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    Iconic fowling guns.

    My Dad's Greylag 10g imported by Elderkins, still remember a customer describing it best, "well built like a poohouse and weighs the same as a poohouse too." Shot my 1st right and left Pinks with that gun.
  2. Ttfjlc

    Air Arms or BSA

    I own an S400 PCP and a ProSport Springer, both quality guns, never owned a BSA so can't comment on them but one thing I noticed after doing a lot of research was there weren't many AA guns requiring any form of tuning, PCP or Springer.
  3. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

  4. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Completely agree pal, out in a wood with my Labrador once, waved him right, he just looked at me and went left, a bit annoyed but then he put up half a dozen pheasants! I appreciate your reply as I'm no expert trainer hence the question regarding scenarios, my first lab was great at finding birds but once on game/Wildfowl he had no interest whatsoever in dummy refreshers in the garden.
  5. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Evening bud, can you explain to me please how he's totally dependable yet if he doesn't want to go he won't? I'm not having a dig as I was considering getting a chessie possibly next year and I'm just curious what the scenarios are where he decides to sit put.
  6. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Trust me if your lab is anything like mine it certainly WON'T slow him down!
  7. Ttfjlc


    Evening all, I've spent a fair few hours researching Chesapeakes, this site has been helpful amongst others but noticed there hasn't been much about them recently. My Labrador turns 10 this year and I'm considering getting another dog later this year or early next year and since I'll be doing mainly wildfowling I was hoping to get any info from people who own a chesapeake. I'm certainly not the best trainer in the world but I can do ok if the dog has a bit of ability and is willing to learn, I'd still consider a Labrador as I love the breed but think I've only met 2 Chesapeakes so curiosity has led me to ask on here, cheers.
  8. I believe my carton of cartridges used for game shooting consists of 28g 7.5s up to 32g 5s. Don't really pay too much attention which ones I put into the cartridge bag for the day as I pick the birds to shoot at that I know won't get 'plucked in the air' or least likely to get wounded. I've been lucky enough to shoot fenbirds for a number of years now, lean and fast flying they've certainly helped me for when I've been invited to shoots which put a lot of reared birds down.
  9. Ttfjlc

    Poor shots and guilt

    Whilst I can't comment on the so-called click as I don't pay a lot of attention to topics once they descend into slanging matches, I do agree it's a shame when some good members get banned. I really do miss logging on to read a former member's posts, he had such a passion for air rifles. 👍
  10. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    My Black Lab under a stunning moon And again with a well deserved burger....which he demolished in less than 10 seconds.
  11. I've seen the reverse of this, a bloke who said he shot well on clays could never do well on the pheasants, really did beat himself up over it.
  12. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Great picture pal, Dog looks a belter 👍
  13. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Gotta say that is one lovely looking dog.
  14. Ttfjlc

    An ( Old ) School Boy Error

  15. Ttfjlc

    An ( Old ) School Boy Error

    Oh so you must of left them in the truck that night I popped round. 😉
  16. Ttfjlc

    An ( Old ) School Boy Error

    Does that also include tea bags?
  17. Ttfjlc

    Pigeon rabbit pheasant.

    If memory serves me right they were made by gamebore, shot quite a lot of them back in the late nineties early noughties, 30g 6s, a decent budget cartridge that accounted for a lot of game.
  18. Cheers Stevo, bit freaky really but 3 times before the 78 I got 56, after the 78 we went again and I thought I was getting somewhere but then got 56 for the 4th time
  19. My best was 78 at grimsthorpe thank you very much! Never got close to it after that
  20. Ttfjlc

    Only a matter of time

    Biggest story to break on PW ever! 😮
  21. Ttfjlc

    Only a matter of time

    😆, don't worry mate, I'll expose you as the one getting all the geese when the season starts. 😁👍
  22. Ttfjlc

    Kent Bismuth

    Just had a look, 1 5/8 oz of 5s seems a little excessive.
  23. It certainly would be a good laugh as I haven't shot clays in over a year! 😂 used to go to grimsthorpe at least once a month, then the bloke I shot with moved away and my eldest isn't really into clays. The one and only time we went to Orston we gave the sporting a miss to try other things, shot 18 on the skeet, somehow managed 20/25 on the sportrap even though I kept forgetting which order they came in but I most enjoyed dtl. Can't remember my exact score as some were 2nd barrel breaks.