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  1. Wylye

    Starter gun

    Thanks to all. Bought the Lanber
  2. Wylye

    Starter gun

    Give me half a day - someone trying to sell me a Lanber at reasonable money. Thanks
  3. Wylye

    Starter gun

    Somerset based
  4. Wylye

    Starter gun

    Thanks, I'll bear it in mind. You're a fair way away from me.
  5. Wylye

    Starter gun

  6. Wylye

    Starter gun

    Need an o/u 12 bore single trigger 28ins for a new shooter. Needn't be multi choke but needs to be in good order. Budget about £400/500.
  7. Wylye

    Choke gauge wanted

    A dial gauge is something quite different. Put it in google and see what comes up
  8. Wylye

    Choke gauge wanted

    Dial gauge wanted for accurate measurement of shotgun barrels/chokes.
  9. Wylye

    Chubb Micrometer Bore Gauge

    Morning, Whats the best you would take for the bore gauge? Where are you?
  10. Wylye

    20 bore

    Webley & Scott 920K with 30ins m/c barrels. Only fired 75 cartridges. Going on Guntrader tomorrow for £425
  11. Wylye

    686/7 20 bore stock

    I need a right handed stock for a 20 bore 686/7. not mutilated/shortened preferably .
  12. Wylye

    Beretta 686 Special 12 gauge

    Hello Ray I would like to buy your 686. Will you take £700 for it? Ian Stones Mob: 077 860 77441