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  1. I've only scanned this thread over time, and it's obvious people's feelings and opinions run high. My 2p's worth is that all along those that voted remain kept telling us we didn't know what we were voting for. So now, three years down the line, we have been well and truly told that we got it wrong and we need another people's vote. So now we know what we are voting for, I still think the only two choices on the paper should be Leave or remain. I don't think that they should try and water down the leave vote with leave with a deal or leave on WTO. Mind you, we have already voted and I don't think there should be another.
  2. Bunnahabhain is an Islay whisky from the other side so no peat, easy drinking and triple distilled i think? can't remember but did the tour. Scapa Skiren, is good as is Oban. A nice evening tipple could be Dalwhinnie or Strathisla. If you like peaty then Laphroaig,Talisker, Bomore, and lagavulin.
  3. tonker

    Fox club

    First post in an age, been having way more than previous years. so I thought I'd put up last nights effort.
  4. As a dumb, thick, old pleb, it seems to me that this board is like the country and house of commons in general. No-one is going to change their minds( argue/ discuss) as much as you like. Your views are your views and you know better than everyone else, we're going round in circles and getting nowhere. Sound familiar? watch tv, PW topic with pictures. Oh and I knew what I was voting for, I voted leave.
  5. tonker

    Heart burn

    I had that as well and was told to never sleep on my left hand side as that's where the entrance to your stomach is. Sleep on your right and it's at the top and less likely to have reflux ,indigestion and heartburn. Sometimes it helps , but not always with a bad attack.
  6. Thanks Dogs I'll PM you.
  7. Inundated with the things here, Bloody pests at the shoot with the Poults.
  8. If it's size large then yes please. sorry , can You post?
  9. Sod's law I need 38, How generous are they?
  10. Just watched the PM and Junker speeches. It would seem that she has the legally binding changes to the backstop. Let's see what happens in the vote tomorrow.
  11. I'm using a Sniper Hog and it does all I want it to do, but I do spot with thermal.
  12. tonker

    Knife crime.

    Least you can't fall out with anyone then. and if you do , you must be one miserable sob.
  13. I think a swap page is a good Idea, stating what you have, and what you want. I don't think it needs to be time limited, because not many people scroll back that many pages on the for sale pages (my thinking).
  14. I presume you managed to sell these as I've had no reply to my PM's ?
  15. That all depends on the length of yer legs, with me , might make it harder wi em draggin the floor.😀
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