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  1. Had mine Saturday in one arm, Covid booster in the other. Just like a conveyor belt in 4 gazebo's in surgery car park was going again within 2mins.
  2. tonker


    Not going to argue with your last sentence, I agree. i just jumped in when you said there was no wheel rotation and Lewis was also working his steering to check for damage and see how far in he was. .All good here. Bad luck on your injury, hope you don't feel it all the time. Bikes huh.
  3. tonker


    You can think what you like about my eyesight I don't give a Fig. I raced for 15 years including one year at Le Mans, so I think I probably know a tad about track life. You watch it again! you'll see Hamiltons wheels clearly spin on Max's first look across, don't know how you can't see that. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Have a nice day as they say.
  4. tonker


    Those slating Max only see what they want too. If you'd have watched without one sided glasses, You'd have seen him look toward Hamilton as he walked past, and at that point Hamilton was still trying to extricate his car from the situation by engaging different gears. Not the actions of someone who was injured.
  5. Reckon it could be a wallaby.
  6. Anyone going to the EPS show on the 11th ? tis their centenary year, and as we'll be down at our van then thought we might get across.
  7. tonker

    Howa 243

    Wouldn't mind a change of stock on my Howa sporter 1500, So if anyone has a different one please let me know. TIA.
  8. Like it but will be wasted on some lol.
  9. Sorry but three professionals on god knows what a week can't score a pen. The best form of defence is attack and we aren't good enough to defend against Italy for 70 mins.
  10. If this is still up,I'll have it.
  11. I'll try 3 or4 ,22 brushes bud as long as they are female. Pm me details please.
  12. Wouidn''t mind lot 3 please.
  13. Cat maybe? after a fox had it. (allegedly)
  14. tonker


    Mine's been the crime investigation dept, and some other police department can't tell you which one as I hung up but both this morning. As I run a business I tend to answer mobile numbers as could be new customers. They are using mob numbers now rather than Manchester/ Liverpool/Bradford numbers for that very reason I reckon.
  15. tonker

    D Day

    Dad was in the Swedebashers / Devonshire Regiment that some went in on landing craft and some in gliders to Pegasus bridge. went over a few years ago and followed his route up to Honfleur. I regret not finding out more from him whilst he was alive. A very quiet humble man he was , like all those back then. I couldn't respect them any more than I do now, but unfortunately found it hard to show while he was alive (man thing).
  16. Rabbit first time around before re-eating.
  17. Had to cancel sorry mel, family gave me one.
  18. Mel could do with a 16 round bullet wallet for my .222 please. cheers Steve.
  19. Son in law wants to have a dabble, so I said I'd go halves with him. Is there anything around. Cheers Steve.
  20. What an absolutely PC Farce that winners ceremony was.
  21. tonker

    Pickup item

    Not advertising, and have nothing to do with the company, but I'm having a package delivered that is 152x15x54cm and it weighs 29kg. The cost is £27 and that is with Interparcel. There are many other couriers too. So your companion set shouldn't be £45.
  22. tonker

    Pickup item

    Sorry just noticed Frome.
  23. tonker

    Case Trimmer

    Hi all, my Lyman trimmer gave upon me tonight,well actually a spring and ball bearing came out and vanished between the floor boards. As they are over 200yrs old, I'd rather leave them be. So has anyone got a trimmer about they would like to move on. Thought I'd ask before I buy new,TIA for any replies.
  24. Can't beat thick sliced cold beef with sea salt on it, mind you that's my taste.
  25. Natural reaction though isn't it. see something out of the corner of your eye and you try to take avoiding action. Not saying it's right though just natural. Try ignoring a Badger on a Motor bike I know who'll come off worse.Come off being the operative word here. lol ( and I know first hand).
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