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  1. Spuds are massive feeders and need a lot of fertiliser in some shape or form to grow well. Rotted farm yard muck is a good start, and plenty of it. They particularly like potash so a generous dressing of a high potash fertiliser worked into the seedbed before planting a good quality seed is the answer. Make sure they have plenty of room to grow, so about 18ins apart should be ok. Keep them well watered when they start to show on the soil surface and if you only have a few, a dose of Tomorite when the plants are a foot high will make them thrive.
  2. The bigger the AH the longer it will run before charging. 85 - 100 should be fine for what you need. Prices vary for leisure batteries so its worth shopping around.
  3. A first class product with no issues whatsoever. The engineering is impeccable and the service is friendly and knowledgeable.
  4. Why are you shouting? I heard you the first time
  5. No pitfalls, new choking will be perfect. It should be re-proofed after it has been altered but some don't bother. Costs vary but expect it to be about £50 per barrel.
  6. Get a mounting bracket for your phone and use Waze. Free to download and simple to use. Save yourself a fortune.
  7. I have a mint 30ins Gd5 trap with teagues but reading your post again it might be outside your budget. Its on Guntrader anyway but if you want to talk PM me.
  8. Same here. Can't fault them.
  9. You are being pedantic. Are you suggesting that you have to spend £15k - £20k to get a good quality mainstream gun? A B25 A1 has the same mechanism as a D5. Beretta sidelocks are treated with suspicion by the gun trade and lose a massive amount of depreciation from new. A 686-derived EELL is still a 686 even if it does cost six grand new. Are you suggesting that the used Berettas, Brownings and Mirokus are not top quality when they are used? They are a very safe buy for around £1K and will go on to give excellent service for years. I had an old, early 686 for coaching beginners. It was an old
  10. Northallerton Shooting (01845 587207) have one. I sold it to them together with a stock last week!
  11. You can buy a lot of top quality, used, Berettas, Brownings and Mirokus for that kind of money. They won't fall out of bed with depreciation either when you want rid.
  12. Wylye

    Semi auto

    You have a PM
  13. Sod it! Too late. Anyone got another?
  14. If the local market will stand the price then the grounds are going to charge as much as they can get away with. If attendances start to drop off then they will try and discover the reason. Its no different to the price of fuel, pigeon shooting, pheasant shooting and certainly grouse shooting.
  15. Pleased you're still banging the keyboard my friend. Theres a whole raft of shooters out there who regard money as no object when it comes to their sport. Spoils it for a lot of others not so fortunate though.
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