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  1. I like your style! Class photos also👌
  2. Loved Jacks Game. I watched most of them years ago as a friend had them all on VHS and he loaned them to me.I bought the Wildfowling one on VHS and like Steve B Wales,I transferred it onto DVD. I actually done the same with all my shooting videos. As for Jack himself. Who knows what really happened and could possibly be only rumours.I always took Jack to be very well mannered and courteous and complimentary to his hosts on the programmes. A straight talking Northern lad with a deep and understanding passion for the countryside and country sports. A legend in my eyes.
  3. Watched a film last night and another classic tune I forgot about was in it. R.E.M losing my religion. In fact I like most of their stuff. As a child of the 80's give me 80's music and I'll be happy. Funny though they all bring back memmories of youth and I find myself getting emotional thinking of the past and knowing them days are gone. But what memmories.
  4. Seems the English players didn't have the same attitude,going by an article I read, when it comes to their runners up medals,by refusing to wear them! I thought the ''Rugby boys''set the bar higher than that when it comes to sportsmanship as it is often noted as the supposed lesser sports and fans are often ridiculed.🙄
  5. I have used them since they first came on the market.Being a Wildfowler who also takes care of his guns I find them invaluable. One tip is to use a bore size bigger than your actual gun for a tighter more snug clean.I tried to get a 10bore one but could not find any available. That said the actual 12bore ones I use do a competent job.
  6. Well had arranged to take the gun to the old Gunsmith today to get the stud fitted. I was held back and got there a little later than the appointed time. I made a light hearted comment about sure there is no panic! True to his character he wasnt long in putting me right by saying there was a panic as he was heading out. I was sorry to see he had aged quite considerably since I last saw him. Still a big lump of a man but stiff with arthritis!I love being in his old workshop at the back of his house.Full of interesting things. He got to work and his story telling was soon in full flow. I watched him work and he had a little gadget for putting over the stock with a hole for inserting the punch to mark the hole. After he finished he asked had I the swivel for the under barrel attachment? I told him that the swivels came with the sling (which I had in the van). I didnt want to hold him back and although he refused payment I slipped him a tenner. I felt a bit sad leaving as I thought this may be the last time I get to talk to him. Well I'm not long back and went to attach the Sling and have found the hole in the attachment under the barrel is not wide enough for the swivel stud to go through😠 I should have really tried it whilst at the Gunsmith's. I could drill it out myself, however there is enough meat on the inside of the attachment to make the hole bigger but not so on the outside.So any over drilling and it would make the attachment pretty much unfit for purpose. The other option is to put a stud in the forearm, although I like the fact it is under the barrel and a that gives a better distance fromt the stock swivel. I'll contact the old boy again and I'm sure he will have something to ream the hole out without making it unfit for purpose. Another chance to spend some time with him.
  7. Outclassed,Outplayed and basically got a hammering! That was always going to be a possibility,but you have to live in hope before the game. Should be a good semi final now and I'm not educated enough on the game to say whether England are good enough to beat the Mighty AB's? I'm pretty sure they will not be as sloppy as Ireland were today despite New Zealand's obvious class.
  8. Agree, so many mistakes and from players you would expect better from. Nothing going right for Ireland at all.A Miracle needed to turn this around but the AB's are looking immense going forward and also in defence.
  9. Relentless! I can't see any team living with this!
  10. Well England got the job done and going by the analysts on RTE it was done in pretty impressive fashion. Well done. I was out doing outside chores so didnt see any of it. Over to the (Men in Green)
  11. Yeah it is a pity! When Ireland and England compete it is usually has that added bit of intensity and a World cup final meeting between the two would have created quite a build up. Who knows what will happen and as you say it could well be ''fingers crossed'' a semi final meeting. The Irish are certainly up against it tommorrow and on form the AB's are rightly favourites. Something tells me Schmidt will have been planning this meeting for quite awhile. As long as we don't get blown away and hammered and they keep it competitive then that would be a consolation although make no bones about it! Ireland will be going in thinking they have every chance of stopping the giants of world rugby. PS Note- I'm only a (Bandwagon Rugby Fan) who watches the 6 Nations and big games that Ireland are involved in or other big games. However when the Anthems and the Haka takes place before kick off tomorrow the blood will be up! I'll be watching with interest on Sunday also.
  12. I hope this doesn't jinx the game for us tomorrow morning! It didn't help McGregor! No Bundeed Aki, and I think Sexton and Murray may be in for some special attention. I hope Joe Schmidt has kept something up his sleeve and we can somehow cause an upset and topple the (Mighty All Blacks) Come on Ireland!
  13. Thanks for the replies fellas. I spent awhile with it last night and just can't figure out how it's done. Ive read the instruction book and still cant get my head around it. Ive tried the setting icon which takes you into the radio settings and ''manage favourites. Ive got as far as (pick something to save) but I've pressed the Audio icon and it saves Audio into the number I've chosen. I just can' t see how to save the stations. Just after having an old friend call who is an insignia driver ''although he was in another car today'' He told me he just tunes to a station and then presses the number on screen to save. This is the most obvious and practical way it has always has been done ,so maybe there is an issue with the screen as it doesn't work for us. The Dealer we bought the car from is a few hours away but there is Opel/Vaukhall dealer not to far away so I may give them a shout if I dont get it sorted. The Pigeon Watch massive rarely disappoints when seeking answers to something so thats why I put it out there. Thanks for the replies👍
  14. The Wife who is more techy than I has her phone paired up with it. I will show what you have put as she will understand it more. Vaukhall/Opel seem to play about a lot with Specs ect..! This Car is the Limeted Edition 163bhp and basically is the facelift SRI with the absence of rear tinted windows. They have giving the car extras like heated front seats,heated sports steering wheel and then take away rear electric windows🤔 I'll have another play about with it when the Wife gets home this evening and show her your advice on the Phone apps. Thanks.
  15. You would think that would be the case but it doesn't seem to work for us. We also tried giving it voice commands to do so but to no avail. Everything else on the screen seems to work so I doubt it's a issue with the screen. Another thing is despite having the 8'' touch screen we assumed it would have Sat Nav. However the Sat Nav icon is not present on the Screen or trip computer. A strange one but that does not bother us so much as we can use or phones. Thanks.
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