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    Falconry, working ferrets, fly fishing, wreck fishing, working dogs and my lads football on a Sunday morning.
  1. Cracking shooting Steve and a great report too. those type of outings are very few and far between.
  2. After a hard week at work and little sport been had, I made plans with Kes (pw member ) to have a afternoon on a peice of land with a nice copse area in the midde of a wheat field, that had showed plenty of birds this last week when i had been driving past. Met Phil and got down there about 2ish and on arrival we weren't disapointed on getting to the gate to the field approximatley 150 plus birds lifted off the top of the copse, both our eyes lit up with eager anticipation. so we got set up on the edge of the copse and waited until they had decided it was safe to return, they duly obliged
  3. Gutted I'm too far away and busy this weekend or i would have snapped this up without any hesitation, it's a bargain for someone ....good luck with the sale
  4. Cheers for the heads up Steve, i got some today and it works a treat it's ceaned it up really well and looks like new
  5. All positions have now been taken. Thanks for all the enquiries and messages and good luck to those who have joined us. Sean
  6. John / Kev, it was apeasure meeting you too, and I hope that by pooling our experiences and thoughts together as a group we we have the oportunity to develope a quality shoot with plenty of sporting oportunities and challenges. Just let me know when you are wanting to meet up to finalise things ect by text or a phone call. thanks once again for your support sean
  7. John, it was good to meet you and Dave too, I've been up there tonight and the birds were lifting all over the place which was good as I was showing another PW member around, the land does have a ot of potential ut the best sight of tonight was defined flight lines over all fields. especially by the holding pond we were looking at clearing away a good 4 dozen lifted off the barley and followed the tree line to the wooded area I just thought a ittle thank you to all those that joined me in the new venture should have a litte something to start them on their way. We only have 1 place ava
  8. I've noticed just lately that the engraving on my Lanber has started to blacken, during the hot spell and can only put it down to the sweat from my hands ( salt ect ) I clean the gun once a week inside and out if required more internally and a quick wipe down of the outside of the barrels and clean the stock. I've tried the cleaning cloths but it just wont budge any ideas or manufacturers of a decent cleaning solution to help get it sparkling again sean
  9. Just want want to say thanks for all those who turned up tonight it was thouroughly enjoyable meeting you all, & thanks for joining me in this venture I am realy look forward to getting out with you and getting some shooting done. thanks again Sean
  10. Thanks for the comments Phil, there have been a number of enquiries but i think a few are a tad too far out for travelling. the season will soon be on us when we need to be out and showing a presence on the land, I'm sure those who do join us will enjoy the sport and surroundings.
  11. on todays evidence a 1 in 3 / 4 shot but have had days where i've had a 1 in 2 hit ratio but in my defence this is my first season on the pigeon and SG, but it beats been indoors and DIY
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