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  1. I've just done a bit of googling as the lanber has 1 star on top barrel and 2 stars on bottom barrel and it appears they would be full and 3/4 respectively, I have also dropped the price to £225 but open to offers as looking for a quick sale.
  2. Hello to the rest of you, nice to see there's plenty of fellow fenbillies on here! Bongaanie, I go on the wash in pursuit of ducks and geese (although not as often as I would like) and I'm in 2 DIY game shoots, I also help my dad control the fox population. I like the odd clay shooting session to keep my eye in but don't do much pigeon shooting as I would like either.
  3. Woohoo I'm now unrestricted! Thanks for the warm welcome guys, in answer to your question deershooter I live in billingborough.
  4. Thanks guys, been looking at this site for hours, pretty certain there's everything you need on here
  5. Hi to you both, love the flatlander term!
  6. Hello to all, joined the other day so thought I'd better say hello, cannot wait till I'm off this moderator queue so I reply quicker!
  7. Hi sorry mate I've been busy with work no it's not been sold, its fixed choke, not sure what the exact sizes are and l.o.p. is 14 1/8 inches, apologies for late reply.
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