.
    8. Hw 97K? just seen where you are. so not practical
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