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  1. That plane was discovered by a Donegal diving club from Greencastle which is in The Inishowen peninsula where I live. Greencastle is directly across the Foyle from Magilligan point and the American pilot of that plane met a lady that was one of his rescuers in the Maritime Museum in Greencastle after 60yrs. The museum is very interesting and also houses a Gunning Punt that was active on the Foyle at one time. Interestingly you say you where near Eglington! Well there was another plane that went down and crashed into Enagh lough in Maydown during WW2 killing all 3 passengers. My father told me about it when I was young as we passed it often.
  2. Well,well,well! Fury made Wilder look like a complete ametuer! Correct decision by Wilders team as it was only gonna get worse for him. Hats off to Fury, that's some turnaround from a couple of years back. Fury v Joshua should be interesting. New WBC Champ in town.
  3. I didn't get to bed until 2.15am but a couple of hours and I'm up! Couldn't miss it could I? 😁 Looks like some atmosphere in the building🥊
  4. Just a quick drop in and a prediction before the fight ''which I might not even get to see'' as I'm in the middle of a house move that seems to be taking forever and all in horrible weather conditions. Anyway- Wilder to win by devastating KO for me! I respect how Fury has turned his life around but I'm (Team Wilder)
  5. I'm not techy enough to do highlighting sentences ect.. But I will point out that that is were I see a notable difference in the approach taken by both types of shooters. Wildfowling in its truest sense is not all about killing stuff and there is far more pleasure to be had on the shore/coast than there ever will be inland. I don't think anybody is taking the moral high ground when they are merely pointing out facts. Inland goose shooting over decoys and coastal flighting are two completely different things when it comes to gauging what is more challenging. I'd bet all I have ''which isn't much'' that a shooter would have far more blank flights on the shore than he ever will if shooting inland over decoys. As you say, each to their own and if people are enjoying what they do and how they do it! then fair play to them. It's an old cliche that one goose on the shore is worth 5 inland but one I'd agree wholeheartedly with. And if it comes down to shooting geese for pest control ect. then I'm afraid that has little to do with the essence of Wildowling as a sport. You might not agree but I'll say it anyway. Wildfowling on the shore is a nobler sport than inland goose shooting over decoys. I've never be lucky enough to experience Puntgunning but I know enough about it to say that it is in no way comparable in any sense to the topic in hand.
  6. I had a scroll and again unfortunately it is not there! It's a tough one to find.
  7. Funny as! The Elephant scene🙈😂
  8. I'd be hypocritical to say I've never shot geese inland over decoys but I haven't done it in years and it's not really something I find challenging anymore. WE have such a short season over here and it was sometimes the only way of bagging a goose or two. I've never shot more than 4 geese in one flight by choice. It was hard graft and a long carry with decoys ect..some of which where heavy homemade ply silhouettes I made myself. I usually shot by myself or on occasion a friend or two. If geese where using the field then it was usually successful. I recall one morning 3 of us were in a field and 3 other shooters who were friends of one of the other guys showed up in the field and lined up along the hedge near us and but decoys out. I went off my head and challenged them but it turned out the other guy was on the phone to them and invited them to come into the field. I packed my stuff up and left as I wouldn't be seen in such a group in one field. I'm a shore shooter first and foremost and could think of nothing worse than being lined up with a group of shooters and being told when to shoot. I noticed on youtube and dvds all the American lingo ''Take em'' and Yahooing has crept into the inland shooters sport. Really!🙄 It certainly wouldn't be my cup of tea that style of shooting. But I suppose a lot of shooters these guides take out are not what would be termed Wildfowlers and possibly most don't have many chances of shooting a goose hence the reason for hiring a guide in the first place. So maybe it is unfair to knock the actual shooters.
  9. Good shout! But no that's not either. I appreciate that it is a big ask without actors/actress's names ect..! I might never get it but possibly some day it might just happen to be on the box.
  10. That was a big Improvement from the first game against Scotland. Yeah I'm sure they will but it was a fair call. Sort of swung the momentum in Irelands favour and especially after that late turnover that got Ireland pumped. Looking forward to the next clash.
  11. No that's not it! I scrolled that IMBd site but no Joy either. It wasn't an old B&W film but a coloured film possibly made around the late 80's mid 90's. It was set early though. The lady actress is a known face but I can't put a name to her.
  12. Get in there Ireland😁
  13. Just googled them two films lads and it's neither of them! I don't know any of the actors or actress's names ect..unfortunately. The female actress had dark longish hair and I can see her in my minds eye. I may not be correct in the era that the film was set. I do remember the man was wearing a Panama or Fedora hat and a suit. I recall the woman near the end of the film breaking down and pleading why as to why he didn't want her. I watched it possibly 20yrs ago!
  14. Think your on the wrong thread😁
  15. That's the very Film 👍
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