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  1. Same here Loads about - been trapping 10 /15 a week and shooting 5/10 every few days - but they just keep coming - same with crows Oddly very few rooks
  2. Good morning How many sets are there ?
  3. Morning Lloyd Pm me your number and i will send you a few
  4. Morning LLoyd The best thing i did on our shoot was create some little ponds and dykes The birds simply love them and the insects that come are great for everything I have made about 10 of varying sizes but 1 makes a huge difference !
  5. Indeed - your thread that you ruined with drivel Good day
  6. Are you for real Look at the picture of a goshawk - with wing damage - caused by a shotgun - really ?????
  7. An area know for raptor persecution Please explain
  8. If you are looking for a great handling auto - I would highly recommend a Benelli Mine is a black Eagle and is superb ! I have kept the Winchester to remind me of what shambolic customer service is as motivation - I am in retail - do try my best even with the hardest of customers ! Odd but true !
  9. I would never ever buy another winchester I have a FAC SX 3 I was stood with some chaps before a roost shooting foray and the swivel on the end of the gun - holding the sling - dropped out The gun spun round my arm and landed on the floor Thanks god it was not loaded - I am very very safety conscious ! I rand Winchester or their UK distributor who I found were rude at best They had no interest in a potential serious fault The chap on the phone would not even give his name as he said I would put it on Facebook !!! It may have been a one off - who knows- but the customer service I experienced was shameful.
  10. jall25


    Brilliant effort ! Focus again on the pig unit ?
  11. Steve Think what you are doing is great - growing all these trees BUT and sorry but there always seems to be a but Could you not just grow native species to help our wildlife?
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