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  1. Yes we are getting a few down I clear felled a large area of conifers a year or two ago and the oaks have had unbelievable harvests the years after - the pigeon love them
  2. Chesterfield / Sheffield Never seen so many pigeons all my life as this year
  3. I think we have them all up here this year !
  4. jall25

    Head injuries

    Hi Scully There is lots and lots written about this impact on boxing
  5. My syndicate shoot is well blessed with a good cross section of ages and genders As driven days were out - we threw the place open to the late teen / early twenty somethings to have walked up days - 2 at a time They come bird counting, logging and feeding with me and the syndicate all the time - they need encouragement and nurturing. We eat together , drink at the end of the day together. As a man in his early forties who has been shooting all his life i realise now patience is needed as they sometimes will be late, loud and mess about - but they are the future and i am pro
  6. Spooked wild ducks dont swim away - they burst away Thats the difference between wild and tame and why i would never shoot a tame one
  7. LLoyd We clear felled most of our woods The cover - regen - coppice after 2 years is incredible We had a record season in year 1 and are set to smash that this year - even with Covid We have gone from ana average of 50/60 to well over 120 The other wildlife that has come and continues to come is incredible regards
  8. We saw 5 yesterday but we dont shoot them on our syndicate now
  9. Not seen your pond obviously but does it have an island ? Ducks love the security and shelter one provides
  10. Probably have more fun than if we rented Sandringham - and thats what it is all about 20 ponds 7 miles of new hedge rows 11 acres of game / wild bird cover Traditional flower meadows Ancient English Woodland Enough said ?? If it was 100 quid an acre - Im still in Oh i forgot English Partridge Merlin Osprey Peregrine Barn owls Roe deer Snipe Woodcock Orchids A river Money very well spent
  11. Brilliant - ponds are awesome for wildlife I have made a few this last few years I dug one about a month or so ago - left it to fill and settle - went down this weekend and put over 70 duck off !! Well happy !!
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