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  1. As with Westley I’ve had two stocks made adjustable by Simon Wilmore at Doveridge. Reasonably priced and quick turnaround both times.
  2. Lovely ground and fishing lakes and good hospitality and Simon Hadfield is a top chap.
  3. Sian

    Essex 2019

    Always Friday for us
  4. We used to get a couple of police that dropped by our streets knocking on doors asking us what we were most concerned about. My concern was the drug dealers who had no worries openly selling drugs from their cars using our road as a place to,do their business. I had rung police several times in the past telling them if they came now they would catch them. Not interested. Anyhow the ones that came asking our concerns told me to next time tell the police operator I saw a gun!! That would bring them quick enough.
  5. I used my Visa debit card to pay for a car service and Sainsbury’s today. ??
  6. Sian

    My wife!

    Been tempted I can tell you ?
  7. I missed the beginning as was out shooting but caught most of it. I am not overly keen usually on watching such events but I have to say I really enjoyed it, she looked so beautiful in a very understated way and the service was more interesting. The music and singing were superb and my favourite hymns to boot. I truly hope they live a very happy life together. I am glad we have had some distraction from other less pleasant events.
  8. Sian

    Photo ID Rant

    Why not it’s got your photo, your signature and other details. It’s more likely they just have a list of more common ID to follow.
  9. Sian

    Photo ID Rant

    Ridiculous that a bank wouldn’t use it, it’s a recognised important form of ID to get a Diclosure (CRB)
  10. Sian

    Yanny or laurel?

    Laurel on car radio
  11. I use plastic ones lots of them for a few years now and they are fine.
  12. Sian

    Are you British

    I have been known when asked where I come from when abroad to state United Kingdom of Great Britain ?? ?. I was born in Westminster within London as were my parents and grandparents but Directly after birth was taken back to Malta where my parents had been living for a few years. At 4 yrs we moved to Wales where my parents still live so in truth Wales is my home and if I had to choose, Wales would be my country and my emotional connection is there rather than England.
  13. Sian

    Are you British

    I consider myself British.
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