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  1. The barrel length is affecting the price. If it was a 30ins it would be selling for a lot more. £7k retail?
  2. A DT11 L is SO5 money. Most likely in better condition and will be more reliable.
  3. Don't rule out the later DT11. They are a good, modern alternative to a DT10. The first ones were a bit heavy and dead to shoot but the later ones are very good. SO4's are quite old now although they are lovely things. SO5's are a big gun and a lot have been messed about with. Beware of cracked stocks!
  4. Nothing not to like really. Game scene is preferable. As long as it comes from a good home and has been looked after you're on a winner. Clay shooters like the 32" but the 30" makes a great game gun. Examine the stock very carefully for cracks. Any sign, walk away. A few on Guntrader so that will give you some idea of price levels.
  5. Skeet chokes will break them, but DTL isn't all about chokes, there is a certain amount of technique needed! The better DTL shots tend to use tighter chokes, at least half and three quarter. The top DTL shots tend to use three quarter and full. But then - they can shoot!
  6. Wylye


    It happens more than you think. But then, if you're buying a standard Beretta, Miroku, Browning etc.etc. what's the problem? Its a known product and if there is a problem then the dealer will stand by it.
  7. Wylye


    +1. This is how it should be done. No question.
  8. Welcome to my world!
  9. I suppose the trek from the West Country didn't help. Its not the easiest of places to get to from this part of the country. Then the expense of overnights etc. etc. Then if you shoot badly its always the shoots fault don't you find?
  10. Poor targets was the main complaint. A lot of quartering away stuff and not much effort made apparently.
  11. Some not very complimentary reports circulating today from people who shot it. Maybe it’s had its day?
  12. Had a 'Z' gun for a while. It was a beautifully made gun and didn't cost the earth.
  13. Any news about this event? Hardly seen a mention anywhere.
  14. Trouble is, its another gun the trade are not enthusiastic about as not many people know what they are. Much easier to sell a bog standard Beretta, Browning etc......
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