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  1. Yes, don't offer 8 year old Hobnobs.
  2. Some valid points UltraStu and if you're happy using bigger shot that's fine but 1oz 7s are genuinely adequate for the job as well in my experience.
  3. Its a shame we're not allowed to claim back any fees we've had to pay to gp's from our respective organisations, as I'm pretty certain they'd be more eager to sort out the issue when loss of income is on the table.
  4. My dad has had one for a few years now, 2.5 auto returning around 31mpg mixed driving, 4wd is excellent, not as refined as some of the competition but certainly feels more rugged, so much so that my dad is looking to get another one. The new 1.9 engine has a bit less torque but has a 6 speed auto box compared to the 2.5's 5 speed auto box.
  5. Ttfjlc

    Air rifle

    That is some of the finest camo face paint I've ever seen
  6. Evening all, my other half tagged me in a post about a small air rifle range setup down Horbling Fen near Sleaford in South Lincolnshire. It appears to be quite new, not to be confused with Sleaford gun shop's range near North rauceby, somebody asked a question and was told to ring the number from their website and they'd give details over the phone. Haven't been myself but the fact it's a 5 minute drive makes it all the more appealing to go for a bit of plinking.
  7. You've got me there, mind you I've never had a need for a sawn off.
  8. Just having a laugh, how long has your mate been shooting? We all have our limits, maybe it's him rather than the gun? I do believe in what you are saying has an effect to some extent but in real world terms I haven't noticed any difference when I flick between different length guns.
  9. Thoughts? Yes I have one, next time you're explaining to someone you missed due to reduced velocity & energy check to see if they're keeping a straight face.
  10. Must of been going on a while for it to get to this stage, I currently work for a utility company and have been on many warrant jobs, a debt recovery agent obtains a court warrant, if there are no unlocked doors then the locksmith is given the go ahead to gain entry, the agent checks the meter details and checks with the supplier what they want to do, commercial properties are then either left on supply or disconnected.
  11. Hope you had time to change your trousers as well, fair play for shaking it off and carrying on not sure if I'd be so keen, if barrel was clear at the start of drive that leaves a stuck wad as front runner, what cartridges were you using?
  12. Ttfjlc

    Out In Style

    Nice read yet again mate, well done to you both.
  13. Ttfjlc

    Smart meter?

    It's simple Lloyd, Smets1 smart meters only work for the supplier who fitted them. Smets2 have been out since the middle of last year, the biggest advantage over Smets1 is the changing of supplier and the meter staying smart, however not all suppliers are Smets2 ready therefore it may not work as a smart meter.
  14. Thanks again for the replies, I'll look to get new powders and go from there.
  15. Well done to the both of you, Conor by the sounds of it is on his way to becoming a consistent shot, It helps that he has a good mentor to teach him what is and what isn't in range of his capabilities.
  16. Would you care to elaborate? Does it cause pressure spikes or something? These are all opened tins, if they're not safe to use they'll help get the bonfire going.
  17. Spot on pal my dad used it for reloading his 10 bore in the 80s in the lead days. Ah yes I've seen his name pop up on a lot of the older reloading threads, thanks for the remidner.
  18. Thanks Figgy I'd presumed it was an early vectan type. Yep, found a few details on here from a topic 2 years ago. Cheers Boyd, I've googled the chequered tin, all that came up was a 'b' type. Much obliged, I'll search for the name suggested. Thanks OF, looking forward to getting a few loads dine.
  19. Evening, my Dad gave me a few old Powders from his reloading days, I have found recipes for the GM3 from PW but wondered if anybody has heard of the other 2? Cheers
  20. Most enjoyable? Big Al's Wildfowling videos
  21. Just want to say that looks strangely beautiful in an OCD type way
  22. You said the key word there, consistency as they say is most important, looks like you're on the right track, will be nice to follow his progress as I'll be looking to pick up tips later next year. I'll be hoping to get a Labrador but even I can make that training look difficult.
  23. Hopefully it won't take long for him to 'click', I remember my Labrador being really hesitant to pick up a pinkfoot, even had my dad's lab there showing him how it's done yet he still lacked the confidence, first goose he retrieved on a flight? A Canada
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