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  1. I posed the question, I don't have all the answers, just offering food for thought.
  2. Yes, why do you ask? I'm simply trying to point out that there are two sides of any argument. We all know someone who drinks too much, some will probably hold gun licences, and in medical circles they would be considered to have a problem if they knew the details. I read somewhere that if a person went to the pub every night for 3 or 4 pints after work that doctors would consider this to be alcoholic behaviour as it's a regular routine, but to everyone else it's just someone unwinding after a day at work because it's legal As I said it's an interesting debate, but to be a debate there has to be discussion not just someone shouting louder than the next man.
  3. So what are the anti recreational drug people on here thoughts on the legalizing of cannabis? Will there views suddenly change over night? As once something becomes legal then presumably they will be okay with it from reading their comments. Would be interesting to here from anyone from Canada who has first hand experience of this process. Should anyone be able to control what an individual wants to put in their own body? Interesting debate though
  4. I've used mine twice on the rabbits so far and shot 7 each time out on a small horse paddock, shot then at ranges from 40 to 130 yards with no issues whatsoever. really liking the way it feels and shoots
  5. thanks for all the advice, I took it to the gun shop today and they cleared it out, it had a few pellets and a bronze brush stuck down there. when the shop tried another pellet after they had cleared it, that too got stuck, so I returned it to the old boy and advised he needs to get it serviced as I imagine the spring could do with replacing and probably the seals too, surprisingly the shop don't do repairs but they gave me the number of a guy that does who is fairly local
  6. thanks for the advice, will get it off the fella tomorrow and have a proper play with it
  7. Evening all whilst out having a zero session on one of the farms I shoot, I was approached by an old boy of 84 who lives in one of the houses within the farm, he told me he had a problem with his old air rifle that he uses to shoot squirrels with. long story short, he had a pellet stuck in the barrel and when trying to rod it out he then managed to snap the brush off and it is now firmly lodged behind the pellet. I had my hmr rod with me and tried to get it out with no luck, used plenty of wd40 but no good. is there anything you guys can recommend to help the old boy out. he has had the rifle for over 40 years he said, in the picture you can just see the pellet stuck in the barrel. Really want to help him if I can thanks in advance
  8. I picked up mine in .17hmr on Thursday. took it out this morning to zero and so far I really like it, I have a t3x in .222 and really like the feel of the tikkas generally hence why I got the hmr. unfortunately rain stopped play this morning but looking forward to using it on the rabbits. looks like I will be selling my cz 452 in hmr
  9. belly47

    Fox club

    Had a text yesterday evening from the owner of one of the permissions I shoot on, saying that she has had regular sightings of a fox over the last few days. went over there this evening and was calling for about an hour when this chap appeared from the bushes and sat staring at the caller and the PD200 decoy inviting me to shoot. sent a text to the landowner and she came out pleased as punch, so a job well done. 133 yards .222 50gr v max. In the second picture you can see where he was shot in relation to the caller and decoy
  10. belly47

    Fox club

    I've not been seeing much about lately, but managed to call this rather manky dog dog fox this evening. Was using the rabbit distress call on the gc500 and saw him trotting purposely along the hedge line, was surprised to see him continue past the caller but then I noticed a rabbit dash into the hedge, had to shout out to get him to stop and give me a shot. 95 yards, .222 50gr v max
  11. belly47

    Fox club

    I love it, it's my first centrefire so don't have much to compare it to, but it's very accurate and have no complaints at all. I am thinking of replacing my cz452 .17 hmr with the new tikka version
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