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    Shooting rifle and shotgun, got an old fishing boat in Bristol channel. Love to ride my motorbike as well, also play golf badly whenever I can

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  1. tonker

    22 Cal Bullets. Last Batch!!

    I'll try those please David,
  2. tonker

    Dudley Sutton has Died.

    That's a shame, enjoyed that series and he was perfect for that role!
  3. tonker

    Johnny Kingdom - killed in digger accident.

    Saw him in the pannier market in Barnstaple a couple of weeks ago, he had a stall selling his wildlife stuff. Sad , normal down to earth bloke.
  4. tonker

    Gutless Antis

    A mate of mine and his Brother who farm in our village, both received anonymous letters from, I presume the lacs. Stating that if they sign up for the cull there farms will be targeted. Now there is no cull in our area this year, but there is talk about it for next year here. Question? do they just send a letter to all the farms in the area trying to put the frighteners on them. how did they find out that our area may be rolled out or is it in the public domain. The law is an *** when faceless cowardly toss ers can target totally innocent families with a mail shot and get them worried about their and their families future, Sorry about the rant, but they will not stand in front of you so you can talk straight to them, they hide behind masks and darkness.
  5. tonker

    Badger damage

    Is that Badger for sure? looks more like Boar to me.
  6. tonker


    Did the same to one a few years ago in a log pile. Left it to long between pouring and lighting (half gallon) I lit it from a peak, still to close the whole wood pile went up. chumps going everywhere, burnt eyebrows looked like the pond was on fire with the vapour seeping across it as well as the ground all around. won't be doing that again.
  7. tonker

    Man bags/wallets

    I use a canvas, gas mask bag that I waxed does all I want to and has four pockets
  8. tonker

    Lyman tumbler

    They could just edit it themselves, but they are obviously not on. If they read this thread though I would suggest as soon as Possible.
  9. tonker


    Does anyone happen to know if they have trouble with crayfish in the Barle just upstream from withypool. I was walking there today and saw lots of environment traps on the banks? Or were they just testing the waters as it were.
  10. tonker

    Eye domination

    Cpsa coach at game fare gave a pair of glasses with a patch on it to a friend I went with. He was left eye dominant when he tried a few shots and got on rather well, I stress it was only an incomer and a going away bird. He enjoyed hitting a few though.
  11. tonker

    Clear out

    Pm hat and veil and gloves.
  12. tonker

    Shed interior lining.

    Get the thinnest ply you can as that's stronger than hardboard. You can get some the same thickness as hardboard 4mm I think.
  13. tonker

    Shower panels ???.

    Stick them on, and jobs a good un done right and they are there for life, no grout to get mouldy or reado in a few years. and dead easy to keep clean. (use the proper trims).
  14. tonker

    For sale Sinclair Comparator Nut. Model 1.

    yes please, pm details 😊
  15. tonker

    Avon 'Skin so Soft'

    Mozzies, allegedly don't like,Garlic, Marmite, wrights coal tar soap. When we toured Scotland on the bikes we used skin so soft! it helps but nothing kept the blighters off if they came in there swarms. The thing that worked the best for me was 'Smidge' and also tried a new thing a couple of weeks ago which contained Bog Myrtle, they didn't seem to like that either