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  1. Well here's a question for you deershooter and matone, which cartridge do you find is smooth shooting in the price bracket that your accustomed to? Might care to give some a try (Christmas list )
  2. +1, I have been reliably informed not to get to into the extra speed of these top notch cartridges as the advantage is minimal
  3. Recommend grimsthorpe as well, been there a few times now it has a lot of variety
  4. Glenbank is a nice little club for some informal fun, will have to try out orston as it seems to get good reviews
  5. But are you seriously suggesting that people starting out should dive in the deep end and buy these cartridges? I understand your point about the top shooters using the best but somebody that goes once a week at most would it really make such a difference?
  6. I shot just as well with firsts but I just find they leave a lot more **** in the barrels for some reason and like my local rfd has said they are no better than other equally matched brand hence I have bought another slab of rio top 20's and got on fairly well with them today
  7. 1) Cost 2) Stock availability 3) Many other reasons that other members may care to mention One thing I wouldn't mind knowing deershooter is what do the 2 brands you have mentioned do better? Is it down to patterns, consistency etc? I was shooting with an AA class gunner today and he was using eley firsts (not for me though as I find they are dirty). Cheers, J
  8. Feels really nice Gordon and it's in great nick
  9. You shouldn't have to explain yourself, it's clear to see you just use hatsans as a comparison for how cheap you sell your guns
  10. Ttfjlc

    Cheap semi auto

    Would love to Roy but I'm in south lincs, any chance your passing by? Lol
  11. Magic wand? Like it figgy!
  12. Ttfjlc

    Cheap semi auto

    Like I said earlier sevy I'd love a beretta but unless her family can stump up the extra cash to go towards it I'm a bit short
  13. Ttfjlc

    Cheap semi auto

    Hey nothing wrong with asking the parents! thanks green oval I'd love a beretta for the other half but shelled out already on a pair of boots for her already this month!
  14. Ttfjlc

    Cheap semi auto

    I will be sporadic in my replies as I'm currently at a boxing match what sort of money are we talking mygun? Never realised they did a yildiz semi auto!
  15. Ttfjlc

    Cheap semi auto

    Hi all my other half is looking to get into clay shooting and likes the idea of a semi auto, budget max £150, cheers.
  16. Anywhere up to £300, I think it's called a miracle
  17. Hi all looking to get my 8 year old son one of these to start him off shooting, don't mind a bit of a drive from south Lincolnshire, cheer. J *cheers
  18. Interesting watch so far, hopefully people will have a better understanding of the difference between urban and wild foxes
  19. I admit that I thought about a hatsan youth 20 but thought the weight might be an issue, I'll have to see if someone has one for my son to try, I'm going to the new gun shop in sleaford this weekend so I'll check out what he has
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