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  1. Ttfjlc

    Did or Didn't He ??????

    Good write up again Boyd, well done to the both of you.
  2. Ttfjlc

    Mt Doom ready to blow..Or not..

    How dare you Scully! The Pink-footed goose is a favourite export of mine.
  3. Ttfjlc

    Scope adjustment

    Evening folks, was wondering if anybody had come across this problem before, midweek I was plinking in the garden with my Prosport but my groups were to the left with both jsbs and falcon pellets, however when adjusting the horizontal turrent nothing changed group wise. The scope is a Hawk Map pro 4-16x50 AO, I have been researching via Google which threw up some interesting ideas, one was to give the scope a tap in front of the turrets to 'free' it up, never heard of that one before. Any ideas? Cheers
  4. Ttfjlc

    Alastair Cook Retires

    What a test match it'll be if Jimmy gets just one more wicket, a true great of the modern game. As for that innings by Alastair Cook, one saying just sprung to mind which I believe is quite fitting, 'Form is temporary Class is Permanent.'
  5. Ttfjlc

    Scope adjustment

    I'll give it a try, much appreciated.
  6. Ttfjlc

    Labrador won't pick up feathers

    Good to hear Al, my lab wouldn't retrieve a pink when out training, first goose he retrieved out in the field? A Canada
  7. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    Afternoon all, I was wondering if anybody uses BBB steel loads in a 12 and how they get on with them? I'm currently sorting out my next list of reloading components to order and was curious what shot to get. I have a few HW13 shells kindly loaded by a member off here, I've personally loaded some 3" steel 1s and 3s and was thinking of getting some 3 1/2" cases to load bigger steel but thought I'd ask on here first to get people's opinions, cheers.
  8. Ttfjlc

    Labrador won't pick up feathers

    Personally I thought it was a good idea, if some don't like the idea of using a pigeon try and substitute it for another bird. Big Al, have you tried using superTed to spur the new dog on?
  9. Ttfjlc

    Bird ownership

    I agree with Tightchoke, trying it on to see what you're made of. Surely nobody could be that stupid to ask to use your land then charge you for the odd few pheasants you shoot.....actually I take that back, some of the silliest folk I've met have been whilst pheasant shooting.
  10. Ttfjlc

    Early Season Mallard!

    The ducks I saw on the 1st certainly didn't present a sporting chance, they were too high!
  11. Ttfjlc

    Alastair Cook Retires

    If you're referring to Chris Gayle then I would certainly rate Alastair Cook over him as a test batsman, some other great names mentioned though. I saw a stat on tv where he only averaged 27 in his last 25 innings, a shadow of his former self, to some his style of play might appear a bit boring but to me his mental toughness could only be admired when he first came onto the test scene, his performances in the 2010-11 ashes were pretty darn special. Hope he finishes on a high, a player of his class deserves it.
  12. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    With your success with all gauges mate I think the only way you could offend people is if you used a spud gun.
  13. Ttfjlc


    Evening all, I've spent a fair few hours researching Chesapeakes, this site has been helpful amongst others but noticed there hasn't been much about them recently. My Labrador turns 10 this year and I'm considering getting another dog later this year or early next year and since I'll be doing mainly wildfowling I was hoping to get any info from people who own a chesapeake. I'm certainly not the best trainer in the world but I can do ok if the dog has a bit of ability and is willing to learn, I'd still consider a Labrador as I love the breed but think I've only met 2 Chesapeakes so curiosity has led me to ask on here, cheers.
  14. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    Ah yes the speed thing, thought that thread got a bit interesting 😆.
  15. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    Thanks Wayne I must admit I prefer a dense pattern, I might get some BB steel to try instead and see how I go. Would you stick with 3" for BB or 3 1/2"? As I've mentioned before I'm still fairly green on the reloading front so I'm keen to see what works for others. Hi anser2 I use a kicks high flyer Full in my Xtrema2, although I haven't shot many geese the ones I have shot have been at decent ranges with eley lightning 1s.
  16. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    Cheers mate I must admit I did think about loading for the 10g but got plenty of 12g shells to try 1st, I'll PM you about those shells. 👍
  17. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    Evening Boyd, as ever I appreciate your advice, I'm not desperate to try them I just found some old posts on here and wasn't sure if people still used them. You know I've had success with eley lightning 1s in the past I just wondered if there were any real advantage to bigger shot. 👍
  18. Ttfjlc

    BBB steel reloads

    Cheers Figgy, must admit I hadn't thought of the size of the shot taking up a lot of space thus reducing the payload.
  19. Ttfjlc

    Gun Watch

    What an 'angel' you are
  20. Ttfjlc

    Iconic fowling guns.

    My Dad's Greylag 10g imported by Elderkins, still remember a customer describing it best, "well built like a poohouse and weighs the same as a poohouse too." Shot my 1st right and left Pinks with that gun.
  21. Ttfjlc

    Air Arms or BSA

    I own an S400 PCP and a ProSport Springer, both quality guns, never owned a BSA so can't comment on them but one thing I noticed after doing a lot of research was there weren't many AA guns requiring any form of tuning, PCP or Springer.
  22. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

  23. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Completely agree pal, out in a wood with my Labrador once, waved him right, he just looked at me and went left, a bit annoyed but then he put up half a dozen pheasants! I appreciate your reply as I'm no expert trainer hence the question regarding scenarios, my first lab was great at finding birds but once on game/Wildfowl he had no interest whatsoever in dummy refreshers in the garden.
  24. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Evening bud, can you explain to me please how he's totally dependable yet if he doesn't want to go he won't? I'm not having a dig as I was considering getting a chessie possibly next year and I'm just curious what the scenarios are where he decides to sit put.
  25. Ttfjlc

    Wildfowling Dogs

    Trust me if your lab is anything like mine it certainly WON'T slow him down!