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  1. Black grass - it takes the nitrogen from the soil and outcompetes the crop
  2. jall25

    Why ???

    I have never noticed this to be honest and use dead ones as decoys which they come to especially if used on the spinner
  3. Get a wild bird mix in You will get just as much joy watching the butterflies bees and then the little birds utilising it
  4. Must log them guys but just never seem too aaah ! 6-------- Monday Mod 12 Bore 4 ==========Tuesday 1 air gun on garden, 3 mod 12 bore 4 ----------Wednesday .410 mod TOTAL 14 2074
  5. A terrible day in the field is still better than sat in the house watching tv It threw it down here tonight so i went to the shoot to watch the water hitting the ponds and refreshing the game crops Some would say saddo but i love it !
  6. jall25


    I dont think it has to be that way
  7. jall25


    Yes I dont think its that they would disturb the birds though - its that they are worried about collisions Until recently the nests were simply destroyed or so i read in article. It may have been RAF Waddington or Wittering Up here the issue is cutting for silage - just as the birds get started the grass gets cut - they lay and its cut again - any that have managed to survive then face yet another cut. Not only the cutting but the absolute monoculture of grass - practices must change - or we will lose so much more.
  8. We should be careful what we wish for If this is so wrong then we are all doomed - simple
  9. If pigeons the odd one Other species seem to have had an amazing year up here
  10. I had one of these Amazing rifles - mine also held up when i had a squib and then loaded another not realising Proper gun
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