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    1 x Huglu 12 bore o/u ejector shotgun
    1 x AYA 12 bore s/s shotgun
    1 x BSA 12 bore single ejector shotgun
    1 x RUSSIAN 12 bore single shotgun
    1 x 16 bore French s/s shotgun
    1 x 10 bore single muzzel loading percussion cap shotgun
    1 x Italian 410 folding single shotgun with moderator

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  1. Is this rifle in 1st focal plane or 2nd?
  2. Where about's are you as if close to me I might be interested as I am not sure how safe it would be to post with out the box for protection. Regards John
  3. johnlewis

    Powder scale

    You have PM
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    Reloading Scales

  5. johnlewis

    lots of leather shooting goods

    Bolt cases arrived safe and sound once again many thanks to your good wife Mel.
  6. johnlewis

    Half or Whole Organic Lamb meat box

    Sent you PM
  7. johnlewis

    Sky watch explorer2

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    Leupold MK 4

    Nice scope I have one on my .308 very clear optics.
  9. johnlewis

    Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit

    Arrived Saturday highly recommend this seller.
  10. johnlewis

    Lyman Ultimate Case Prep Kit

    Is this still on offer? As I am interested and how would you like payment. PM if you wish. Regards John
  11. johnlewis

    Versa pod

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    CLear out loads of good stuff

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    Harkila Sporting Estate boots

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