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  1. Got a hose on the yard and an old sink in a frame lined up so happy days. Next step is to find an old drinks chiller to have as a larder and i think i'm away
  2. I've been lucky enough to be offered a block built loose box as a man cave and want to set up a basic game larder/food prep area along with various other man shed activities. Looking to get my hands on an aluminium prep table/chest freezer and have the basics tools to hand Has anyone got a ideas of useful items I ought to consider for my shopping list?
  3. Go to Philip Moss - it will outlast you: http://www.mossleather.com/
  4. Phone Rupert Blackwall - he will know as he is a Blaser dealer: http://www.rjblackwall.co.uk/
  5. I know a shoot at Thornton that may need beaters. Bit far on the bike, unless he's got a road bike. . . Looking to get to the clay shoot at drayton more often - it is good!
  6. Put the £100 a month into an isa and let the compound interest work for you. If you want to trade try a stocks and shares isa
  7. Stood knee deep in the water last Sunday for about 6 hours without waders near Toft. The water had receded a fair way with this dry weather so i could have done with waders to keep my shorts dry!
  8. Just found the Facebook page for silverstone shooting ground - cantvwaot for that to open! I had a preconception that you needed to be a rifle club member to access Bisley and go through range safety etc. Is that not the case and you can book a range if you take your FAC along?
  9. Can anyone recommend a range within driving distance of Oxford/Milton Keynes?
  10. Caught 3 rainbows, lost 2 on Llyn Ogwen in Snowdonia last week. Very chuffed as we were having to cast 90 degrees across the wind to get the line out. Glad I'd been practising my double haul and we even had the RAF doing fly by's low overhead. Cracking day. Where were you looking for sea trout Aled?
  11. Thats amazing - thanks for the info! I think i will get these printed out for the man cave I will post some photos of the gun tomorrow S
  12. Thats certainly a lot older than I anticipated. Its a hammerless boxlock and i'm certain its a made in Birmingham, finshed London version of a 'London Gun'. Where are you in Bucks Bruno? I've recently moved to WInslow so trying to get round to the clay grounds before the season starts. Do you know of any worthwhile shoots that are on this weekend in Bucks?
  13. Hi Chaps, Picked one of these up recently and have been struggling to find an age from the information on the serial numbers available online. I understand C & G didn't have much of a logical numbering systerm. Does anyone have a book that could confirm the age for me? Serial Number is: 25903 Thanks, Studley
  14. And there is is! The fore end seemed a bit too fragile and the front metal inlay is a little loose but some brute force shifted it. My first foray into owning anot English boxlock - can't wait to get out with it!
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