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  1. Hi @villamanI've recently bought an FX Cyclone .177 FAC, I would be interested in seeing how well slugs could do, PM sent. πŸ‘ @Mice!pretty much nails it, elevated shots are safer and it suits the distances I shoot too.
  2. Anymore details on them villaman?
  3. Ttfjlc

    Pard 007

    you're welcome mate thanks for the fast payment πŸ‘
  4. Ttfjlc

    Pard 007

    Sorry mate this is now sold
  5. Ttfjlc

    Pard 007

    Evening all, I have here for sale an original Pard 007, it's in good condition and works as it should. It comes with what's in the picture plus 2 18650 batteries, Β£210 cash on collection/bank transfer or Β£220 posted, thanks for looking.
  6. Now thats some proper pigeon shooting, some of them looked that high you must of needed a separate memory card to film them falling
  7. Only if you manage to get them on target in the first place
  8. Ttfjlc

    10 bore Reloader

    pinfireman to the rescue!
  9. Thanks for taking the time to write that, certainly worth knowing as something to try in the future πŸ‘
  10. Now that is a great idea πŸ‘
  11. 🀣, as the saying goes, you'll never know if you stay at home πŸ‘
  12. great day mate you deserve a morning like that, was 'love in the air' causing the stir?
  13. Possibly an opportunity to get a few bargains perhaps? I bet they would have people buy them if they were at a decent price.
  14. If you did mate you'd be the best salesman I've seen
  15. great report @Mice! looks like you had a great morning, especially judging the weather correctly πŸ‘
  16. pellet perfect is popular πŸ‘
  17. Ttfjlc

    Tank filling

    A tank is a worthwhile consideration and yes scuba shops are a viable option for you, look to get a 300 bar cylinder rather than a 232 bar for more fills for your money, also make sure its a surface only setup, these have a 5 year test compared to a 2.5 year test for a diving setup.
  18. High winds and freezing temperatures, sounds ideal! Well done on the well earned Duck πŸ‘
  19. This is good news for anyone looking to move on any surplus cartridges, "compared to just cartridges my ones are a bargain"
  20. What a great picture, it never fails to amaze me how well you can do in less than perfect conditions.
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