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    1 x Huglu 12 bore o/u ejector shotgun
    1 x AYA 12 bore s/s shotgun
    1 x BSA 12 bore single ejector shotgun
    1 x RUSSIAN 12 bore single shotgun
    1 x 16 bore French s/s shotgun
    1 x 10 bore single muzzel loading percussion cap shotgun
    1 x Italian 410 folding single shotgun with moderator

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  1. What cal is the reloading blocks? As I might be interested. Regards John
  2. All arrived safe and sound 1st class service many thanks.
  3. You have a PM. I will take these.
  4. Hi I'm interested in this set(with block) so what I would like to know who you bank with (if branch in my town not a problem)as my bank is still on odd hours. PM me the answer if you wish. Regards John
  5. Price? If free I'll take it.
  6. All arrived safe and sound top man
  7. If you on south coast of Hampshire I would be interested
  8. Good deal I have one and wouldn't be with out one now
  9. I will have this please message me payment details Regards John
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