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  1. I tried to buy the Dunlop Terrior wellies in September and (luckily) the shop had missing stock so couldn't complete the order, I went for the Aigle Iso neoprenes and they are amazing. Really comfortable and pretty warm, only had them for a few months but they feel much better made than my previous Le Chems which lasted five years. Like wearing high end trainers comfort wise. They were only £100 on Amazon too but have now shot up again, Decathlon only do the dark green colour rather than the lighter teal green too. I still fancy some Dunlops for summer maybe but wont ever buy Seeland again after two pairs went in a matter of weeks, John Norris replaced them with money off the Le Chems
  2. My seven month old seeland wellies split on both heels and so I phoned JN expecting to be fobbed off, they sent a courier and then called the next day offering a full refund or the money off another pair. Great customer service, I just hope the Le Chems last longer
  3. I did mine and took it out complete, it is very heavy! As said above there is no way I would do it without a ramp and transmission jack, good luck
  4. '07 plate with 70'000 on it, 30-31mpg as long as I don't drift it too much. You get a lot of truck for the money and hear of very few faults, the 16v '07 onwards are a lot nicer to drive than the older models and mine is doing 2300rpm at 70mph where as the earlier models that I drove were revving much harder.
  5. It's over budget but my terrano is in the for sales section at £700. But has an mot and is local
  6. Thank you, I wish I could keep it as its more practical than the ford ranger for most things and certainly better in the sticky stuf
  7. One gearbox and then a transfere box with selectable 4x4, I assume thats what you mean re. The suzuki?
  8. Its never been very bad for me so its suprising they have hammered you, shame though.
  9. Hello Nick from a fellow Cambridge shooter, I have always found Simpsons in Newmarket to be good for guns. Ben
  10. Drop to £700 to save removing the lamp handle for a trade in, this is a lot of shooting truck for the money
  11. I live west of Cambridge but the truck is in Milton which on the north edge of the city
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