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  1. Great gun. If it was a lefty, I'd be all over it. Have a bump from me.
  2. I've reduced this to £325 on Gunwatch, but it's not come through on here
  3. This is my air pistol. Not sure why it doesn't say that. It's making way for another purchase, as I simply don't use it. Any questions, please just let me know!
  4. Update on this, as someone asked me about barrel measurements. It's still within its original nitro proof (1904-1925), with 4 thou of wear. I haven't got minimum wall thicknesses, but given the above, they'll be fine. Chambers are 2.5" and chokes read as 1/4 and 3/4 according to my gauge. No pitting or marking inside the barrels.
  5. You're quite right - the Damascus pattern comes from the different rods of iron used to create the barrels. Depending on how many rods and twists, you get a finer or simpler pattern. The browning is a controlled rusting, that brings out the differences in the metal nicely. Hard to replicate - easier to find a nice Damascus barreled gun! When you consider the cost of an old gun, vs the workmanship, they're a real bargain. And so is the hammer gun above of course... :-)
  6. This is my gun for sale. Now reduced to £400 on Gunwatch, but hasn't reflected on Pigeon Watch.
  7. I've been a customer of Cheshire Gun Room for a few year - since moving to the area. Until recently, I would've rated their work as very good. Had an excellent tuning job on a Remington trigger, a bit of a refurb on an old rook rifle 410, servicing on several guns and so on. All was done to a great standard, generally slightly later than promised , but nothing to complain about. Something must've changed with their gunsmiths though. Dropping off two guns, one for a stock alteration, and one with an ejector issue, I was told they'd be ready in two weeks. Having heard nothing 10 weeks later, and been fobbed off on the phone, I dropped in to see what the status was. I was pleasantly surprised to find both were done. Stock job was fine, and no charge for the ejector job "because we serviced it last time". Only when I got home did I find out why there was no charge - not only was the issue unresolved, but it looks like an amateur went to work on it - odd bit of filing, smothered in grease, certainly worse than the I dropped it off. Very disappointed - both with the customer service, the outright lie that it was fixed, and the shoddy job that will no-doubt cost me to have fixed at a gunsmith I trust. They've lost a customer. And I'll be making sure I warn off my shooting pals and fellow syndicate members.
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