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    The sticks in Somerset cider country
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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. hi mate atp 66 not 90

    1. tonker

      Yukon photon 6.5x50 RT

      ATP 90's are the mounts you need . Made by Sports Match for the Photon and 30mm. fully adjustable windage and elevation. Had the same problem myself,these mounts sorted it, don't give up on it mine now is a cracking bit of kit. I use mine with a doubler and a Sniper Hog and can see waaaaay farther than I can shoot.
    2. tonker

      HORNADY V-MAX 50GR 22 CAL / .224

      'll have the 50gr Vmax if not gone please. Just noticed collection only, so no good to me unless you'll post. Let me know please.
    3. tonker

      Midge repellent is Smidge any good ?

      I go to Scotland most years, and I use smidge, works well. I also bought some stuff on Mull containing bog myrtle and that worked as well.
    4. tonker

      new 50p

      Dads Army opening springs to mind,😛
    5. tonker

      Tweed shooting coat

      If Terry 2016 didn't take it , Pm your details to me and I will.
    6. tonker

      Shooting clear out

      I'll have the two musto shirts please, Pm me the details,thanks
    7. tonker

      Remington Rangemaster Gun Vice/Rest - SOLD

      Second dibs if it goes wrong please,
    8. tonker

      New DPC and membrane, and dehumidifier question

      Henry, don't dry it out to quickly (cracking) My daughter has just had the same done it'll be dry in just over a week anyway. I'D have done it for them myself but they want the paperwork for 25yrs so they can resell in a year or two.
    9. Ray Watson, I would take your number and address off of here, You never know who will read it and know you have a rifle of some kind. Best to do this through PM bud.
    10. tonker

      Modern life.

      People that speed up and keep going into a gap whilst you are passing a row of parked cars, just because they think it is their right of way. Not thinking you have nowhere to go and then cuss as they think you have caused the jam. (no manners in driving now) And to stir up a can of worms, cyclists who think they own the road, don't obey signs or the highway code and glare at you as you pass them giving them plenty of room. God I'm getting old and turning into a grumpy old man.
    11. tonker

      Modern life.

      Wedding Present lists, It seems the norm now all from some store that charge the earth, and nothing on it under £100. What happened to being thankful for what you got, and not expecting the earth. Had one recently and it had the reception on it. (Bloody hell).
    12. tonker

      This years flu jab

      Had it for the last ten years after getting COPD from all the dust over the years. Never had any bad effects from it, and never had the flu either. So I would say that I've benefited from having it. Saying that my arm was sore for a day or two this year.
    13. tonker

      Extended Hedge Trimmer.

      Titan stuff from screwfix is decent enough. I have there 5 tool multi-tool, Big breaker, small breaker and jigsaw,it all does the job and is cheap. EG multi-tool= extension pole, strimmer, chain saw attachment, hedge trimmer, Brush cutter, was £149 and I've used it a lot.
    14. tonker

      What tree is this from please

      Withy we call it, anywhere near water in Somerset.