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  1. I thought it described perfectly the experience of a novice trying clay shooting for the first time. Maybe some of it was a bit flowery but I really can't understand your objections to the article. Would you have preferred it not to have been published?
  2. Are people moving them on because of the steel shot issue? Just a thought.
  3. Continental Shooting Supplies sell loads of cases of all different types at reasonable money.
  4. Not sure if that is possible. Its easy to find the required distance the clay must travel for the different trap disciplines on the CPSA site. I had a look at UT last weekend and all I can say is that an orange aspirin takes off for the horizon at about 200mph. Impossible!
  5. To clean and polish the ejectors and the end of the chambers, get a couple of used cartridge cases, take the barrel off the gun, put the cases in the gun and then use fine wet and dry paper to clean off the rust. As the surface will be flat its an easy job to get a really good finish.
  6. Ed's a good coach. So good in fact you might have problems getting a booking.
  7. Whoops! Came through this time. I'll have it. Thanks
  8. Try UK Gun Repairs in Taunton. 01823 433201. They sell a fully adjustable stock - Ergosign
  9. Try GMK at Fareham. I expect they will help you.
  10. A pair of Nikons are for sale on here for £130. Look like good value, a new pair would be £200.
  11. Wylye


    PM sent
  12. Take their offer, its a good price.
  13. I'm sure you will be able to find cheaper shooting somewhere. Clays are only about £60 per thousand anyway so someone will knock them out cheap if you look around. The days of standing ankle deep in mud with few if any facilities are long gone I'm afraid. If I'm paying the price then I want a tidy ground you can shoot round without wellies, spotless loos and some decent food on offer too.
  14. Four of us went to Park Lodge on Saturday morning. The place looked a picture, not a blade of grass out of place, no scattered cartridge cases to be seen and loads of bins. Loads of stuff to shoot at from basic stuff to more testing birds. The sportrap was excellent too. Immaculate loos, big smiles and made to feel welcome. Four hundred targets and only one no-bird! Great place. Enjoyed it.
  15. Wylye

    Semi auto 12g

    391 Urika 28ins. Immaculate, cased, all the bits. £450 posted to your local RFD
  16. I've been shooting a 30" F16 for the past couple of weeks and they are fairly painless to shoot. The stock dimensions are pretty good straight out of the box and the finish is good quality. I know its probably me but its just that it feels like a cheap version of an F3, you know what I mean - like driving a Porsche Boxster instead of a 911. Not that I've owned either but we live in hope.
  17. I think 20 bore is the way to go. Cartridge availability and cost has to be considered and a 28ins Beretta would be easy for her to manage.
  18. My neighbour has one and its been perfect over the past three years. Mild off-roading and wet grass don't cause any trouble, it seems to climb its way out of most things. It can't do what a Defender can do but it buzzes up the road at a steady 70mph and you can still hear the radio.
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