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  1. Nite Site Viper R-tec £160 Excellent condition and dose everything it should apart from record picture picks up sound but no picture hence price Collection only from Leeds so who ever buys it is happy before paying
  2. No problem I am amazed you found one better for the price
  3. Sako Quad .17hmr Sak mod tele sight £350
  4. Its a shame you haven't got a firearm slot as i have a minter fx 2000 for £250
  5. Available to any one interested as no reply to post ?
  6. I have two as new 1/2 and full £32 posted
  7. Hi Dave i used one of them stepped brass choke gauges
  8. Beretta mobil chokes one standard flush fit cylinder the other is an extended ported I can't find no markings but it gauged at modified ( 1/2 ) and looks like its made of stainless steel. £28 the pair posted
  9. Interested in both pinewood rotaries how much with postage Regards Saracen32
  10. Brand new in tube £20 posted Sorry just noticed its just CL and not ICL
  11. No but they came with it must be an Italian thing !!
  12. Near mint condition 26" Beretta 687 2 Deep embossed engraving multi choke 6 mm rib auto safe game gun, Very nice straight stock cased with every thing that came with it when new. A very fast light weight gun £1,250
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