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  1. Xray revealed the bird Had a lead shot in its body. Not very conclusive the article implies the bird died after being shot but states injurys consistent with a collision
  2. Derbyshire times reporting that the pergrines injury were consistent with a collision. on xray lead pellet were found but wounds had healed over.
  3. Barr and Stroud 8 x 25 fit in a pocket well good binos for compacts around £50 on ebay new
  4. I tried to kill rats with these that I had caught in a live trap, after 4 shots at point blank range with the rat still alive I gave up and had to use an Eley sub. i would say no practical use for me and haven’t used the others I have.
  5. I have had both .222 and .223 and in the field there is very little difference between them. The .223 has more availability to buy factory ammo. I only changed away from 222 as my rifle got damage and my son shoots a 223 so it’s easier to reload for 1 caliber.
  6. I ordered a Boyds stock from America and they would not ship to the UK.
  7. Your not to far from Brock and Norris at Buxton get Mike to chop and thread the barrel then fit A TEC or SAK mod. i got my cz 452 cut to14 inch’s made it a much better rifle to handle.
  8. Did mine earlier this year and no mention of if then I’m north staffs but sure it’s same licensing department.
  9. Saftey is a big factor if you get a shock its likely to only be 55 volts so alot better than 240 volts and as you already have a transformer I would go with the 110v option. I use all 110v in my shed most industrial type equipment is more readily available.
  10. No I don't think you can use lead shot but you can use lead rifle bullets.
  11. All Canada geese shot by myself out of traditional wildfowling season are done so at the request of the landowners where they are creating a problem for the landowners. If I refused to to this I’m sure they would soon get someone in who would and I would likely loose the permission I don’t see this as much different from the corvid control I also carry out at this time of year again at the landowners request. i have tried to eat Canada goose with little success and don’t loose any sleep over not putting them in the food chain likewise I don’t eat crows magpies or foxes. vermin control is just a part of normal countywide practice.
  12. Yes thank all well wrapped a pleasure doing businesses with you thanks
  13. Hope so I’ve just bought a 455 10 round magazine in .22lr for my 452 and not tried it yet but after checking I’m pretty sure there the same.
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