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  1. My syndicate shoot is well blessed with a good cross section of ages and genders As driven days were out - we threw the place open to the late teen / early twenty somethings to have walked up days - 2 at a time They come bird counting, logging and feeding with me and the syndicate all the time - they need encouragement and nurturing. We eat together , drink at the end of the day together. As a man in his early forties who has been shooting all his life i realise now patience is needed as they sometimes will be late, loud and mess about - but they are the future and i am pro
  2. Spooked wild ducks dont swim away - they burst away Thats the difference between wild and tame and why i would never shoot a tame one
  3. LLoyd We clear felled most of our woods The cover - regen - coppice after 2 years is incredible We had a record season in year 1 and are set to smash that this year - even with Covid We have gone from ana average of 50/60 to well over 120 The other wildlife that has come and continues to come is incredible regards
  4. We saw 5 yesterday but we dont shoot them on our syndicate now
  5. Not seen your pond obviously but does it have an island ? Ducks love the security and shelter one provides
  6. Probably have more fun than if we rented Sandringham - and thats what it is all about 20 ponds 7 miles of new hedge rows 11 acres of game / wild bird cover Traditional flower meadows Ancient English Woodland Enough said ?? If it was 100 quid an acre - Im still in Oh i forgot English Partridge Merlin Osprey Peregrine Barn owls Roe deer Snipe Woodcock Orchids A river Money very well spent
  7. Brilliant - ponds are awesome for wildlife I have made a few this last few years I dug one about a month or so ago - left it to fill and settle - went down this weekend and put over 70 duck off !! Well happy !!
  8. Very good What set up are you using please?
  9. Sounds great fun I would put a few feeders out - not too close to the boundaries to upset people. Not only will you have a few more birds about but the day will be even better as you see flocks of song birds throughout the day pal Some of our feeders are pulling droves of them in now Just managed to plant another 2000 trees/shrubs this weekend - and got 2000 more coming this week !
  10. As a newbie - keep it simple Beretta Browning Miroku Easy for bits and they seldom break and are easy cheap and can be done anywhere if they do
  11. This was mown in July ? Really surprised it has come back so strong as this Respectfully could you have mixed the plots up ?
  12. No real problems here thankfully
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