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  1. I have just spent the amount of money you specified with all the requirements you stated on a ''Gardencare'' 20'' deck with a Briggs and Stratton engine. After previously using/getting loan off a McCullough also with a B&S engine this is a far Superior machine that is built for work. Really a joy to use and so easy stared with no priming/chokes or anything. Pull the starter cord and away you go. I was considering a Morrison (Contractor) but it is twice the price but that thing is really built for work.It was just not practical for my needs being pretty heavy.The Honda Issy range are pretty small and for anything with 20'' deck or more are big money. Just on the Gardencare it also comes with 21'' deck but with same engine as the 20''. 20'' are the most popular and they are flying out the door . Other models have rollers instead of back wheels and also push button starting options.
  2. Good hearty,wholesome food that. Oxtail is very similar in taste to lamb shank in my opinion. We were reared on lamb shanks long before they became trendy with the Chefs and the price went up due to demand.I recall our local butcher throwing 5 or 6 shanks into a bag for my father for very little money and mum would make a simple but delicious family recipe that all loved. A few years back when I used to go to the inlaws religiously every Sunday (City Folk) we were presented with a dish that no one was familiar with! Most turned their noses up at it and it was a guessing match as to what it was. Apparently himself had watched a cooking programme that used it and he ordered it especially from the butcher. No one touched it when they heard what it was apart from myself who took great delight in gnawing at the bone using my hands much to the disgust from my sister inlaw as i seen her looking down her nose at me from the corner of my eye. Beautiful it was and I would take them cuts cooked long and slow over a steak anyday.
  3. +1 I like liver,kidneys ect.. but Haggis,No thank you! I bought one from a butcher stall from Scotland at a Game fair once and cooked it to his recommendations.Not for me.
  4. Same as! Despite been out two nights until after 2am they where not visible to the naked eye. They did show up on the camera when we got the settings sorted, but what was the point in that? Maybe,maybe was a word that kept getting trotted out. Cool place and one that I always had an interest in visiting from a young age. Although now I think it is fast becoming a "Hipster hotspot". I managed to "tickle a trout" from a cold stream by laying on my stomach on decking near a waterfall, much to the delight of another few tourists. (I tickled a trout in Iceland) is a line not many will use lol. Ref-The Northern lights,they were visible here in NW Ireland last night from a few different locations in the County as Ive seen quite a few photos from Aurora hunters posted today.
  5. The ''Loud mouthed twins'' would do well to pipe down after that! Both lost from what I watched.
  6. Tear the script up! What a start by Warrington. Not playing into Framtons hands by rushing in for him to counter.looking for bother mixing it up with Frampton though. Frampton settling a bit now. Warrington looking very sharp and up for it.
  7. 50/50 fight for me! Frampton is the better tactical boxer no doubt. However Warrington can box at the same pace all night. Expect Frampton to start strong but his work rate will dip. It will go the 12rds IMO and the question for me is: Has Warrington got enough skills to outbox Frampton to get enough rounds on the card to keep his belt? Should be a cracker and I see a hard dogged scrap from 8 on. I'm on the fence for this one but if pushed would lean slightly towards Warrington in a very close fight. Whyte v Chisora fight clashing 'time wise.If it's as good as the first fight then it will be a belter. Il be watching Leeds v Belfast.
