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  1. Hi, cleaned the barrel to ensure any oil or grease was removed, something to note the 2 stand out brand's are both made by JSB. I spent ages trying to see how to tag Bruno then along comes Mice to show me how It really is a great gun mate, technically I can curse any gun brand, if a particular model suffered a 1 in 10,000 glitch I'd be willing to bet that's the one I'd buy! My friend spelled it out, it was a so and so experience with a happy ending, 3 month old 2nd hand gun, 60 mile round trip to get the gun, wouldn't index and could barely close the side lever, another 60 mile round trip 2 days later to return gun, off to Air Arms it went, many days pass so I contact Air Arms direct, receive an apology as chap was on holiday and it hadn't been touched for 11 days, just a 'can't believe my luck' type of thing but Air Arms then to their credit turned it around in no time. To answer your question about easily replaceable yes it is, invoice states time taken to fix indexing issue and replace breach seal was 15 minutes.
  2. Cheers mate, yes all those pellets were already in my possession thanks to the hw100 being super pellet fussy.
  3. Daystate Sovereigns are really good, just pipped by the Weihrauch FT Exacts, so consistent on several targets I shot at.
  4. Evening all, after owning a hw100ks for a few months and not quite gelling with the gun I decided it was time to look at other options, after receiving advice off a helpful chap off here I had a better idea of what to look out for. A few days of browsing guntrader I kept being drawn to this ultimate sporter so the deal was done and that was that or so I thought, an issue with the indexing and loud noise meant I'd owned it for less than 2 days before it went back (I could of cried), thank god for warranty! Issue resolved I've spent some time with it this afternoon and my word it's accurate, certainly looks the part and is simply a joy to shoot. Hopefully the pictures load OK, showing the pellets I started out with, a couple of pictures of the gun, some 40 yard targets with the front runners and finally a bit of cardboard showing several results at 40 yards. I truly cannot emphasise enough just how much help and advice this person gave to me, his knowledge and humour helped at times when I was really ****** off and I'm extremely grateful, bruno22rf you're a star.
  5. Have you left a review at all? I've been onto the play store and a couple of less than glowing reviews were responded too by someone, maybe worth a try? Hope it's sorted swiftly
  6. Trademark FX, you'll have to wait for software update mk2....
  7. The only shotgun small enough to suit him you'd get arrested for having, If you insist on letting him use the 410 try resting it on something and shoot some balloons. Plinking at cans is fun, shooting 'shook up' fizzy drinks is great.
  8. That is a lovely photo along with a nice story, thanks for sharing.
  9. I've spent hours reading stuff on that site, a poster named 'cloverleaf' certainly knows his air rifles.
  10. An Air Arms S510r ultimate Sporter mate, had it for 2 days and noticed it wasn't right, my luck with PCPs is poor so thank god it came with 3 months warranty
  11. Thanks mate, might have a few more for sale once I get my new gun back, it will favour one of the jsb/aadf variety then I can finally put the pellet testing to bed.
  12. Hello, I have a small variety of opened tins for sale in 177 calibre as follows: H & N Baracuda FT, approx. 151 Weihrauch FT Exact, approx. 302 Daystate Sovereigns, approx. 384 RWS Superfields, approx. 285 H & N FTT, approx. 262 Weihrauch Magnums, approx. 311 The tin that stands out as having quite a few damaged skirts is the Sovereigns, whereas the Weihrauch Magnums tin arrived with a nice dent but the pellets were solid. £20 collected or £25 posted, thanks for looking.
  13. As per normal not been out as much as I would like, yes theres plenty of geese around, plenty flew over my head while I was at work , my highlight so far was 2 wigeon for 1 shot, I was so shocked I never fired the 2nd shot!
  14. Great write up yet again Marsh man, I'll be blunt, please write a book.
  15. PayPal friends and families isn't allowed pal
  16. Very true, I spent quite a bit of time looking at other ads to work out a figure to start with mine.
  17. Hi, this is the original cylinder off my Karbine manufactured in 2016, its in great condition, comes with a fill valve and I'm looking for £100 collected or £105 posted, thanks for looking.
  18. Yes been browsing on and off most of the day, waiting for my hw100 to sell before I let myself loose .
  19. Geez this topic took off in a way I hadn't expected, I think I'll stick to bismuth.
  20. Thanks for that, I had read people use it in old guns but mainly with plastic wads. Nice to know fibre is an option
  21. I was going to say 'non-fibre' to hoodwink the environmentalists but hey ho....
  22. You're about to become extremely popular....
  23. Don't know if it's just me but couldn't see fibre shot cups in 20g on clay & game.
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