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  1. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a basic (OK ..... cheap) 20 gauge pump. Does anyone have experience or views on the Hatsan Fieldhunter? I've had Mossbergs in the past and am looking for something a bit different for some pigeon shooting.
  2. Car now sold - thanks for looking
  3. X-TRAIL for sale in Norwich. £5000. Great condition, towbar and roof bars, but sadly no gun mounts fitted currently. Full details at https://en-gb.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1379960389040562 Paul
  4. I'm looking for a junior stock to fit a Hatsan 20g to get my grandson into shooting. Please let me know if you have one or know of anywhere that I could get one. Thanks!
  5. As above - 20 gauge wanted, ideally Browning BPS or Benelli Nova, but anything interesting and good condition considered. Please PM with details, thanks.
  6. Thanks Vulpinehunter and Figgy. There is often confusion between smoothbore and rifled adapters, smoothbore have no restrictions but I appreciate the caution. Where I live getting an adapter made with suitable quality would probably cost more that a mass-produced item so not a viable option (unless of course a skilled PW member has the ability to make one, if so please let me know!).
  7. Thanks for the reply Mossy835. I may get back to you on that, but ideally would like .410 if at all possible.
  8. I have one of these and it is a superb rifle. Great for target shooting and foxing if you don't need to carry it a long way.
  9. Yep, but noisier and less fun. If I had spare room in my gun cabinet I'd get a .410 for old times sake, but it's not an option... hence search for an adapter.
  10. Anyone have a 20ga to .410 adapter surplus to requirements? Would prefer a Lil Skeeter but anything is of interest to help me deal with a squirrel problem. Thanks, Paul
  11. I have one of these on a Browning Maxus 3.5 inch. It works really well with 28gm subs (homeloads) and standard 28gm fibre wads (Fiocchi) so as recommended above I would try some different cartridges. I find this moderator really good when shooting pigeons near to built-up areas and much better to handle than my previous silenced Mossberg which was too "barrel heavy"
  12. They're around £200 and very effective. I have one on a Browning Maxus and being able to use my regular gun is a good option rather than having a separate silenced shotgun for occasional use. Compared to my earlier Hushpower pump it's as quiet but much lighter and easier to handle, and of course leaves more cabinet space available.
  13. Thanks Jimbo, but I've got a full range of decent scopes and don't need any more (until I buy more rifles of course )
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