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  1. Hows it going dekers Im only after noticing that the stainless blast plate and honeycomb shaped piece threads out.....can you change this piece to the .22 cal insert or do you have to buy the whole top piece of the mod?? Hey there jeff,as i mentioned above to dekers do you know if that stainless blast plate section can be just changed from a .308 to the .22 sized piece??If it can that would be fairly handy as the .22 cal insert is listed on the uk custom shops web page at 55 pound which sounsa reasonable enough
  2. Hey all my question is this- I recently bought a p8 moderator and use it on my tikka 223 i ordered the up to 243 model but ended up with the up to .308 baffel model the guy in the shop gave me a very good price for the mod so i bought it,my question is would the mod be much quieter with the smaller diameter baffles or would i be better off keeping my £100 and just use the baffel set that i have at the moment-is there much sound difference using the 223 in a 308 sized hole as opposed to the .243 one??
  3. Ozzy i have practicly the same gun a 917vs the bolt aint the most smooth but its seriously accurate so it doesnt bother me!The one mod that id recomend is a rifle-basix trigger it really sweetens the trigger pull and there not expensive
  4. Amazing pictures that man has some skill
  5. Very nice springer Fairly well developed for a 4 month old!
  6. Seriously good pictures there The fox creeping towards the deer seems to be a very dark colour.
  7. Any stainless barrel will rust if it comes into contact with mild-steel.The mild-steel contaminates the stainless it can happen if your barrel gets scratched by a fence or railing/gate ect-you can easily buff the rust or marks on the barrel out with a product called scotch-brite.
  8. Mine has cycled 28gram shells to 63gramm shells and everything in between 100% flawlessly The aqua tec coating is very good at keeping rust at bay once your careful with the gun-not banging the metal parts off stones ect it wont scratch. As for weight mine a 30" model feels lighter and more balanced than my old al391. I use mine a good bit for walked up game shooting when the weather's too **** to bring my silver pigeon i would cover a long distance walking and i wouldnt find it a whole lot heavier than the silver pigeon.
  9. Thats one serious looking jeep...and such ground clearance Id kill for a little jeep like that Is there much work done to it to raise it so much???
  10. Excellent pics and very productive results from the pheasant carcass's
  11. Thats top notch knife-work in prepairing them all so neatly
  12. Lovely pic's and excellent bag Bet the youngster's will remember that day for some time
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