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  1. Apologies, I thought you were travelling from Ringwood. Have you thought about buying your own shooting ground? That would cut down on the travelling.
  2. I just hope the cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders take notice of this change in the code. As is usual with these things, its the motorist who is seen as the biggest threat to these groups and its wide open for abuse.
  3. You could fasten it to the ceiling if you wanted to.
  4. Buy a Teague tapered drift choke key.
  5. Try UK Gun Repairs, Taunton 01823 433201. Or Coombe Farm Sporting 01460 279595. Good luck.
  6. No need to be sorry. Its only your opinion and although I disagree with you its still only your opinion.
  7. My advice would be to buy an older Beretta 686. They are virtually bombproof and will do everything you want to do very easily. The KOFS/Yildiz stuff looks quite attractive but there are pitfalls and you would do well to avoid them. I can already hear the claims of thousands of rounds being fired from the KOFS/Yildiz crowd with no problems whatsoever. I can find an equal number who have had problems and an even bigger number who have lost a fortune when they went to p/x.
  8. I'm not sure that the older MK38s are any better than the new ones. They are great guns and should give years of untroubled service. Buy the newest you can afford so you get one with the least use. Check the wood on the grade 5 for cracks, Browning replace quite a number under warranty. The grade 5 is a fantastic value for money gun and £2k to £2.5k will get you the best one available. New ones are about £3.3k. Choose the prettiest you can find.
  9. There is no way on this earth they will fit. Don't even try.
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