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  1. I use a technique the Chinese takeaway's use that is called ''velveting'' if I'm either using the chicken for a Chinese or Indian curry. I don't go the full hog, but it is only a matter of coating your diced chicken in cornflour (I use a sieve to sprinkle over a couple of teaspoons) and then mix it together and then blanch in off the boil water for a few minutes. I use a Wok to do this. It's basically pre cooking your chicken before using it in the curry/stir-fry. The full technique involves using rice wine vinegar, but I don't bother with this. The chicken usually is soft and tender as a result.
  2. A friend bought one 2nd hand after I introduced him to Wildfowling and shooting in general years ago. It was a fixed choked O/U with 28'' tubes and a fair big chunk of wood for the stock. I used it on occasion and liked shooting it as the heavy stock helped soak up 36rgm and 42grm lead loads. It shot very smooth and was lively enough with the 28 inch barrels and I took some nice ducks with it. Never missed a beat in the time he used it. I thought about buying it after he decided to pack the shooting in, but I didnt really need it. A no frills,solid gun probably in the same vein as Lanber,Bettinsoli ect... John Forsey used to advertise a 3 1/2 inch chambered 12bore Silma O/U with 36'' barrels and if I had of lived in the UK I would have snapped it up.
  3. I have a mint 687 Silver Pigeon ll sporter, bought new in 2010 with the intention of using it over in the UK to go Wildfowling, as it met the criteria for the use of steel shot. It has the optima chokes and the fleur de lys stamp. It was the time Beretta were revamping the silver pigeon range and all the Sporters in the range..2,3,4... were steel shot proofed. I just liked the 2 version.(The gun stands in the cabinet having fired less than 1000 cartridges) ''at clays'' and was never used for Wildfowling. I toyed with buying the SP 3.5 O/U shortly after that (Which had steel barrels) but opted for a different gun that was more friendly on the pocket. A decision I don't regret. I assume Beretta like most other European gummakers will be making their guns in that particular prize range with barrels intended for the safe use of steel shot nowadays. Anything else would be going backroads as most people buying a new gun for shooting live game will want peace of mind. That said I've no doubt there are are plenty of steel being shot through guns that don't bear the fleaur de lys stamp. I read of some having there tight fixed chokes reemed out to accommodate steel shot safely. I've also seen plenty of photos of burst barrels and muzzles by shooting HP steel through tight chokes. I'm far from an expert on the use of steel shot as we here in Ireland can still use lead shot for everything. Although lead is being fazed out over the next couple of years Lots of shotguns guns getting handed in to be scrapped due to the ban of lead shot. The Beretta in the cabinet might get more use in the near future.
  4. I tend to agree! The thing is lots of people feed garden birds for their own benifits/enjoyment rather than just for the birds. That said I put out a small fistful of seed and nuts and some mealworms on top of a wall for a pair of fairly tame Robin's. They come and sit on the fence outside the kitchen window to gey my attention. They haven't eaten out of my hand as yet! I get a wide variety of birds come into the garden. The collared Dove's love the seeds as do the sparrows. The feeder disease ''Trich'' seems to be very prevalent these days, so it is a bit of a dedicated hobby if it is to be done correctly, ie..cleaning and disinfecting the feeders regularly. I'll put a bird table out in the winter time again.
  5. I disagree! I personally don't think Fury would have beaten any of the names I mentioned, and there are others not mentioned who also would have beat Fury IMO Liston,Shavers, Riddick Bowe ect..! Fury's resume is pretty weak in all honesty. Got dropped heavy by a small-ish Cruiserweight and only won that fight by using his size and gangly-ness and weight leaning all over the smaller man and wearing him out. (Think what a prime Mike Tyson would have done) Tyson's come forward peek-aboo style would have gotten inside and tore up Fury's body and Fury would be susceptible to deadly uppercuts by a deadly power puncher. Beat an old 39yr old Vlad in possibly one of the worst HW fights ever encountered to get the belts, which he then vacated and got stripped of the last one for not defending. His other big wins were against a Basketball player with legs and footwork like a baby giraffe and very little boxing ability, but had freakish punching power. Credit to Fury for doing what he did! Especially concerning getting clean and back in shape and turning his life around. But I think way too much is made of his movement. He certainly doesn't ''float like a butterfly's like Ali did! He reminds me of a Joe Bugner type of fighter. I think if Bugner was in the division today he would have done what Fury did against the opposition Fury had fought.On the flip, if Fury was around back in the day of Ali, Shavers ect..he would have a similar results against the greats IMO Training and diet may have came a long way over the years. But it takes more than that. Even today's modern fighters often go back to ''old-Skool'' training methods like what was done back in the day. ''Chopping wood" ect..! Plus them old school fighters had a hunger and rawness about them that you don't see as much today. Also they were all 15 round fighters back in day which took tremendous preparation to be able to get to the fitness level required. AJ has all the modern dietary and training at his disposal! Does anyone think he could go 15 rnd's at a pace like Ali/Frazier did? It's only fantasy talk and opinions at the end of the day and we will never know for sure. Fury seen the poor state of the modern HW division and he took full advantage of the situation and you can't knock him for that.
