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  1. ehb102

    Heart burn

    If it's the hiatus hernia, any local osteopath of reasonable standard should be able to help.
  2. ehb102

    Heart burn

    For an osteopath I recommend Teddy Brookes at the Therapy Rooms in Cambridge and also on Mondays in Grosvenor Place, SW1W. Breathing exercises I have never really done other than breathing deeply, breathing in more and holding. The other thing that I initially thought was utter bunk but had to eat my own words was a prebiotic. When I had reflux again and the hernia wasn't returned a prebiotic, specifically Garden of Life, was recommended, for times of "stress or post antibiotics". As I'd just had antibiotics I ordered some. Two weeks and my latest reflux problem went away.
  3. ehb102

    Heart burn

    If you have a hiatus hernia you can get that relieved or even cured by an osteopath. I was on omeprezole for 15 years. Tried to get off it after the links with dementia became public. Ranitadine didn't work. Asked for the omeprezole back, had to have a camera investigation, nothing the NHS could/would do. Two sessions with the osteopath with some exercises to do at home, problem actually fixed. Osteo says: "in the event of a hiatus hernia, simply by releasing the fascia around the diaphragm and the diaphragm itself, you can gently manipulate the stomach back down from being pinched in the oesophageal foramen which in this case would be keeping the cardiac sphincter open and once the stomach is lower and the cardiac sphincter is properly shut the stomach acid is kept where it’s supposed to be." £90 versus 15 years of drugs and a surgical exploration.
  4. ehb102

    Sausage roll

    Yes. It's mycoprotein from a fungus made through fermentation and in many products bound with egg white.
  5. Start treating everything he says as though he means it like a joke. Drives them crackers.
  6. Beth Aze says it better than I can. Shamina Begum was 15 when she was influenced online through communication by adults. She was Groomed. She was then transported from the UK to Syria by adults. She was Trafficked. She was then married to, and conceived a child by, a 27 year old man. Still 15. She was raped / sexually exploited / sexually abused. She then experienced beheadings, knew of torture, and her two young children died. She was, is, traumatised. The response of the UK media and Government is victim blaming. This young woman, and her unborn child, need help. Like many victims of grooming, exploitation, abuse & trauma, she is defensive, distrustful, trying to hang onto what she was led to believe, and now slightly older than ‘a child’. That doesn’t change what has happened or what she needs. From me: I hear a lot of sympathy on this site for men who were violent at a young age. Shame you can't extend the same sympathy for a young woman who was at worst gullible and malleable.
  7. I've got a 20G Hatsan Junior. Took it out clays, broke everything with 21g cartridges. That was £150.
  8. We live in a world of information now. You can't hide anything. Shooting needs a good and respectful presence on the web. It's a big part of making shooting accessible. We need to be out there's visible, showing what we do is good and has a purpose. Look at the TV program Jodie Marsh did with a shooter. Jodie doesn't eat meat but she's on board with pest control because now she understands it. The antis are no bad thing for shooting. So long as their argument is "killing things is wrong" then the majority of people are going to write them off as the fringe element. Much more dangerous would be shooters who turn away from the sport declaring it to be rotten with low standards of care and quality. The public don't mind you killing animals, but they do mind torturing animals. Shooters need to be held to account, all the time, and self policing is never enough for any system. All systems grow complacent and then corruption creeps in. Better to have outside challenge keeping us on our toes.
  9. Wait, so anyone having access to your cabinet has to have all your guns on their licence? I thought that was covered under the 72 hour loan rule.
  10. Not sure of the name, some chap from the Isle of Man.
  11. Shoot it. I shoot at pigeons with a Perazzi that was at the Commonwealth Games. Why wait for someone else to appreciate something that is yours? The value of something to you shouldn't be based on it's saleable value unless you have an actual plan to sell it.
  12. This one is my favourite: http://lizzieeatslondon.blogspot.com/2009/04/wood-pigeon-breast-with-sherry-onion.html?m=1 Sherry, onion and pomegranate syrup. Worth bothering to get the syrup. I don't cook my pigeon breasts like she does. I do five minutes in a cast iron pan and serve immediately.
  13. "Clout" was the sewn up underwear that poor children had all through the winter, after being covered in grease. Flaps for bathroom use, natch. "May" is the hawthorn.
  14. I do a couple of small bag driven days. I have no problem paying up front to secure a place on a good shoot. It is more irritating (although fair) to be asked for more money in December. I'd rather hand it all over earlier. Half down at the end of the previous season, half in September would be fine with me But that is for 100 birds, no overages.
  15. Doesn't help when Tesco stop selling British sugar. I have to go elsewhere for Silver Spoon now. I don't want cane sugar for most things, it has a different price and the distance it has travelled is shocking. And how much for? A penny to the consumer. Not to mention Tate and Lyle do inferior icing sugar.
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