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  1. Enjoyed reading about your mini-adventure, thanks for sharing
  2. John at Shotgunreloading in Devon is good to deal with
  3. Hi, I am after a good condition single stage press like a Redding Model 16 or a Savage 630 to load up a few non toxic shells, ideally an hour max from Bourne, South Lincolnshire, thanks.
  4. "leaving his next door neighbour", you really do have a lovely way with words marsh man, another great read of your exploits, thanks for sharing 👍
  5. Morning, I'm looking for a Pacific DL 266 single stage reloading press in 12 gauge if anyone has one they're not using and looking to move on, thanks.
  6. gamebore and eley have bismuth in 28 gram loads
  7. Hi this is my 12 gauge PW 800B progressive press for sale, it's in good condition and works fine and has both bottles, reason for sale is I need a single stage press to suit my needs better, I'm also including nearly a kilo of copper plated BBB steel, nearly 5 kilo of copper plated BB steel and 100 primed 2 3/4" cases, any questions please ask. £225 ono
  8. I honestly believe you have sugar beet strapped to your head mate 😆
  9. I nearly dropped my phone when I'd read you'd missed! Well done to the both of you 👍
  10. unfortunately they've been out of production for a while now, shame as they were a decent shell.
  11. Nice to see a bit of squirrel shooting with a powder burner for a change, nice shots 👍
  12. Ttfjlc

    Air Arms TX200

    Hi all I'm after a tx200 in either full length or hunter carbine in .177 if anyone has one they're thinking of selling.
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