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    For sale

    I’ll take them if not collected, I live 10 mins away in Hebburn
  2. This is my gun. As said its going to waste with me. Would consider swap or deal, why.....thanks
  3. I use Hull Superfast 7.5’s & they kill stone dead decoying within reasonable range no problem.
  4. Bad day to try it out, the gale force winds collapsed my hide twice. On a brighter note I took a friend out who had never shot before. He shot his first crow then done pretty good at the clays for his first time using a shotgun.
  5. Proudly

    Fury vs Wilder

    We’ll just take this random blokes word for it then 😂
  6. Proudly

    Fury vs Wilder

    Fury bangs on about being unbeaten but who has he fought? More so who has he KO’d? He fought Klitschko when his wife was ill & boxed poorly. Fury hardly threw a punch. He was put on his **** by a cruiserweight & has fought poor fighters. Not all his fault but he’s missed over 2 years due to his mental health & drug habit. Wilders opposition has been better but he can take anyones head off with his windmills. Unless Fury can spoil the fight I can’t see anything else than Wilder knocking him out.
  7. I have 2 telescopic washing line props with spin locks I found in the garage. I’m going to cable tie them to the hide & hedge behind but leave a 3ft gap up front to take overhead shots. Will be covered with an army net. Will post how I got on as I’m taking a mate who has never been out shooting vermin.
  8. I am shooting crows on Friday but feel I’d have more success if I could build/fit a roof over my hide. I have a pop up screen hide that has 3 sides to it. I generally put this against the thickest part of the hedge so I have cover at the back. I don’t have any spare hide poles & wondered how anyone has successfully adapted a roof to their hide & what with? Thanks
  9. Sorry if I took your comments the wrong way Dougy, it appeared you were having a dig at me. I’m quite happy to buy a few products that will look after my gun. £650 may not be much to some but it was for me so I’d like to keep it in good condition.
  10. I spent £650 on a used, old Beretta Dougy & asked a question on cleaning products. You’re laughing is excused as you’ve just made yourself look a bellend 👍🏻
  11. Thanks Westley, very helpful. I did store my gun in a sock but was told its counter productive.
  12. What is your cleaning process?
  13. I should have said I have the cleaning rods etc & a bottle of oil a mate gave me. It just seems there are oils for doing the bores, oil for outer metal, oil for wood then grease for rubbing parts?
  14. What products do members recommend for cleaning their guns? Separate products or are there reasonably priced kits available? Just bought a Beretta 686s & although its an older 2nd hand gun its a step up to what I’ve been using since getting my licence earlier this year. My first job is to move my cabinet out of the loft as I don’t think being up there has done my old guns any favours.
  15. What is the length of pull on this gun please?
  16. Due to a recent job offer falling through I’m unable to pay as much as I would have for a 2nd hand gun. However, I’ve seen the above brand new from Sportsman Gun Centre & may buy on finance. Surely this will last me a long time if looked after? Anyone use one of these? I shoot vermin, some game & occasionally clays just to keep my eye in....
  17. Synthetic, searched online & can only find one other on guntrader.
  18. “32 barrels mate, I’m a big bloke so swinging one is no problem 😂
  19. Seen the above in a local shop I like the look of. What are peoples thought on these as a general all round gun? If it fits me I’ll possibly buy it.
  20. Thanks all as said the superfast really improved my shooting or possibly suited my gun better so will give them a try.
  21. After struggling with various cheap cartridges I tried Hull Superfast at a rare visit to the clays earlier this year. Couldn’t believe how well I shot with these cartridges. I started using the 7.5’s for pigeons/crows & again was impressed with how well they performed killing stone dead. After looking to try something different for the coming season I found Hull Superfast Pigeon in 6’s & wondered if anyone has used them? Intended to get some for walked up pheasant shooting this season.
  22. Proudly

    Cheap .410

    Thanks mate they have been.
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