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  1. Does anyone know what Natural England are doing to prevent this from happening again in regards to non avian pests such as rats, squirrels, fox, rabbits etc?
  2. I completely agree that no model of gun is fully faultless but in general you get what you pay for..... but a warranty should cover all of the time period guaranteed regardless of price thus purchasing an older so called better quality gun second hand for the price of a new gun with many years guarantee could be questionable so long as the gun fits and works for you.
  3. I have a Franchi Affinity and have yet to here a bad thing about them. I have heard of a few issues with Hatsan and Armsans but at a lower price I would expect more issues, however new they all come with a warranty which is your guarantee to either get your gun working as it should or your money back. I know cheaper new guns depreciate more but I bought my Franchi on the basis that it is guaranteed to work without issue for 7 years regardless of how many cartridges put through it, now I know I could have bought a "quality" gun for similar money or less but will it work for 7 years without me having to put more money into it? Regardless of what you pay for what just make sure it fits and works for you, as to barrel length I went for a 30" as I found the extra length kept me swinging as I did with my 27" barrelled O/U. Oh and yes I do have to put my gun in the cabinet at an angle to make it fit.😞
  4. Looking at the box in the picture "Davey and Son" for £7.95.
  5. I've never wanted more gun for my money with the Affinity, never had an issue and it cycles 67mm cartridges. Yes it doesn't look too exciting being plastic and black but it does what it says on the box faultlessly.
  6. Price drop to £450 and willing to travel upto 50 miles to meet.
  7. Price is now £475 as now shown on Gunwatch
  8. Dasher


    The youth model I bought just before Christmas has ejectors which was a surprise for £495.
  9. Dasher


    Better to be too low than too high unless your handy with a rasp!
  10. Dasher


    Be sure to try the triggers on Kofs as they have a reputation for being very heavy and not easy to adjust. I looked at buying one in 28 bore/youth stocked for my vertically challenged wife but after trying the trigger I very quickly changed my mind and bought a Yildiz instead. Out of interest the comb height of the Kofs is higher than the Yildiz, and my wife's youth 28 Yildiz as weighed just now is 5lb 10oz.
  11. Yes so long as barrels are 24" minimum and it doesn't have a detachable magazine nor have the capability of holding any more than 2 shots in the magazine and 1 in the chamber.
  12. Dasher

    28 bore

    And now even cheaper as they have dropped the price to match Kofs circa £495.
  13. Dasher


    Just out of interest I have just gone through the process of choosing either the Kofs or Yildiz in 28b youth configurations. I had my wife handle both and whilst there was little between them we found the comb height of the Kofs to be better for her. So off to the local gun shop we went with funds to buy the Kofs, once there we received some excellent help and advice from one of the staff who told us that Yildiz have dropped their prices to match Kofs (£495), so I decided again to get my wife to try both but this time to try the triggers with snap caps. Well the Kofs trigger was so heavy I could see the barrels being pulled to the right before the sears released, the Yildiz was a massive improvement and that made the decision for me. Yes I know I need to raise the comb height by about 10mm but that's easy and cheap, but to try and sort a heavy trigger pull with no guarantees. Oh and the Kofs is 1 year warranty whilst the Yildiz is 2 years. A big thankyou to Greenfields Gun Shop in Salisbury for their help as ever.
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