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  1. Dasher

    28 bore

    And now even cheaper as they have dropped the price to match Kofs circa £495.
  2. Dasher


    Just out of interest I have just gone through the process of choosing either the Kofs or Yildiz in 28b youth configurations. I had my wife handle both and whilst there was little between them we found the comb height of the Kofs to be better for her. So off to the local gun shop we went with funds to buy the Kofs, once there we received some excellent help and advice from one of the staff who told us that Yildiz have dropped their prices to match Kofs (£495), so I decided again to get my wife to try both but this time to try the triggers with snap caps. Well the Kofs trigger was so heavy I could see the barrels being pulled to the right before the sears released, the Yildiz was a massive improvement and that made the decision for me. Yes I know I need to raise the comb height by about 10mm but that's easy and cheap, but to try and sort a heavy trigger pull with no guarantees. Oh and the Kofs is 1 year warranty whilst the Yildiz is 2 years. A big thankyou to Greenfields Gun Shop in Salisbury for their help as ever.
  3. Dasher

    MTC Viper Connect 3-12 x 32 scope with mounts.

    Price would help.
  4. Dasher

    Cheep .22 fac springer or help wanted

    I see no reason why you can't put your HW77 as FAC, its just not easy (or indeed possible depending on which Firearms department you talk to) to have it legally removed from FAC status. I think an HW77 would make a fine FAC gun at modest powers using light pellets Don't ever think a springer/gas ram can be as accurate as a PCP at much higher than 20ft/lb, the recoil and trigger pull will put pay to that!
  5. Dasher

    Short Stocked 28 bore OU Wanted

    Unfortunately hardly local for me! I'd like to see before I buy and by the time RFD fees are involved the prices are above my budget.
  6. Dasher

    Short Stocked 28 bore OU Wanted

    That's the sort of thing I was looking for but just can't find one locally. My wife and son are getting impatient wanting to try clay shooting with me but as they are both tiny it's not easy to find a gun that fits.
  7. Dasher

    Short Stocked 28 bore OU Wanted

    Wanted...… Short stocked (13.5" or less) 28 bore OU, multi choke preferable. Not interested in Investarms. Budget of £400 Within 70 miles of Southampton. Thanks for looking.
  8. Dasher

    Varnishing over epoxy

    Just the sort of answer I needed, many thanks!!
  9. I've acquired some old oak 4x2" rails that are probably nearly 60 years old that I plan on turning into a coffee table, the outer 3-5mm is rough but the inner timber is sound enough. A friend has machined them down for me with the instruction of not over working them so as to leave some features such as cracks, colour variations and knot pot marks etc. I was thinking of wiping black epoxy over the finished surface to infill and highlight the structural defects, sanding and then varnishing the finished surface with a yacht varnish, will the varnish take to the epoxy?
  10. Dasher

    Need a bit of help.

    Alder. Don't bother cutting it unless your going to stump treat the cut stems as it just multiplies the number of stems next year!! Stump treat with glysophate (Round Up) mixed with 4 parts of water, you will see within minutes the stump turn yellowish instead of orange once treated if done within a minute or so of cutting. Cattle and ponies wont eat the stuff but a goat might!!
  11. Dasher

    .410 magtech case primers?

    I've drilled out Magtech's before to accept 209's but can't remember the drill size required. Once the primer pocket is drilled you will need a large drill approx. 1/2" to create a shallow recess to accommodate the primer skirt ensuring that the primer sits flush to the case base. I gave up using them as I found that the 209 primers were either tight to seat in the case, thus making you cringe as you use more force than I was comfortable doing too drive them home, or too loose making the use of nail varnish to seal them in place necessary. The problem is that in an ordinary plastic case the primer is held by a far more flexible plastic pocket rather than a pure metal to metal frictional contact as in Magtech cases. Don't forget you will need oversized wads and cards for these cases.
  12. Dasher

    Beretta '00' Choke?

    Thanks for the help, I was worried it was only going to be cylinder.
  13. Dasher

    Beretta '00' Choke?

    Alas no photos, only a description.
  14. Dasher

    Beretta '00' Choke?

    Just seen a Beretta 301 with a fixed '00' choke, what is a '00' choke?
  15. Dasher

    Shooting fleece

    Size would help.