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  1. Like greenshank 1 ''Tides Ending'' was the first Wildfowling book I read. It set me off on a journey with 'BB' and his works. I've read about 20 of his books. Tides Ending was my favourite for awhile but I now prefer ''Manka the Sky Gipsy'' My Fowling books gave me a deep fascination about Norfolk/The Wash/Fens ect..! I too found Hawkers diaries tough going but finished both of them. I've read around 80 books on Wildfowling and two that I keep going back to are Ian Niall' s ''A Fowlers World'' and John Humphreys ''Hunters Fen''. I haven't bought a Wildfowling book in years but there are more I want to read at some stage.
  2. What a fantastic birthday present. Childhood book's are important and help define us as individuals. Well done your Wife👏 I loved all the Roald Dahl books as a school child and have come across children's books from my favourite Countryside author later in life. I missed out on a cracker 1st ed about a decade ago of a book I wanted. It had no (DJ) but was in great condition and I passed up on it and as I was overly fussy and wanted one with a DJ. Im now finding it hard to get at a sensible price.
  3. I was fully expecting when opening that link to see other books with the same title as I've seen them when searching. What a Surprise to find that, that indeed is the very book I was referring too🤗 It's been years since I seen it and it was a joy to see the cover and easily recognisable map of the Indians route.There was actually a companion book with the same cover only with a cowboy on front. It was nowhere near as good as this book. I remember in the first chapter when he was wounded and alone that he survived by hunting wild ducks and geese. This always struck a chord with me as their has always been something instilled deep in me when it comes to hunting wildfowl,even at a very young age when it was unexplainable and something primitive in me. Thank you so much for taking the trouble in seeking it out. Now that I know the Authors name I can seek it out.l won't rush into buying this one as I have an inkling it may be in the attic at home but fantastic that I have the full details now.👌👍
  4. ''BB''s (Tides Ending )and Manka the Sky Gipsy)! Although I'm more of a ''Dipper inner'' and often re-read favourite chapters of various books. Ian Nialls "Gun for a goose" and Johhn Humphrey's "Time and Tide" are often re-read. I've lost my favourite childhood book and have searched online for it without success.I read that book so many times.It was one of my mother's books from her school days. It was called "White Hawk" and about an Indian warrior who joined another tribe. The last chapter "The Happy Hunting Grounds" has always stayed with me! He sets off on his final journey with many people accompanying him, but long story short, the only one that made the whole journey without leaving his side was-His dog! I'm hoping it is in my mother's attic that I will someday have to clear out.
  5. SuperGoose75

    Punt guns

    Not long after watching the last of the Chris Green dvds I got at Christmas. Interesting to see he has added another barrel to his Puntgun outfit in the form of a 12bore barrel separate to his (Triple Thunder) gun. The idea is to fire this first to make the birds jump before he fires the triple barrel when the birds are in the air. I believe the old gunners used to hit the punt a loud whack to make the birds jump before pulling the lanyard. What are the Puntgunners thoughts on the system Chris Green has employed? Liking the big Single 8 he has aquired also.
  6. SuperGoose75

