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  1. The farmers where I shoot let me use my two labs as they tell me its better to have me shooting for a couple of days and hunting them away and the damage the dogs do compared to a field of pigeons for weeks is nothing.
  2. Download a free app called Say Hi .Set it for any language you want speak into it and will answer in Italian and write it in Italian for you as well.
  3. Spec savers moulded ear plugs, they do them especially for shooting and other sports. Range of colours and you can hear normal conversation. I've had a pair for 4yrs now and they're excellent. I bought mine for £90 I believe they are now around £120
  4. He wouldn't bin Fillet steak and Pigeon breast to me is Fillet steak!!
  5. It doesn't really work like that on my shoot. There are 5 standing guns on every drive, and I place the Guest on what I think will be the best stand for every drive so he has a high chance of a very good day. There are big gaps on each drive so that birds can escape and not get shot at, also I have a limit of around 80/90 birds a day. I shoot my two main drives first so that each team will have plenty of shooting. After that if I have the number I require we drive the outside bits where only a few birds are shot or flushed and whatever comes first the end of the day leaving the birds plenty of time to go to roost or near the tally I want I stop the shoot. By limiting the number of birds shot to what you put down will mean you still have plenty of birds left coming into late January when I think they are at their best. Anyhow you said it yourself the beating speed doesn't make any difference to the bird speed, but it makes a big difference to the amount of birds flushed as you said far too fast and they all get up at once. After 42yrs of running driven Pheasant shoots I've never seen 500 birds in the air at once and regardless of what you shot it still must have been a Fantastic sight!
  6. Its the done thing on our shoot for the shooters and guests to bring a bottle and put it on the table for guns and beaters at the end of the day. Guest turns up and says, You wont believe it I came away and forgot the bottle of whisky and left it on the kitchen table. I said you never forgot your Gun! The Guest on the first drive shoots 16 Pheasants and misses a few at the end of the drive he says to me. I expected to shoot more than 16 on one of your main drives and the reason for that is, You are not presenting the birds correctly and the beaters are pushing to slow. Much of the same on every drive. This was two seasons ago I met him this year in B&Q and he said I was expecting an invite this season but didn't get one, (Oh Really)
  7. I work for Apache offshore that's where I am just now. I have never met him but some of the guys I'm working with know him and its all good. The Dark Storm cartridges might be worth buying as well. I have my own driven pheasant shoot and I shoot nothing but game, pigeons and a lot of inland Canada's. I shoot the game with my O/U and the rest with semi-autos. It depends how much shooting in a day you will do with a light gun. Too light and you get into the recoil v cartridge combination and when you drop down to a lighter cartridge then you start loosing the pattern over a certain distance. I use a 32g No 6 cartridge for game shooting and pigeons or crows. Eley VIP is my first choice followed by Black Gold. The SP 3 28" Barrels 7lb 4/6oz will be perfect as it wont feel heavy at all and you can walk around all day rough shooting and it will fire heavier cartridges as well so it would be a very good choice for game shooting. They also hold their price very well, mechanically sound and after sales is excellent it would be a worthwhile choice.
  8. He doesn't work for Apache does he ? I have a SP3 30" Sporter and its an excellent gun, I don't shoot it my son does and he's never had a problem with it and the wood is normally very good looking. I don't know how light a gun you want for game, The one I have is 7lb 12oz and 28" range from 7lb 4oz to 7.8oz. I don't shoot clays only game and my Browning is 7lb 12oz and its not a problem carrying it around all day and I'm 62. I personally would go for the 12bore and start at a thousand. As for the 20bore I've always said! " What ever a 20 bore can do a 12 bore can do better!
  9. I've a Browning sporter 425g6,Multi,30",ST. I bought it 6mths second-hand after it came out and its never let me down. As for the length of barrels I don't shoot clays only game and vermin and I like the swing of the 30" maybe you need longer for clays I don't know. As for the 525/725 I've shot both guns and I think the 725 shoots better. As for looks, as above I don't like the chequering and definitely don't like the fore end. Whatever fits you or shoots better I would go for that one or if you can live with the looks of the 725 that would be the one for me.
  10. Had apple for 5yrs now, Phones Desktop, Laptop, I use Microsoft at work for 12hrs a day 7dys a week like I'm doing now for a month at a time and I cant wait to get back to Apple. Give yourself enough time and you will never go back, also Apple will train you on their equipment for free if you buy it from an Apple store, or they do where I stay. You can always ask Siri if your stuck!
  11. My local dealer 3" Magnum 50g £750 per Thousand 3.5 Magnum 66g £1050 32g No 6 for pigeons £225 The above is plus carriage if you want them delivered Just Cartridges 3" Magnum Fiocchi £459 / RC £441 3.5 Magnum Fiocchi 63g £647 32g No 6 Fiocchi Sporting Pigeon £203 Eley £217 I'm over an hour away so for me its a no brainer. I've used JC a lot over the years and I've never had a problem, they also have a vast range of cartridges that I cant get locally. Also fast delivery and booking is easy. I suppose you will get them cheaper than JC depending on where you stay and if you pick them up even better.
  12. Does anybody know the best way to do a whole suckling pig. I was also told you can buy a pot to do it in the oven?
  13. Three of us in the family shoot and we all use 12 bores Beretta, Browning O/Us and semi autos Beretta, Browning and Benelli. I have a Browning 425g6 which I bought second-hand after they just came out and none of these guns have let us down yet. As for yourself for £1500 per gun I would buy a second-hand O/U from Beretta,Browning,Miroku.Winchester or any of the top brand names You will get a really good quality gun and it will hold its price. As for your better half as I said there are lightweight O/Us on the market and you will be using the same cartridges. Don't buy a cheap new or second-hand gun and then a year later come back and buy the gun you should have bought in the first place. Next step is to get the gun fitted to yourself very important. Next step is to spend what money you have left if any? on a Good instructor and take regular lessons to get your basic technique solid and not develop any bad habits. As with any sport if your basic technique is not good you will only go sofar! PS- What ever a twenty bore can do a 12 bore can do better!
  14. I would drill a hole in either side and glue in a Dowel rod or Steel rod to give it strength. I like to use fast Araldite for the glue and clamp it together and leave for 24hrs. I'm not up on glues and there could be a lot better out there especially for stone. I would price a new one first incase the glue is more expensive.
  15. If its weight your bothered about there are light weight 12bores on the market and the advantages are you would be using the same cartridges and could be a spare gun if its just a matter of changing a pad or two.
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