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    Shooting with old experienced people

    Always looking for good days out shooting having a laugh an learning new tips
  1. I shoot 10000s a year they go straight on a fire
  2. Morning ... From Tarleton also get your self on Lancashire field sports on Facebook
  3. Hi there I am after a 3.5 chamber auto for this comming season any one anything about ? Xtremea sx3 ect Northwest would be better Cheers
  4. Hi there after some full body pinks green head gear or similar Cheers
  5. Lancashire field sports are hosting a 40 bird walk one stand one driven day ! Pheasant and duck chance of partridge goose snipe woodcock the shoot is in rainford st Helens always bin a good day price per gun is £100 no overages will also want a few beaters and pickers for the day hope to see you there for more info and other very cheap daysjoin Lancashire field group Saturday the 13th December
  6. The reason I and a lot of other people I know don't come on as often as we did scout threw now and again
  7. I will have these if you still have them on the 27tg
  8. yes indeed I wrote it while taking the 42 I shot to the game dealer
  9. Am sorry I don't like these big bags my self I think it's over kill and pointless
  10. Couldn't care less about people like that fella they have single handley given this site a bad name it's unbelievable how many people don't come on here and just stay on Facebook now ha
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