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  1. You can get advocate online pal
  2. Chances are we won't see yours either, likewise with mine.
  3. Evening all, I was just wondering if anybody in the Oil Heating trade could possibly take the time to answer some career guidance questions please? If so could you PM me? Cheers
  4. I'm so pleased that England won it, can't honestly say I've seen a final that closely contested, however I was wondering what people's thoughts were regarding the pitches during the World Cup? Bob Willis said they weren't the best, Kane Williamson said they weren't what they were expecting and I personally thought playing at the 'home of cricket' the pitch for the final should of been a belter but didn't seem great, for Joe Root to only get 7 runs from 30 balls tells a tale.
  5. Good question, as we are all different we all have our own opinions as to what is ethical or not. If you had just said you'd shot a rabbit at 150 yards with an air rifle I would of more than likely laughed, but because you had said what gun you used then I didn't really bat an eyelid, reason being I've seen enough airgun hunting videos from Matt Dubber to know what those guns can do.
  6. Huh! Fancy not reading the wind right at 150 yards! amateur.... on a serious note it's one helluva shot to attempt, those FX guns are great bits of kit.
  7. I believe unless I'm mistaken the rabbit must of been right side on when UltraStu took the shot.
  8. Thanks for 2 very detailed replies, it's quite clear you are putting in a lot of effort which from what I've read is helping Ted a great deal, funnily enough someone said to me a few years ago that cockers only work when they scent something worth hunting for. My son and I both have Labradors, it was my son's first dog and my reason is for wildfowling. I must admit that one of the guns on my dad's DIY syndicate has a lovely black and white Springer, very calm temperament and lacking just that extra drive to not please trial judges but would please me as it would be quite happy sat in a creek on the marsh.
  9. What a great read this has been, interesting to note what the Judge said, are trials that much different to working tests? I only ask as I have heard of people saying trial dogs are no good as they have had their natural ability stifled, whereas your Judge said about letting Ted getting back onto it himself? I'm glad you included the 2 times he took off, I was beginning to think you were making this look too easy.
  10. Hawke and Nikko Sterling are a good start point to do some research, if money is tight then don't be put off looking at the 2nd hand market, plenty of good used scopes for various budgets.
  11. Ttfjlc

    Airgun tuning

    Tony Burton in South Lincolnshire uses Vortek kits, he did my dad's hw35 and it gave it a new lease of life.
  12. I have spent hours reading about hw100s when I was looking to get one and since getting one I've read a lot more stuff on that forum, one thing that's very apparent is cloverleaf certainly knows his stuff. Some of his posts/topics are fascinating, the technical aspects are very impressive.
  13. Sorry Mice forgot to say I have started using the parallax as a guide, this has certainly made things that bit easier.
  14. Thanks UltraStu that has made me feel better, for some reason I had 55 yards in my head for hft! didn't know about the 40mm size targets either, in reality I won't have too many opportunities to do hft but nice to know based on what I've found so far and what you've said I feel a bit more confident in having a go sooner rather than later. You're right about the hunting side as well, I know all my distances in my garden but it's a different ball game when on an open field.
  15. Oldypigeonpopper, I took the o-ring out of the barrel band so will see how that goes, also went to my RFD to get my bottle filled and he didn't have any LT1 but had an opened bottle of Napier lube and gave me that free of charge. Mice, interesting idea about different aimpoints, my S400 was single shot so know what you mean about having to reset everytime, I also find after putting 4 or 5 pellets close together it gets harder since you've taken out the centre of the target. UltraStu, I've cleaned the barrel on my hw100 3 or 4 times already in less than a months ownership, my S400 never needed to have a barrel clean in 2 years, funny things these pcps. Wobbly Bob 2, I take it you don't use your KT for hunting or did you find a better pellet than AADFs? I find it intriguing that you say 5p groups are rubbish, when I saw my RFD today he said he'd be happy with 5p groups at 40 yards and he certainly knows his stuff.
  16. Oldypigeonpopper, I made the mistake of spending hours reading about potential problems, barrels twisting, dodgy threads, rough crowns etc, however the one that did catch my interest was opinions were divided on whether or not to removal the o ring from the barrel band. Mice, good point about the confidence thing, like I said earlier I have put 3 or 4 pellets on top of each other thinking I'm on a roll only to have the next 1 or 2 go slightly wayward and you're spot on as I then swear at myself and lose concentration. UltraStu, much appreciated for the pictures, I've often read about people putting 'pellet on pellet' at so and so yards, 'pellet through the same hole' is another one that comes up a bit but without actually posting pictures. This is why I asked to see people's targets to simply have a rough idea of what to aim for, nice looking groups with both guns.
  17. Yes mate barrel cleaned, just may need a few more pellets down the barrel as those groups were after around 2 or 3 mags, thing I should remember is those are 14 shot groups, I've put 3 or 4 pellets on top of each other during a round, some people only do 5 shot groups where as I like to do a full mag. Just zeroed to 30 yards tonight and it's grouping nicely. What I'm curious about is what size groups are people happy with at any given range with their own guns?
  18. I have read reviews on pellet lube, plenty are for and against it but I'll get some and when I get the chance I'll post the pictures. Interesting to read about your mate's gun, what did he do with it in the end? I have read that some people simply can't get on with a gun, did you have a go with it? I'm still not 100% happy with mine and my RFD has said if need be he'll have a look over it in case something is not quite right, those weihrauch pellets do have barracuda match on the bottom of the tin.
  19. Geez mate not more expense! I gather it tightened your groups pal?
  20. Evening all, well after a lot of expense, foul language, sulking and sighing I believe that JSB Heavies are what my HW100 prefers. The 1st picture is of several brands, top targets at 30 yards bottom target 40 yards, wasn't impressed with most of them so it was suggested that I try a scope with a finer reticle, different scope sourced from a very kind RFD to try before buying, 2nd picture is from tonight with Airarms express 7.9s at 40 yards, 3rd picture is again from tonight with JSB Heavies 10.34s at 40 yards. All shooting done outside with a bit of breeze, shooting from a bench with bipod plus a rest under stock, test scope on x12 zoom, no 'pulled shots' as gun was rock steady.
  21. When did it stop working? Have you tried updating the satellites by plugging it into a computer?
  22. No offense taken wobbly Bob 2 and Mice I appreciate the support, been shooting springers on and off over the years, got a huntsman classic 6 years ago which was my first venture into the world of pcps, jsb's or AADF were all it ever needed, same went for the s400 I had for 2 years, that was ridiculously accurate, once I get paper punching with a few different pellets I'll post the pictures on here for wobbly Bob 2 to scrutinize then await his request for some cheap pellets.
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