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  1. No it's not its apparently something to do with the firing pins. I usually shoot bottom barrel first but if I change the selector to shot top barrel first that is when it does it. And it's nearly every time The F16 will probably feel really light after my 725 then
  2. I had a beretta before this browning and didn't like that anywhere near as much as the browning
  3. I shoot clays pigeons crows and game during the season
  4. Had a few issues with my browning not firing the second barrel it's been back 3 times and I'm a bit fed up of it! Also I have shot the blaser and quite like it and fancy a change but don't want to regret my choice.
  5. Thinking of swapping my 725 to a F16 and just wondered what people's thoughts on this decision am I doing the right thing or should I keep the browning? chris
  6. Can I ask for what reason you didn't like the f16?
  7. Do you like it mate? How does it handle? What did the crow man have to say about them?
  8. I've been thinking of swapping my 725 for an f16 can I ask did you go 30" or 32"?
  9. Is your home build in line like the ward or has it got the little screen on top?
  10. Tried for open ticket they refused that! Don't know how they think I'm supposed to keep my shooting as had it before where farmer has passed on to someone with open ticket!
  11. I put a new land check form in for my fac in October still nothing back I have phoned them and they said that renewals etc take priority. This is now nearly five months with no reply. Anybody else have this trouble?
  12. I'm new into deer stalking and wondering what scope to get for a little all round use I have a budget of around £500 - £600 for now I know you get what you pay for and the more you spend the better optics you get and I can always upgrade in the future but for now that's it. I will be wanting to use this for some fox control too so your opinions will be helpful.
  13. Well I have just read through the firearms law pdf from this section and nowhere can I see that it says I have to put every piece of land in on file so hopefully as long as it's passed I'm fine.
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