  8. Thanks for the added replies! Well got up this morning to a scorcher of a day and having 24 hours hire on the Strimmer and with the inlaws due back from holidays at around 2pm I thought may as well make use of the hire time and try and gain some 'Brownie points of the missus. They have a sizable back yard with poly tunnel, apple trees,blackcurrant bushes ect with a far part of it lawn. The bottom half of the garden had been neglected and was like a jungle. I got stuck in and there was some tough stuff with briars and "sticky backs" sorry dont know correct name for them. I was at it a couple of hours and also mowed the lawn and also the front lawn when I was at it. The next door neighbor is an elderly gentle man also with a huge garden with lots of trees,bushes,plants ect .I get on well with him as he is an avid fisherman so I spent a couple of hours strimming around his garden also. I went through a fair bit of heavy duty strimmer cord and thought id hit a hedgehog but discovered it had been dead for awhile. I left the machine back at around 4pm and inquired about purchasing one and was told they dont usually keep them in stock but could order one. I inquired about price and wait for it! Was told £330. The father inlaw deals with said Hire company and he can claim VAT back so it would work out at around £290. Result ? And to top it off her dad said to put the prize of hire through to him for doing the garden. So the fella said it should be here Mon/Tues and it comes with cutting blade and a few extras. it really is a quality piece of equitment. Scotslad,I am the same as yourself when it comes to Stimmers but also have pretty good knowledge on Chainsaws and i have two stihl's. Sandspider, That one in the link is very similar to the Hyundai I was considering. Here is a video on it https://uk.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hsimp=yhs-002&hspart=CND&type=ACFB94060E2_s69_g6_e_d_n&q=hyudai strimmer assembly youtube Thanks again for the replies and its Dog to water time and Hopefully i can collect them (Brownie points) later lol'
  9. Excellent replies and most are in tune with my way of thinking. I will elaborate later as to why I asked the question as its late at present.
  10. Firstly thanks for the replies and good solid advice I had a quick look this morning at the first few replies and as I had things to do in the local town [ROI] I headed for the "CO-OP" ie farm suppliers. They had 3 different models ranging from 400 euros to over 600. None of which I was familiar with but they looked and felt like they were good quality. I then went to a Stihl dealer [NI] were I know the owner pretty well. I honestly don't know what I was thinking even considering the brands mentioned in the thread title as I am the type that usually pays that bit extra for quality and use the 'Buy once policy'. Probably having a limited budget at present is the reason. The Pro models were well out of my range and I was drawn to a model that was £450 and he said he would do it for £410. I inquired about using a blade with it and he wasn't keen saying that they where sore on the engine/gears. This made me think that it maybe it wasn't actually what I wanted.If I was buying a Brush Cutter then I wanted the option of being able to use a Blade without having to worry about it causing wear on the engine. I looked at a few Shooting related items and left it that I would have a stew over it. I came home and came on here and and (Cant hit them all's) comments jumped out at me! Obviously a Man that knows his Strimmers. The Stihl dealer told me exactly the same as you have put about the Hyundai and Ryobi. Your comment about most of the Stihl products being most;y DIY also seemed to have rang true giving the fact the dealer was not advising using the blade on the model in question. I took your advice and looked at the Tanaka range and there seems to be a few sound looking models reduced to around £460. Needing to get the grass sorted I hired one out 5pm this evening and I started at 7pm and had it going for 21/2 hours. What an absolute Joy of a machine.I never payed much attention before but It was a Mitsubishi Tle 43 . A powerful beast that was so comfortable to use. I searched online earlier and it seems they are made by Kazz and the model I used had a Mitsubishi engine but other models have Hitachi engines. I have found a model with the Mitsubishi TLE43 engine but is by Lawnflite and can be got for £400. So I am back to square one.. lol A Tanaka or a Mitsubishi. Thanks for your advice as it put me off a potential bad purchase. [
  11. Hopeless without the dog having a cone on as well! I took extra care and made sure they were used as instructed and it took less than 2 minutes for the Dog to bite it off.
  12. Not wanting to hijack the previous 'Strimmer thread' I would appreciate any advice people may have on two brands of Strimmers I have narrowed my choice down too. My head is fried trying to choose one or the other,one of which I'm hoping to purchase in the next few days. I was going to purchase the best (Homebase) had to offer and that was a Ryobi 25.4cc retailing at around £175. However I have come across another for similiar money and has a more powerful engine and that is a Hyundai with a 52cc engine. Now I know very little about petrol strimmers or than I usually hire a Professional one out a few times a year to cut a fair amount of rough grass. I know Ryobi make quailty Cordless drills ect..! However I have read reviews saying the Hyundai strimmers are quailty and akin to a Honda for far less money. Has anyone any experience with either?I'm hoping to use it for personal use and hopefully doing some weekend Jobs. I was convinced by the Hyundai and thought I wanted the bicycle handle bars as the Professional one I hire has them. However by going on some sites the pros seem to like the ''loop type'' ones. For me the Hyundai has more going for it with bigger CC's and has an 'anti vibe' feature,However it all seems to good to be true and maybe the Ryobi is the safer option. Any advice greatly appreciated as I need to be getting things done.
