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  1. Maybe mine is an early one then. I bought it for £25 at a car boot.
  2. Farleys at Kibworth have a Harkila waxed leather slip for £179.99. Bargain in my opinion.
  3. Mmmmm....... just had a look at my Croots slip and mine are sewn and riveted. Maybe yours is an earlier version before they changed the spec.
  4. Croots slips are fantastic - if you can find one s/h. The new price is eye watering. Harkila sell a really good leather slip. Sportsman are the agents I think and the price is not too savage.
  5. Wylye

    gamba stock

    Try Dennis or Brian at UK Gun Repairs near Taunton. 01823 433201
  6. Have to agree. They are the softest 28gms I have shot. The 'old' Hull Sporting 100 were soft before they messed around with the recipe and branding, now they're very average.
  7. When I left school I 'lived in' on a farm near the South Yorks/North Lincs border. They killed two pigs a year for the house and they were fed on anything that didn't have to be bought. No freezers in those days, stone slabs in a cellar underground did the job. After pig killing the task was to eat as much of it as you could in the shortest time before it went off. Hams were cured and so were sides of bacon.Unbelievable pork pies and amazing sausages. The bacon however consisted of mostly fat with a thin line of lean meat that looked as if it had been drawn with a felt tip pen. It was OK when
  8. Wylye

    Silver pigeon

    Pity you're so far East. One sold yesterday on Guntrader in a couple of hours for £375. Long way from you unfortunately.
  9. Wylye

    Silver pigeon

    Why don't you try Guntader? There are lots of them advertised at the sort of price you have in mind.
  10. Nah! Sorry. Its gone past me I'm afraid.
  11. I'm glad you owned up to this as I couldn't possibly see why you thought the Jag was the best car. The Macan is superior in every way, it drives better, has better reliability than the Jag. Not an opinion - fact.
  12. I wouldn't take too much notice of this if I were you. None of the manufacturers are talking about price rises. Charlie Bull has a shed full of cartridges and not many customers so draw your own conclusion.
  13. Jags a bit ordinary though don't you think?
  14. Borrowed a mates 3.0 diesel and I haven't really slept well since. They are something else and very, very nice. I really want one.
  15. Aluminium grain shovel, bag of Nitram and some hessian bags would get you anywhere. Proven!
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