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  1. If the local market will stand the price then the grounds are going to charge as much as they can get away with. If attendances start to drop off then they will try and discover the reason. Its no different to the price of fuel, pigeon shooting, pheasant shooting and certainly grouse shooting.
  2. Pleased you're still banging the keyboard my friend. Theres a whole raft of shooters out there who regard money as no object when it comes to their sport. Spoils it for a lot of others not so fortunate though.
  3. £40 is a lot of money for practice when you see competition entries at that level.
  4. Informal, 'group of mates' is certainly the cheapest shooting. Couple of traps out of the way somewhere on a Sunday morning. Lovely stuff!
  5. Check the CPSA site. Loads of info on there.
  6. You are fortunate to live where you do. 260 million population with a totally different gun culture. Looks very good value. Not far off our prices really but its all relative to annual income I suppose.
  7. We have them down here too. A polite description of them is 'vigilantes'. You do get a snotty letter from plod if they catch you though with a veiled threat of further action if you're a persistent offender . I see that plod are encouraging dash-cam users to submit evidence of bad driving too. The mind boggles.
  8. Your own trap is great but not everyone has the ground to use them on. You do tend to lose a bit of the variety you get at a shooting ground though don't you think?
  9. I agree with you on that. I've always thought that its easier to put on a bad shoot because its done with no thought or planning or done by amateurs. A lot of so-called 'straw balers' fall into that category in that the work is done by enthusiasts who always say ' lets see the clay shooters hit that one' and you end up with a 70 yard midi going between trees! I'm glad that they do it because a lot of us started shooting at village clay shoots, Young Farmers shoots etc etc and they should carry on.
  10. Sorry, don't know what happened there. But you get the drift😀
  11. Well I happen to have been born within the hallowed acres so consider myself to be blessed. Managed to get both my kids born in Gods country too. I am getting bloody old but I try not to be miserable. The weather is the one thing you no control over I'm afraid. Setting targets is brilliant isn't it? The wait for the first cards to come in to see if you have over - cooked it is stressful too. The relief when the World Champion comes in with a 97 has to be experienced to be believed. Well I happen to have been born within the hallowed acres so consider myself to be blessed. Managed to get both my kids born in Gods country too. I am getting bloody old but I try not to be miserable.
  12. Well you do save about £1 when you shoot 150 at the cheaper ground which might be a significant difference for some people I know!
  13. I think I know which grounds you are talking about. They each have a different philosophy and approach and its really down to the customer which he prefers. Remember the cost of the extra cartridges when you shoot more at the cheaper ground.
  14. I'm amazed at the £45 for comps in Scotland. A SCTA levy of £4 seems like a lot of money. Depends on how often you shoot I suppose but it makes the CPSA membership look like good value. As far as clay costs go then the picture north to south is fairly consistent . One factor we have all ignored is VAT. 20% is a fair proportion of the revenue taken at a busy ground. So the £40 entry fee, less £5 for the prize fund turns into £28 nett for the ground. Refs and ground staff need paying for - best part of £1K really. Then rent to pay too. So the 150 entries hardly leave a fortune in the pot do they? This of course is the competition itself, no accounting for the two or three days spent setting up and getting clays out to the traps then another day clearing up afterwards. Plus a host of other costs like trap maintainance, vehicles, fuel, grass cutting etc etc. Theres obviously a profit to be made, the people we know wouldn't do it just for fun would they? But its not as much as you think.
  15. Big range of prices there....... Obviously profit expectations have a big influence on prices, the 'clubs' are just covering costs where the bigger grounds have bigger bills to pay. The cost of shooting 100 Registered Sporting varies a bit too. The trend is obviously upward with one ground announcing £45 for a competition entry. 100 Fitasc can cost £60+ so its not going to get any easier.
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