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  1. Well I'm going to go in a few gun shops when I get the chance to see what suits him, if he finds something he likes then he'll have plenty of opportunity to try different targets! I'm probably more excited than he is!
  2. Thank you for your advice and offers I live in South Lincolnshire 10 miles north of Bourne, I don't mind the idea of a .410, if we were to go down that route then I would use the shooting balloons idea I found in here
  3. Thanks for the reply, I must admit I'm leaning towards the 28 especially as I've found out that you can get a 14 gram starter cartridge which to me seems ideal.
  4. Hoping for a miracle my licenses get renewed quick!
  5. Evening all I was reading the shooting times today and there was an article on what age for young kids to start shooting, this set me thinking about my eldest son who will be 9 in January. To say he has inherited the shooting gene from me is an understatement, this coming season is already his 4th season beating! He loves shooting an air rifle and has mentioned a shotgun from time to time but when I mention about going for a lesson he says he's not to fussed at the moment. Whilst I'll never rush him into anything this has puzzled me until today when I was talking about this article and he said he wanted my father and I to teach him so this leads me to the question of which shotgun? I've shot for many years now and talked to a lot of people and it seems a 28 bore would suit? Most people say a .410 is like trying to shoot something with a shot pattern the diameter of a pencil! Just wondered if anybody has been through this situation and what they experienced, many thanks. J
  6. I had a transit connect fleet vehicle, 35mpg average pushed 40 on a run. Being fleet it was the 75 hp engine which was gutless to say the least! To my knowledge it ticked over 120k come replacement time, I also suffered from poor door seals and electrics.
  7. I have loads of bramble in my wood, you can come and dig that up for free I'll second that!
  8. I have used a slab of 24g fibre firsts in 7.5, recoil was not really noticeable but I have to agree after using so many at grimsthorpe that they leave behind a lot of debris!
  9. Thanks wgd and paul223 I'll see how it goes, will keep you posted
  10. Tried your method al4x last night, stood near him whilst he was eating and he growled so stopped him eating. Waited a while then let him back in, same thing happened, even when I pointed at him and said 'no' he bared his teeth and then guess what? Once food gone stood there wagging his tail! Talk about split personality
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys, I just don't understand where it's come from! I forgot to mention that occasionally he does bare his teeth, I've spoke to my dad about this as he had a pup from the same litter and he has had no issues to speak of
  12. Hi people just wondering if anyone has come across the same problem I keep getting, I have cocker dog aged 20 months and for the past few months he occasionally growls at me once I have filled his food bowl up. Now I know this may be related but last year a pal of mine came over to pay his syndicate money and spooked my dog on purpose whilst in his cage (1st time dog had seen him) sending him ballistic (yes my friend was sworn at). I wonder if this event is to blame but can't make the connection since I'm feeding him (always thought this to be a good thing), he is absolutely fine whilst training and playing in the garden and doesn't always growl but it bothers me (especially since I've never encountered this with 5 Labradors between my father and I over the years). Cheers
  13. Not sure if its to far or not but there's grimsthorpe shooting ground, really nice setting with a good mixture of targets, last time I went it was £30 for 100
  14. Well cz it will be then! Like I said in an earlier post, just gotta wait to see when I get my new certificates! Then I have the recently new problem of my other half having a go with me clay shooting last week to which she commented on how fun it was! :( looks like I'll be on the look out for a cheap 20 bore starter gun
  15. 3 rabbits 3 shots at 140 yards? That's my kinda gun! it is for that reason why I'll be looking to get one in the near future, I was out last night with the .22 and the amount of rabbits that went to cover as soon as they got the lamp on them was unreal.
  16. Ok thanks for the replies, just gotta wait for x amount of weeks now!
  17. Thanks for that I currently shoot a cz .22 so know they're built to last! Doing a bit of research and there seems to be a slightly disturbing number of ammo issues i.e. bullets stuck in barrels?
  18. Hi all I've sent my licences off for renewal and put in for the above mentioned, its a calibre I'm not to familiar with so I was wondering what you people think.
  19. Thanks for the replies, I'll try bourne tractors first as they're only 10 miles away! In Lincolnshire miles that's just down the road!
  20. Hi all just wondering if anyone can advise me of where to get the above mentioned cartridges? I live in billingborough south Lincolnshire, cheers. J
  21. Ttfjlc

    First pcp

    It's been pretty painful waiting for payday this month, seem to be waiting for forever!
  22. Ttfjlc

    First pcp

    Please don't! Trying to avoid the thought of spending a small fortune
  23. Ttfjlc

    First pcp

    Cheers bullet boy, fingers crossed come payday!
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