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  1. Still have mine albeit in 4 pieces
  2. If what is alleged is found to be true regardless of the colour of the victims or the officers, making excuses for them such as they are probably young, new to the force, never had a job before the force is not on even when you are saying they should be punished of course. What is seriously worrying to me is that we seem to now be taking any old Tom, **** and Harry into What should be a respected profession. It should be damn hard to get into the police and it isn’t. Wembley is one of those areas where there isn’t much trust between ethnic minorities or actually white people for th
  3. Did you do anything out of the ordinary to get your BA money back because I’m still waiting for a response to a complaint at being ignored for a refund on a flight cancelled over the Easter weekend..
  4. I respect the police albeit with a bit of caution. My brother in law was CID and before that uniformed all his working life, a few stories there I can tell you. Perhaps the problem is I’ve experienced too many incidents in my own life to just roll over. And anyone that wants to say “if you’ve got nothing to hide.....” simply hasn’t had those experiences and that’s fine but don’t be naive.
  5. I’m not anti police and I believe they still have to have a reasonable justification for requesting your details.
  6. Sorry I’m white, middle aged female I’d want to know why they want my details. They’d certainly need to give me a bit more than I look suspicious!
  7. Sian

    tison furey

    I’ll celebrate anyone who makes progress with their mental health but I find it difficult to like him.
  8. Yes you have a point but they also often consider they are doing others a favour. I don’t think it can really be seen in black and white terms.
  9. Not when you’ve convinced yourself that those you love are better off without you. There is no rational thinking when you’ve got yourself to that point. It is absolutely heartbreaking for those left behind I agree but maybe if they had one moment in the mind of that individual and felt as they did it would be easier to understand. Just my opinion
  10. If it is Steve Lovett restarting his competitions at Oakedge which I’m sure I read somewhere then it will be registered and testing.
  11. As with Westley I’ve had two stocks made adjustable by Simon Wilmore at Doveridge. Reasonably priced and quick turnaround both times.
  12. Lovely ground and fishing lakes and good hospitality and Simon Hadfield is a top chap.
  13. Always Friday for us
  14. We used to get a couple of police that dropped by our streets knocking on doors asking us what we were most concerned about. My concern was the drug dealers who had no worries openly selling drugs from their cars using our road as a place to,do their business. I had rung police several times in the past telling them if they came now they would catch them. Not interested. Anyhow the ones that came asking our concerns told me to next time tell the police operator I saw a gun!! That would bring them quick enough.
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