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  1. PaulN

    Hushpower 12g Screw on Silencer

    They're around £200 and very effective. I have one on a Browning Maxus and being able to use my regular gun is a good option rather than having a separate silenced shotgun for occasional use. Compared to my earlier Hushpower pump it's as quiet but much lighter and easier to handle, and of course leaves more cabinet space available.
  2. PaulN

    Beretta AL391 20 gauge

    Thanks Jimbo, but I've got a full range of decent scopes and don't need any more (until I buy more rifles of course )
  3. JDog

    I am interested in the Beretta 20 bore. If i can make it i will be heading to Norfolk next week and would like to have a look unless you have sold it previously.

    1. PaulN

      Mossberg 535

      Great wildfowling gun. Reliable, easy to clean and cycles anything.
    2. PaulN

      12g or 20g hushpower mossberg 500

      My 20G cycles anything - the 12G doesn't, but best results come from using a 70mm case. I load 24gm to 32gm, high and low velocity (subsonic), plastic and fibre wad and lead or steel shot ... very versatile. Any shell will fire because you're not depending on recoil to work the action, but shorter (65mm) cases can sometimes cause minor loading issues when "pumping" quickly to get that last escaping pigeon.
    3. PaulN

      12g or 20g hushpower mossberg 500

      I've used a Hushpower 20G Mossberg 500 for pigeons and it is extremely effective (latest outing this morning) and the three shot capability is very useful. Like any pump it takes a little getting used to, but is easy to clean, reliable and cycles any ammunition. I also have 12G, but 20G is my favourite, For "general" game shooting or clays you can change to a standard barrel in seconds.
    4. PaulN

      .410 or 20g Hushpower

      Hi - and a Happy New Year. I've got a Hushpower Mossberg 500 in 20g - superb all round reliable gun and you can use a wide variety of cheap ammunition. It sounds reasonably loud when fired but friends quite close to me say that they haven't heard me out shooting so it must be reasonably effective. For roost shooting it doesn't scare the pigeons away so does exactly what I need it to. I also picked up a spare standard barrel which is really useful for general shooting when you don't need the moderator.
    5. I went to the newly opened Whitewater Shooting clay range at Blyth yesterday having driven past the sign for the last few months on my way up the A1. See http://www.whitewatershooting.com/ for details. As a weekday shooter (or maybe weak, day-shooter) I often look for places for occasional practice or a shoot with friends and found this to be a really good option. It's new, so although clean and well set out does need a bit of time to "settle in" and for the grass to grow but has some good facilities, competitive pricing, friendly staff and a really good clubhouse so all in all well recommended. I used the sporting set up, but there's also compact sporting and skeet, all with Claymate so ideal for the itinerant shooter.
    6. I'm looking for a chronometer (Chrony F1 or similar) to test some 20g and 12g standard and subsonic shotshell loads. Please pm me if you have one surplus to requirements - thanks.
    7. PaulN

      Ebay Reclaimed Shot

      I've had two batches. Both clean, graphited and excellent value for reloading. Good service and recommended if you're near Doncaster.
    8. PaulN

      Timewaster of the year

      I've bought a few things from other PW members with no problem, but the good thing in each case (and much better than buying from a certain online auction site) has been the opportunity to pick up hints and tips from like-minded enthusiasts. As someone who hates shopping this does make it more of a social occasion Merry Christmas to you all, and happy PW shopping.
    9. PaulN

      20G Progressive Reloader wanted

      Sorry to hijack the reloading thread, but if you're like me you don't always scan the "wanted" section Anyone got a progressive 20G press for sale? Thanks.
    10. PaulN

      20guage to 12 guage

      I shoot both 20 and 12 gauge - usually 28gm for both which works well for clays and pigeons. You could try using a recoil reducing pad in a skeet vest (works for me when using high velocity, high load cartridges) and then stick with the gun that you're used to. In reality as has been said there seems to be no particular advantage regarding effectiveness in moving to a 12 gauge other than cheaper cartridges, and to counter this I'd recommend getting an interesting "sub hobby" of reloading yourself which dramatically reduces costs overall. Roughshooter, Sitsinhedges, Cookoff and others on this forum are incredibly helpful if you take this option. Good luck!
    11. PaulN

      Shotgun gauge adapter

      Thanks, but think I'm now sorted with a set from Geordieh. Paul