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  1. Proudly

    For sale

    I’ll take them if not collected, I live 10 mins away in Hebburn
  2. This is my gun. As said its going to waste with me. Would consider swap or deal, why.....thanks
  3. I use Hull Superfast 7.5’s & they kill stone dead decoying within reasonable range no problem.
  4. Bad day to try it out, the gale force winds collapsed my hide twice. On a brighter note I took a friend out who had never shot before. He shot his first crow then done pretty good at the clays for his first time using a shotgun.
  5. Proudly

    Fury vs Wilder

    We’ll just take this random blokes word for it then 😂
  6. Proudly

    Fury vs Wilder

    Fury bangs on about being unbeaten but who has he fought? More so who has he KO’d? He fought Klitschko when his wife was ill & boxed poorly. Fury hardly threw a punch. He was put on his **** by a cruiserweight & has fought poor fighters. Not all his fault but he’s missed over 2 years due to his mental health & drug habit. Wilders opposition has been better but he can take anyones head off with his windmills. Unless Fury can spoil the fight I can’t see anything else than Wilder knocking him out.
  7. I have 2 telescopic washing line props with spin locks I found in the garage. I’m going to cable tie them to the hide & hedge behind but leave a 3ft gap up front to take overhead shots. Will be covered with an army net. Will post how I got on as I’m taking a mate who has never been out shooting vermin.
  8. I am shooting crows on Friday but feel I’d have more success if I could build/fit a roof over my hide. I have a pop up screen hide that has 3 sides to it. I generally put this against the thickest part of the hedge so I have cover at the back. I don’t have any spare hide poles & wondered how anyone has successfully adapted a roof to their hide & what with? Thanks
  9. Sorry if I took your comments the wrong way Dougy, it appeared you were having a dig at me. I’m quite happy to buy a few products that will look after my gun. £650 may not be much to some but it was for me so I’d like to keep it in good condition.
  10. I spent £650 on a used, old Beretta Dougy & asked a question on cleaning products. You’re laughing is excused as you’ve just made yourself look a bellend 👍🏻
  11. Thanks Westley, very helpful. I did store my gun in a sock but was told its counter productive.
  12. What is your cleaning process?
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