    Punt guns

    The Shooting Mans bedside book?
  7. So just caught the last 10mins of this on BBC1 NI there now. A new programme about rural crime on both sides of the border. From what I gathered it was about the illegal sale of Wildfowl and Game. It showed the Wildlife officers out on Lough Erne on the 1st of September checking on shooters in boats and checking permits,bag ect.! Bit of Salmon poaching apparently as well. Seems the old Breydoner type of poacher/shooter is still around as a Spoonbill was apparently recorded as been sold on. I wont spoil it if anyone is interested as it is on the iplayer now! I can't watch iPlayer on my device but can on my wife's. Funny old place the Border.
  8. Duck generally feed at night! That's their habit, Moon or no Moon! There in fact should be more movement around the full moon phase as birds move about all night. The fact they are gone in the morning is probably due to the state of the tide. If the tide is out then the birds will be out on the muds/estuary. Your splashes would probably work better at evening flight. For morning flight you are usually trying to intercept them going back from their night time feeding forays to their day time roosts/resting places.
  9. I saw a photo this morning of an infected bird shot in the states that was horrendous. I saved the photo to my phone but have no clue how to post it here. There was no way anyone was eating that bird and it was definitely done a favour by being shot. It would make your skin crawl it was that badly infected with rice breast. A horrible thing that seems to becoming more and more common.
  10. Fair enough! Although a quick google reveals it was a resemblence to "the flesh of an animal'' as a baby that the name Meat derived from! Apparently Frankie and Benny approached him and tried to get him to change his name to "Veg Loaf". Put off meat after being served a rabbit with head intact and ears missing in a restaurant.🥩🥖🐰. Had to go back to eating meat because of health problems.
  11. Don't know if anyone has seen John Bishops- Australia series! I happened to catch an episode late at night (probably a repeat) over Christmas. Now I didn't know Bishop was a Vegan/Vegetarian which ever he is. Apparently he was in an abattoir as a child and the sight of a carcass revolted him hence his dicission to not eat meat. In this episode he visited a Crocodile farm and was present in the abattoir with Crocs hanging dead ready for processing. The owner of the farm put across very well how his farm is actually saving the species (I think Saltwater Crocodile) and gave Bishop a whole new train of thought. Well worth a watch if anyone can find it! I also just found out "Meatloaf" is also a Vegan. Think there is a bit of Irony in that somehow.
  12. Good Lad! Never worry what your mates or anyone else thinks for that matter! Books can take you to magical places that some will never comprehend .Nice job on your bookcase also! As I suspected. I have no intention of selling my Wildfowling books and to be honest I wouldn't accept £300 for them.
  13. Some great responses and I think I can take something from most. The one that mentions the OCD/Hoarder comparison stands out and I think I suffer from a bit of both and that could be part of the problem in my case. I have many Interests but being an organised person by nature and like things neat and in there proper place "so I know where to find them" when I need them. We have to move house soon and I'm dreading it to be honest. I have so much stuff and a lot because of various interests. There rarely is a time when there is a case to be idle. I liked it that way. Apart from all the usual duties and countryside hobbies I'm into sports, mostly following my County team in two codes. I used to play and was quite successful at under age up until I was involved in a serious RTA that ended my competitive sporting career. That is were Shooting played a major role in my life after that and Like anything I do I put 100% effort into it. Now I have two children who I put first and foremost and my boy has taken a serious interest in my previous sports. I'm actually the manager of his age group team.I got vetted and Child protection course done and have attended numerous coaching seminars and its basically become an obsession. I'm back involved with my old club and love it to be honest. It is however time consuming and runs most of the year with training nights ect.! It defiently affected my time spent in the countryside. I'm not willing to give up up shooting anytime soon butI I often feel quilty if Im not putting enough into one or the other! I haven't mentioned other interests and some that I feel I won't get around too. I like reading/writing and poetry and also have a big interest in cooking. I feel Ive been run off my feet this year past and am going around in circles sometimes trying to fit it all in. I'll probably continue trying to fit it all in until something gives "Hopefully it's not me'' lol . Thanks for the replies and good to see people are making the most of life with their various interests.👍
  14. As per title, is their such a thing as having to many Interests. I used to think that it was a positive thing,however lately I have found that they are beginning to weigh me down a bit and Im finding it hard to keep up with everything. Having duties and also many things are getting put on the back burner due to other interests taking up the time. A midlife crisis possibly?
  15. Not a lot of money you would think for such famous pieces of memorabilia! Which leads me to the question! Are there much interest in such things by the younger generation of Wildfowlers. I have a fairly good library of Wildfowling books with some special copies that I paid enough for! But apart from their value and importance to me! Would anyone in this day an age be willing to pay for what they are really worth. I'd be sceptical enough that they would hold much value.
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