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  1. Vote with your feet. If they cant be bothered why should you?
  2. Lovely things. Buy the best one you can find for your budget.
  3. I don't know why you think you have a problem. As long as you don't have to pull them out with your fingers it sounds fine to me.
  4. Proper car - and quick too, even today.
  5. You were a bit selective with your quote from my post Listy mate. Theres a lot of knowledge and experience out there which we are lucky to be able to tap into.
  6. If you thought that was snotty and sarcastic then good luck with your shooting and I hope you find lots of places to shoot with people who won't upset you.
  7. Didn’t happen for some reason
  8. I see today that this ground has be taken over by Sportsman Gun Centre. Opening soon apparently.
  9. If you keep chewing away at this then you will reach the conclusion that staff cost money and the facilities we enjoy have to be paid for. If all you want to do is break a few clays with your mates single stacker trap, go to Mole Valley and buy a couple boxes, find a field and have fun. Clay shooting doesn’t get any cheaper than this.
  10. You have to bear in mind that refs/ground staff will cost £1000 for the day. Plus a proportion of the rent, trap repairs/replacement. The only way to make it work is to sell a lot of clays - practice days, corporate stuff contribute a lot of revenue. It’s bloody hard work if you do it properly.
  11. When I first opened a shooting ground in Wiltshire about 20 years ago, black standards were £25/thou. A 100 registered sporting was £30 including the prize fund. Currently black standards are £100/thou and we are paying £45 for sporting. As you can see, there is still a margin to be made.
  12. Grounds charge what the market will stand, the big, professional ones do anyway. Although its beginning to be noticeable that numbers are falling for registered shoots, maybe 15-20% down on some grounds.
  13. The sale is on hold at the moment. Some planning glitch.
  14. Some years ago a world record attempt at the number of clays shot in an hour was done locally by Colin Hewish, a notable shot in his day, and organised by Avalon Guns. Three Beretta 390's were used with loaders constantly dipping them in 45 gallon drums of water to cool them down before loading. An astronomical number of clays were shot and all the guns functioned perfectly. None of them suffered any ill effects......apart from Colin, he was a gibbering wreck!
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    Thanks, that would be good. I had one years ago but I'm bu****** if I can find it!
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  17. Wylye


    Old age and poverty is catching up with me and I need a Walkstool. If there is one lurking in a cupboard or shed I can find a good use for it! I don’t fancy forking out for a new one but I am happy to pay for a used one.
  18. I live three miles from their shop in Street. Good company, sharp prices usually. No problems.
  19. I think you’re right. I started shooting an old BSA air rifle when I was eight. I.m the wrong side of seventy now and I have no intention whatsoever of giving up.....
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    Go on the 'private' sales on Guntrader. There are a few listed on there.
  21. Sad to say that a lot of people are baling out of shooting which is reflected in the gun prices mentioned. Some dealers are feeling the pinch and are not interested in buying guns at any price.
  22. The barrel length is affecting the price. If it was a 30ins it would be selling for a lot more. £7k retail?
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