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  1. Fox club

    I love it, it's my first centrefire so don't have much to compare it to, but it's very accurate and have no complaints at all. I am thinking of replacing my cz452 .17 hmr with the new tikka version
  2. Fox club

    Nothing about on the first permission I visited last night, so tried another and got this dog fox at 170 yards. I watched him trotting in but he stopped and sat looking towards the caller and wasn't going to venture any closer, so took the shot and he dropped on the spot. TIKKA T3X .222 50gr V Max
  3. Fox club

    last night I was sat in the wind and drizzle for well over an hour and a half and was seeing nothing other than a couple of rabbits, I tried a few different calls on the gc500 but nothing showed. In a last effort I decide on the hedgehog call and with my ir on the middle setting I saw the rabbits suddenly make a run for the bushes, a quick scan about and a dog fox was standing staring at the caller about 30 yards to the right. Dropped him at 130 yards. .222 50gr V Max First pic is the entry, and the second is the exit.
  4. knew you wouldn't regret it 👍
  5. I'm seriously considering a spotter now!
  6. it's sometimes easier to contact him via Facebook if you use it. search for 'some bloke'
  7. you won't be sorry with it, believe me
  8. nv add on

  9. Thermal imaging and foxes

    excellent post
  10. evening all just thought I would add a note to this thread, I bought my unit in may from Dave and it is superb, I've been really impressed with how sturdy it is once fitted, both the screen and the camera. and also the clarity and distance that it's capable of. I have used it on my .22lr, .17hmr and I now have a rail fitted to my .222 rem. last Friday I did develop what I thought was an issue as when I got out in the field and turned on the unit only the ir worked, the screen did not come on at all. initially I thought maybe the unit had been put away turned on and the batteries were flat, but when I put them in the charger they were fully charged. I contacted Dave and we chatted about the possible issues and agreed that I should try a different brand of battery, which I have done this evening and it worked fine. the batteries I bought initially were from torchy the battery boy, and as I said only the ir worked. the two batteries that power the screen would not work whatsoever, even when placed in the ir position. I bought them from torchy as I had read that lots of people use them, but my experience of them in my night vision has left me very disappointed and out of pocket. I spoke to Dave again earlier this evening to let him know the other batteries I tried were okay and that there is no fault with the unit and he gave me a link to the batteries he recommended, so I have ordered them instead. many thanks to Dave for taking my calls and it's good to know that his after sales help is top drawer.
  11. Pigeon Decoying

    glad you had a good morning
  12. hi Dave can you contact me please as my unit has an issue I need to talk to you about please
  13. Pigeon Decoying

    well done Dave no rape on our permission at all this year