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  1. try different baits! Last one i had fell to frozen salmon. Wasn't interested in cat food or tuna. The one before (different location) liked trout. Also many people will tell you the bait needs to be fresh. The salmon was a week old before I caught the mink. I would use a live catch trap and not a snare in case there are otter there.
  2. I have been on the Rosguill, out of Malin Head. The skipper is Michael McVeigh. He was one of the first people to catch a bluefin (in UK) on rod and line, many many years ago and held the UK record for many years (may even still hold it?) He's a top bloke who has many good story's to tell! Although every other word is the F word! Literally!!
  3. I can highly recommend a Delongi. A bean to cup so you can use Aldi (cheap) or Coffee Pharmacies(not cheap) beans! Also no tree huggers on your case for the non-recyclable coffee pods.I have the magnifico which is about 6 yrs old and still going strong. Not sure what the equivalent model is now? Makes excellent coffee. Get one with the biggest (2ltr) water tank. Maybe see if they do a mains water fed one as you only get about 15 cups per fill.
  4. I caught a large black cat in the fox trap a few months ago! It was very angry and was snarling/growling. It was a moggy but a big one! I was thinking, at the time, if it was in the middle of a field with nothing around it to compare its size to, that it could have been confused for something much larger. I stood well behind the trap when i released it!
  5. OK. Thanks. You learn something new every day! Apparently Sunflowers can be annuals or perennials! The small late flowering ones (as per photo) are perennials. Maybe ours didn't grow because the deer took a likening to them?
  6. Did he not reseed it? Do sunflowers re-grow if cut? This looks like one of the two year crops we have, but the sunflowers did not grow in year two.
  7. Think this depends on what eggs they are, what temp they went to and for how long. How old are the eggs now? You could candle them (if old enough). This would give you an idea if they are still alive and developing. You won't go far wrong with a Brinsea
  8. Isn't that why we are keeping you on side?? 🤣😂
  9. Why will oil prices rise? All the tree huggers are reducing consumption! Look at heating oil, red diesel, aviation fuel prices now that the demand is low! Saudi have an infinite amount of oil, that is, in comparison, very cheap to extract. Its land based, shallow, a higher grade and labour is dirt cheap. It costs them about $10 a barrel to extract.
  10. North sea oil is one of the most expensive to extract. Its very deep in the middle of the sea. When Oil is $30-40 a barrel it is hardly worth pumping. Scotland costs Westminster approx £3000 per year for every man, woman and child there!
  11. But if the EU want fresh fish, where else would they get them from?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'll put a camera out and see.
  13. What do you think made this track? The track goes to the wood in the back ground and about 100m behind me into a cover crop? I can't find any foot prints on or near the track apart from the odd deer slot crossing it?
  14. The sloe gin mince tarts from Aldi are awesome!
  15. If its rented, shouldn't the landlord be dealing with the lino?
  16. Can i have 2nd,3rd and 4th pls? You have pm
  17. On slightly uneven wooden floor boards the norm is to put hardboard down. It would also act as a slight insulator. It is tacked to a wooden floor, so i would glue it to the concrete. Or you could always go the whole hog and put underfloor heating? I wouldn't put anything like the laminate floor underlay under lino as its compressible and when you put a chair lad or table leg on it, it would cut the lino. Hardboard joints can be filled or covered with a few layers of gaffe tape
  18. Not sure if you can get "The Blacklist"? Well worth watching
  19. Raja -Or give some examples?
  20. Can you explain how please?
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