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    pigeon shooting,rough shooting,fishing,football mad,& generally all sports.<br>oh & my kids all 3 of them.<br>And snoop my gsp
  1. I have used them for years and love them, mine have become very old and tatty. I want to replace them with some NEW ones but it seems UKSHOOTWAREHOUSE no longer stocks the standard head up/ head down ones on there site. Anyone know why? Regards Turk
  2. I guess no one sells these items anymore.
  3. Hi all, I once bought some timers and spped controllers of someone on here but can not remember who. Is anyone selling both the above. Let me know please Kind Regards Turk
  4. Nice 1 Nick & Stealth, good to see your getting at them. Lovely dogs too. Turk
  5. Cranners Not so much as DIY but I use a fishing pole that I had from years ago! Can be picked up at boot sales for under a score and that's a decent/adequate length too. ATB Turk
  6. I'm with both the posts above, Really good to see a couple of youngsters enjoying the sport, making cracking vids and not bad shooting either! Well done lads, keep em coming! Turk101
  7. Hi all have'nt been on here for a while, but the time has come.... I am now here selling a German Shorthaired Pointer(Black & White. The sale aint for me it's my brothers dog and the intention was he was taking the dog to Cyprus with him, which was meant to be NOW, Unfortunately circumstances have changed and he is no longer emigrating. This has forced this sale as he will have to move somewhere else soon. Anyway lets get back to the dog, He is 7 months old full pedigree, has all papers and docking certs. Fully vacinated to date and is 100% not gun shy. The dog will need a fair amount of
  8. Good shooting boys, you must have had a blast the pair of you. probably taking the P**s out of each other. Turk101
  9. Quality shooting m8, and it's defo nice when it comes together..... well done. Turk101
  10. Great shootin m8, Just my opinion but even if u was doing it for sport it's still CROP PROTECTION and the farmer would be well chuffed. As I said just my opinion, just think too much is made of all the PC in this country. Turk101
  11. Good find Bleeh, Amazing footage, I love these type of wildlife programmes. Turk
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