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  1. Get yourself a pair of the Sonic 2 earplugs. They cost about £12 (get them easy online) and I have had mine for 5+ years. They have a silicon insert in them which lets you hear normal conversation pretty well (and quacks, whistling wings etc) whilst cancelling out the shot. I never used to use them for flighting but do now after watching my dads lugs deteriorate. Not worth the risk.
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    From what I have experienced, the jack snipe also tend to fly much straighter on getting up and less erratic than the common snipe but when it jumps out at your feet in a flash of yellow, it is very hard to tell the difference!
  3. You have to laugh at that! Only just seen this post or I would have replied sooner before you bought one. Would have told you not to bother with it! I'm not sure if he was selling an older version of the gun but the new versions of the Bettinsoli are supposed to have better, tougher components than what they previously were made of. I bought a new Diamondline Deluxe about 7 years ago and in the first 3 years the sears went twice on them. Luckily while shooting clays. Only had a 1 year warranty on them then and they (RUAG the distributor) took it back free of charge after the warranty was expired for some time. Asked them to make sure the better components were put in them and have not had any problems since after a good few thousand cartridges. Happy with it now and so used to it that I can't get rid of it but if you were shooting with it during a game day or the like, and it failed, I would have been raging and probably wish I had gone with a 'more reliable' Berretta. I have no experience with Berrettas but I don't get any complaints from the folk I know who do have them. BTW I know 2 other guys who have had bettinsoli's and they went duff as well! Probably a good choice with the new gun! Chris
  4. I've been following PW for a couple of years mainly for the hints and tips and experiences of others. Only joined a little while ago to have a bit of an input as I do have a fair bit of experience (though not all successful. Can tell you a lot of things that definitely don't work!!). I see on other forums some guys just looking to offload stuff but that is not my agenda.
  5. Ach well. Shame that. The dogs we're trying to sell will be near grown up by then! I understand there are some folk out there that are a bunch of rip offs but you can't really get a dog without meeting the owner (although I'm sure some would try!). Nevermind. Thanks for the information.
  6. Hi all Wondering where the section is to sell 'other items' on here that are not guns. Brother has some Lab pups for sale so want to give them a bit of coverage. Also is there a minimum post barrier on here to cross before you can sell items like other forums? Thanks Chris
  7. 8 is maybe a bit light but saying that I used to use 28g of 7.5 (or whatever I had) when ferreting. Would use them to 35 yds + no bother and very little wounding. Fact of the matter is if you put it in the right place it will fall down. I use 32g 6 for everything now and it does the job no problem out to 40 yds. Enough shot and plenty of stopping power. U can use whatever you like but if it ain't in the right place it'll keep running! Sorry there's no out right answer but I wouldn't go much smaller than 6 to ensure a bit of confidence.
  8. Hi All Been on here a good few times now just visiting but never joined. After I couldn't see some pics in the DIY section I thought I should maybe just sign up! Anyway hope to be of some help on here to repay some of the information I have had from here in the past. Been shooting for over 15 years and active in most fieldsports to a fairly heavy extent so should be able to bring something to the table whether its wanted or not! Thanks Chris
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