  6. I think it was Jimmy Greaves who said-Quote; Football's a funny old game! The same can be said of boxing. Without going into too much detail, I find the shift in popularity when it comes to Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua to be basically unthinkable a few years back. I think it was in Rome ,that it was once said''The mob is a fickle bunch'' a fickle bunch indeed. If they ever fight each other, then Fury would be a heavy favourite to win. It would be hard to make a case for Joshua no matter what way he would approach the fight. He can't out box Fury and will need to come in heavy to take full advantage of his physic and power "then he will be huffing and puffing after a few rounds. Come in light like he did against Ruiz and try to box on the back foot is not going to work against Fury. Fury has the world at his feet now and can cash out big time in a mockery of a cross-over fight with the UFC HW champion Francis Ngannou. They will try and make it like McGregor v Mayweather and fans will lap it up. Fury has got all the character and charisma to sell it. He doesn't really need Joshua now. Hats off to Fury in fairness, he came from a dark place and I think he took full advantage of a what really has been a poor era in Heavyweight boxing. Would he have mixed it back in the days of the legends like, Ali,Frazier,Foreman ect..or even later day fighters like Mike Tyson,Holyfield or Lennox Lewis..? I'm not so sure he would have.
  7. Don't sleep on Dillian Whyte! Could be classed as a bit of a journey man and went to war with Dereck Chisora twice and won both times, knocking him clean out in their 2nd fight Had the big AJ shook but ultimately lost that fight by getting stopped. Got Sparked clean out by a peach of an uppercut by Povetkin after dominating and had the Russian down 3 times. Beat him handily in the rematch. That said Povetkins best days were far behind him. Fury is the better boxer but Whyte has a dynamite left hook. I hope Whyte knocks him out! But Fury has to be the favourite to outbox Whyte.
  8. I'm not sure what you were expecting to see given the OP's post and the description in the text and the fact I alluded to it being a catchy song about a Spunky,hanky,panky,cranky,stinky,dinky,lanky,winky wonky donkey🙃 I don't see the problem, and in fact would tend to think reading books or watching silly songs such as this with young children whether your a parent,grandparent or relation is time very well spent. With them sitting on your knee,as you tell them a story or watch a video about an old ''farty'' donkey will surely get a few giggles from them. And at the same time helping develop memory trying to memorise the sequence of words to the song would actually benifit their brains rather than screw them up! Time enough for teaching them the more serious and important stuff about life. Let them be children and things like this are excellent for the young at heart like the OP. I'm no parenting expert, but I have no regrets about our time with the Winky Wonkey Donkey.
  9. https://youtu.be/SDeQT9zCvi4 Was a favourite with my two when they were a bit younger. If anyone watches it they will probably be singing it for a couple days Hee Haw
  10. They look pretty good. Might I make a suggestion to really up your Pastie game though!And that is to make your own (Rough puff pastry) It is pretty straight forward and no were near as time consuming as full on puff pastry and will beat any shop bought type The chunks/pieces of cold butter really make for a delicious texture and taste when baked. I use Andy Bates recipe and the first made his a decade or more ago. With the addition of ribeye steak and a sharp cheddar or blue cheese they were unreal and I've made them several times. I also made a few fish pasties based on Rick Stein recipes. I think the secret to a good crimp is cold pastry and too work as fast as possible. I'm pretty useless at it, but who cares if they taste good.
  11. I have to say,the one I made although it was nice and moist when warm for dinner, I much preferred it the following day as a cold cut. The taste of the glaze came through better when cold. A quick Google indeed reveals plenty of game recipes for meatloaf. It's one if them dishes that there are no hard and fast rules and it's there to be adventurous with.
  12. A mystery for sure 😜
  13. Had a hankering to make a meatloaf yesterday for dinner. I made a few before using Nigella's recipe. I more or less followed an American youtube recipe yesterday and used- quality butchers minced beef,local farm egg's,panko breadcrumbs, grated garlic and onion,seasoned with both black &white pepper, sea salt, garlic granules, and a squeeze of HP fruity and a splosh of ''Wuster'' sauce. Shaped in a cling filmed loaf tin and baked for 30 mins before brushing on a sauce made up of HP fruity,Ketchup, barbecue and brown sugar. Baked for another 30 minutes and then left to rest for 20mins. Had it with homemade Yorkshire puddings, Mash and veg with gravy. Just after slicing up some leftover meatloaf, straight from the fridge to put in a buttered floury bap,with sliced red cheese and Branston ''small chunk pickle''. It was worth making for the leftover sandwich alone. Enough left for another sandwich tomorrow. As I was making the ''sandwich'' I was thinking of the Greylag breasts in the freezer, that need mincing with pork belly. I had burgers planned, but now thinking Meatloaf instead😋
  14. She catches the breeze lovely! Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit ☘
  15. Very interesting watch and I like Lee's approach to Wildfowling. Drove all them miles and shot one goose and was happy with that. He certainly gets the essence of what the sport of Wildfowling is about. Nice big,historic fowling pieces that clearly the owner takes great pride in owning and using.
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