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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. tonker


    P*** take I think.
  2. Can't see a size bud.
  3. She'll have a blood test to see the uric acid in her system.
  4. Hi Simon, Have had it for 4yrs, most cases are bad for a week then clear up. If she has more than two acute attacks she can go on allopurinol (that would be for life) My attack never let up much for 6 months the Docs couldn't understand it. Ended up eating colchicine tablets, you should only have a three day course because it affects your tummy. as an aside you can get it in any joint toe,finger,elbow anywhere, it's a build up of uric acid that forms in your joints as crystals, very painful (unbearable) If you want to Pm me and chat then please do.
  5. Hw 97K? just seen where you are. so not practical
  6. Mine has just got side plates to look like a sidelock, but they maybe do make one I don't know.
  7. I was told by my mate from Mull, that the your slightly higher spend per each man woman and child in Scotland is £1500. Is this not correct? that adds up to a goodish bit.
  8. Just can't see what her mum saw in MULTI millionaire Bernie🤔.
  9. And that in a nutshell is why I started this thread. I can't see where their capital is going to come from if none from the EU, and none from Westminster. Have they really done their financial homework? Perhaps they got the Abbot to do it🥴
  10. A lot of tooling in that belt. A lot of belt for little money if you wanted one. I couldn't even think about making one for that.
  11. I know I'm thick and no politician, but if Scotland do get a vote and vote to leave. Then they are not part of the UK ,and can't just breeze into the EU without applying and being accepted. So with no money from us (Barnett formula) and none from the EU. How do they think they'll be better off? please educate me.
  12. tonker

    Makita tools

    I'd have them but I can't come to Chester for them ☹️.
  13. I saw nowhere on the bus that said they would spend all 350 million on the NHS. They just said they'd fund it, not by how much.
  14. If not sold to Strongman, then yes please.
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