  13. Hi all,Been off the forums for awhile now for various reasons,Namely my PC crashing and my wifes had been out on lone to her nephew and I find typing on a phone pretty tedious,although I write this from a phone but herself has got her PC back last night. Anyhow I've been hanging about on FB this past number of months as it's more phone friendly with uploading pictures ect..! I know my question seems to somewhat contradict my previous thread question regarding was Wildfowling (Healthy or not?) I'm now asking people's opinion if they think that modern day Wildfowling has become too easy and less arduous than it once was? All opinions welcome and appreciated.
  14. Its elementary My dear sako751sg. They are merely references/examples if you wish. Let me put t in black and white for you. The dogs on the street know Canelo vacated his belt, Sure isnt that the reason he was getting slated for ducking GGG ? Ducking it may have been and my point is that they made the right decision by avoiding/ducking Golovkin until they felt they were ready,If this fight had of happened 2yrs ago then it would have been a straight forward win for Golovkin as Canelo IMO was not ready or at the level he is now at, Hence my references to putting Young Dogs in situations they would not be ideal in or ready for. As this is a shooting forum surely you can connect with the references. Had it been a knitting forum then I may have used another example to get my point across. As I recall you' yourself didnt give Canelo much of a chance at the time against the G-Man and even went on to slate ''De ley hoya'' and all the ''Golden Boy'' fighters. As I already Stated this fight IMO is happenng at the right time and is now a 50/50 fight whereas back then it would not have been. I also stated in that discussion that I also would have backed Golovkin back then. However Canelo for me is a different Animal now and I like what I have seen of late from him as he is much improved. I hope that answers you and your 'Fanboy's' query. I respect your opinions and its good to have someone to bounce off on here and like myself you are mostly up in the middle of the night to watch the actual fights. We dont always agree which is a good thing and you make good points on occasion and break fights down which is much better than readng the predictable I agree posts Anyway not long to go now. Im actually strugglng to stay awake tonight and should really be sleeping as I have a funeral to attend in the morning' and the BJS /Monroe fight did nothng to rouse the senses Hoping for a War and have Canelo to get the Job done. Have a few 20's on with G-man - Boys.
  15. I think it's all to easy saying 'Team Canelo' waited to see Golovkin slipping before they took the fight ! There may be a bit of truth to this but I like to look at the bigger picture . For me it is a case of 'Team Canelo' waiting until they feel their fighter is ready for such a big fight with a Monster like Golovkin. Why should they be pushed into a massive career defining fight if they felt they were not quite ready ? Would anyone take their half trained 9 month old pup onto a posh pheasant shoot ? Or would anyone send there 10mth old dog out into the estuary on a dark winters night to retrieve a goose on the tide ?. The answer is no because they would not be ready. However I do believe it s a case of both scenarios but more so Canelo after some good fights feels now is hs time. I also believe this is the right time for this fight with no excuses from either after the outcome. I do also find the comment about Canelo gettng gifts a bit rich considering Golovkins last fight ! To the fighters and the actual fight - I personally like both Boxers,Both humble men and likable and without doubt a Cut above most n the present MW division. We all know what both Boxers are coming to the ring with. Both have power, more so GGG with his thudding Jab and over hand choppng right hand. Canelo with his bull like strength and fast combos Golvokin with his cuttng off of the ring and judging dstance and Canelo with his ability to fight on the backfoot and counter punchng. Both men have the ablity to take a shot and again would more so say Golovkn has the upper hand here.I dont think Canelo can knock GGG out with a head shot but I feel if Golovkin connected clean he could hurt Canelo. My predication is for a Canelo win either by Stoppage by ripping body shots or by a unanimous decision. I think Alvarez is too fast and with Golovkins static head and Canelos counter punching' Golvkin is going to find it a tough and frustrating night. Would not be surprised one bit if Golovkin got the stoppage but thats my prediction that Im sticking with. One other point that I think will favour Canelo is the fact he does not fear Triple G..! A lot of fighters are beat before the 1st bell rings as they are intimadated by Golovkin and i dont think this is the case with Canelo. Roll on Saturday night/Sunday morning. PS Exuse any words with the letter 'I' missing as the key is sticking on my computer.
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