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  1. Don't forget that magic word 'marketing'.😀
  2. People buy Krieghoffs for same reasons people buy BMWs and Audis. Berettas and Brownings will do the job, we all know that, Skodas and Fords are good cars too. But there are an awful lot of BMWs on the roads.
  3. Don't knock the Krieghoff service schedule too hard. For less than the cost of servicing your car you can have a service every other year. You are probably spending at least £10k so a few hundred quid every two years is nothing to keep it in top order and it refreshes the warranty so its a no-brainer really. Your local gunsmith can't get hold of spares either if something goes wrong. They are expensive bits of engineering and should be looked after properly in my opinion.
  4. With 200 - odd views this is obviously too expensive for the discerning audience on this site. Its not doing anyone any good in my cupboard so the first to come up with £35 posted can have it. Happy Christmas!
  5. Its a Rhino ported choke. Good chokes and they print excellent patterns.
  6. Bought new and never worn. Waterproof and windproof. Says 58 on the label, I am XL and it fits with plenty of room for movement. May have had a liner but I can't find it. £75 delivered UK mainland
  7. Hiya Three to choose from - Briley half choke, Kicks half choke and Comp n choke 25 thou. Each of them £25 posted UK mainland. If you PM me with an email address I'll send a pic. Seems its too large to download on here
  8. How about £300 for a replacement battery on a 66 plate Disco Sport? LR agents are seriously taking the mickey.
  9. I second (third) this suggestion. The earlier models can be had for little money and its likely you could find one with low miles. Turbos are great fun but the standard 2 litre petrol is very good. Easy to get bits if you need them but they are fairly bomb-proof. Look out for sagging rear suspension, its self-levelling so will need a replacement. I love the things, I had a turbo with a Pro-drive mod and it flew! Ultimate Q car. Sounded like Petter Solberg going through the Stang!
  10. A lot of gun shops use the Guntrader app to keep a register of their stock movements, booking in, booking out etc. What you see on the ads without photos is a bare, first attempt register of a gun being taken into stock. I expect you will find that a set of pics will appear, together with a fuller description in a few days time.
  11. The 'EP' means electro plated nickel silver so its not solid silver I'm afraid. Can't confirm the handles are ivory or bone but its unlikely on electro-plate cutlery. Not worth a lot - maybe £30-£40 tops.
  12. I hate to harp on about the CPSA but if you take him to a CPSA Registered/Affiliated ground then they will have an 11.6 Exemption Certificate. Plus a safety officer - oh and insurance. Depends how far you want to go with this really.
  13. I didn't know the world needed so many knives!
  14. Thimbleby is a CPSA Registered shooting ground. Just had a look and there are 21 registered or affiliated shooting grounds in Yorkshire. You can find them under the "get involved' banner at the top of the opening page.
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