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  1. You can still get 452 Americans - I have just bought a new one. Trigger was a bit stiff & creepy, so I got Phillip Webster to work his magic. It's now grouping 8 shots in less than 1/2" at 50 yards with Winchester subs. Well chuffed.
  2. Had the same issue last year. My son who was 10 had a go at clays, but found all of the double barrelled 410 and 20 bores he tried to be too heavy. After much searching we settled on a Hatsan 20 bore semi with junior stock. Nice and light, not too much recoil and he gets on really well with it. First outing saw 2 pigeons for 3 shots. He is slightly built and by no means in the upper size class for his year. Having said that, a single barreled 410 would probably suit your situation better given that you also have a younger lad as well. The baikal with synthetic stock seems to be a popular choice. If you end up with a gun which is too heavy, they tend to have to strain and bend their body to hold the weight up, which is not the best way of teaching them a good technique. Hope this helps.
  3. My hypa flaps are brill. They have suffered quite a bit of abuse so far and are more robust that you would believe. On my 2nd set of rods as they do tend to wear. Excellent on bouncers or a rotary.
  4. Binoculars are a good idea for recon. Mine are an old 2nd hand cheapo pair. Nothing flash, just something that gives you a good close view on what's going on at a good distance.
  5. Was his name Barry Scott by any chance?
  6. Hi Westy, I don't think there is one single solution that works all the time. I have found that different set ups are required on different days and over my time, I have accumulated a number of solutions that I can choose from depending on the situation. 1. Rotary. Works brilliantly sometimes and I have found in my area that success ranges from completely mesmerising the pigeons pulling them in from a good distance to scaring the living bejesus out of them! I usually start off with hypaflaps which work well. I have tried dead pigeons on it, but have not noticed a huge difference between them and hypas. Positioning and decoy pattern also needs to be considered. 2. Flapper Excellent piece of kit, very realistic and helps draw them in. Doesn't tend to scare them off on a bad day. 3. Floaters I sometimes use the hypa flaps on these instead of rotary if I don't have dead birds. Putting these into the pattern, especially on a breezy day works well. I sometimes attach some string to one on a still day and give it a tug when a pigeon is showing an interest. 4. Full bodied decoys. When the leaves are down FB's are a great help when lofted in a sitty tree. If I was to prioritise what you obtain, I'd recommend floaters first (make your own out of cut sticks or scrap tent poles), flapper (AA turbo seems to be best) and then the rotary (can't remember what make mine is). If you are buying flappers or rotary, remember to buy a good high capacity battery and charger. However, after saying all of that, the best piece of equipment I've invested in is a pair of binoculars! Hope this helps.
  7. I always remove and clean. If the chokes are removable, I think it best to make sure they are in good condition to prevent any issues with removal. It always gets me in the habit of rechecking the chokes before shooting as well. I also take my choke key with me at all times and tend to check it a couple of times during the day just to be on the safe side.
  8. He is currently using 25g Eley no6 as they recommend running it in with loads no less than 25g
  9. Woohoo ! My pic has just been published in the December edition of Sporting Gun. I think it'll be going to school with him tomorrow!
  10. Bought a 20 bore for my son. Sweet little gun with a junior stock. Had about 50 25g 6s through it without an issue. Some features on it are better than my A300, plus the woodwork is superb.
  11. Just got back from 2 weeks away and all of the fields on my perm are very quiet. Heck of a lot of woodies in the hedgerows eating the late summer berries though. Busiest area is a small paddock boundaries by 2 roads with a regular stream of woodies going in. Impossible to shoot due to the vicinity of the roads though.
  12. Do have some camo, but I've found it is of no advantage over dull, drab clothing. Better to keep still and when the moment comes, move smoothly. Best thing I've found is getting your hide set up correctly to give enough cover whilst providing an unhindered field of fire.
  13. Was given some in the late 80s to shoot some rabbits. Can remember the huge flames, the loud explosion and enough soot in the barrels to warrant keeping a small Victorian boy to hand to clean out after each shot! I also seem to remember a friend of mine halving a rabbit as the shot had fused together. Happy days!
  14. Mine had a very small amount of play there too. I have regularly oiled it since getting it in May and its now a snug fit.
  15. Dual purpose, I think you've made the right choice.. Game carrier and family transport.
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