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  1. Old melv


    Basford shoots is about 2 miles from me not been for a few years but a nice friendly informal place. my certificate is up for renewal with Staffordshire police on both shotgun and firearms it’s been with them about 6 weeks they have sent temporary certificates out but not heard from the FLO yet so will have to see how long it takes.
  2. Yes post some pictures if you don't mind looks an interesting piece. Cheer Mark
  3. Cheers Rob thanks for letting us know good luck with the gun.
  4. I am traveling from stoke on trent to Gateshead tomorrow and am back the same night or next day depending on the job. If you still have the gun and we can arrange to meet up I will have it please. Cheers Mark
  5. Old melv

    Rifle scopes for sale

    Hi is the recticule on the meopta scope situated in the first or second focal plane ? Cheers Mark
  6. Old melv


    My prohunter x jacket in size large is more like an extra large
  7. Old melv

    Renewal Form

    I am doing my renewal at the moment I'm sure on the old form I used to put none since last renewal in the convictions section. I have a couple of old motoring offences and can't for the life of me remember dates or details so will have to put a estimate in and write that on the form.
  8. Old melv

    Eley Imperial 12g

    We used to call D&J cartridges diss-jointers.
  9. Old melv


    I tried ,22 shot shells to kill rats caught in live traps in a shed found them pretty infective even at very close range.
  10. Old melv


    Keep your eye out on ebay I picked up one for 21 quid a bit rough but workable. Later sold it for 125£ when I was lucky enough to have 1 given to me keep looking they do come at the right price occasionally.
  11. Old melv

    223 50g vmax

    Bloody hell whitehackle you don't miss much.
  12. Old melv

    222 or 223 ?

    Out in the field I don't think you or the foxes would notice any difference. I have had both I now have a .223 but really don't think you will go wrong with either.
  13. Old melv

    Howa  1500 Stainless .223

    For 1 moment thought you were selling your .223 whitehackle nearly fell off my chair!
  14. Old melv

    new or secendhand

    Howa every time my son has one in .223 it's very accurate get the trigger sorted by someone who knows how to do it and you can't beat them for the price.