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  1. They're good at shaking loose your fillings and building up your biceps.
  2. Still up for sale. Price dropped now to £450.
  3. What ever you do please promise to post up some pictures of the patterns that these shell produce at 25yards with a 3" circle drawn in the middle of it.
  4. What are you going to use these loads for? If your shooting game and vermin then I don't understand what you are trying to achieve really, you need pattern to achieve consistant kills not bigger pellets. I would hazard a guess that you couldn't hit a milk carton at 20m 3 times out of 3 with just 5 pellets, but I bet I could hit it 20 times out of 20 with 14grams of #7 shot. Regardless of choke, patterns that kill from a .410 require small shot. 19grams of #6 (a heavy 3" load) shot through the best choke to acheive the densist patterns would struggle to make suitable patterns much bey
  5. Smoked mature cheddar over the Pro-Q is ridiculously easy (no messing just put on a grill over the smoker, nothing else) and soooooo.. tasty! I'll often put the Sunday beef joint on the smoker over night along with the potatoes before roasting the next day as well. 👍
  6. Where do you live ? Dohh! Ignore me I've just read the title. 🙈
  7. "Go Brass" is only any good if you have an FAC with the correct primer access, this this true for Magtech brass as well. Circle Fly are a great source for over sized cards and wads if loading brass.
  8. Separate components are fine but combine them in to usable cartridges and a Section 1 is required.
  9. CZ shoot as straight and reliable as anything else, it now just depends on how much you wish to pay for the frock in which to dress it!
  10. The Kofs and Yildiz when my wife tried them had different cheek heights, she found the Yildiz better along with the trigger pull if that helps.
  11. Don't do it!!!!! You'll regret selling it, one of the best proper looking guns made and so easy to maintain.
  12. Dasher

    Cheap pcp

    Define cheap, are you looking for "cheap" new or second hand?
  13. COUNTRY SQUIRE MAGAZINE Home Opinion Politics Interviews Reviews Art About CSM Writers Contact SEARCH INVESTIGATION Heat Turns Up on Chris Packham BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Back in March Chris Packham used his privileged status as a BBC presenter to promote his girlfriend’s charity and zoo, the Wildheart Trust, across social media. Nepotistic
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