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    Owen Jones

    When I saw this I immediately remembered that violence like this against anyone is just plain wrong. And I've written it out so I keep remembering it. Having said that, I do hope that Owen Jones learns that some people are always aware of the risk of physical violence, and that being overpowered, outweighted and outclassed in strength is a horrible, terrifying experience. And then perhaps he might develop a bit of sympathy for the women who don't want men in their changing rooms and toilets instead of claiming we are all transphobic because his bestie is a transwoman (and of course what a mate of Owen wants he should get). Owen Jones is one of the reasons I no longer subscribe to the Guardian. A typical North London leftie, thinks he knows everything and how everyone else should behave. Can't see past the end of his nose, hates anyone not like him (especially women). If I wasn't such a bleeding heart oversensitive liberal social worker type I'd being tweeting him to ask how he likes them apples. But I won't. Or at least I haven't yet.
  2. Really, no apology required. I do appreciate all the information.
  3. Nah, it's okay. I didn't do more than glance at the picture and didn't understand what was said. I know nothing about rifles. I have asked, now I do know. Thank you for all the kind private messages explaining it to me.
  4. Is 30/06 the equivalent of 3/4 and 1/8th choke?
  5. More than three hours from Chester, near the bottom of the M1 in Markyate. The tri gun is the bit that's worth looking at IMHO.
  6. I'd say somewhere with a tri gun. Orston have just advertised they have one, that might be 15 minute too far for you. AGL are probably too far from you, but it's where I went last time I wanted to address something slightly more complex.
  7. You know what this argument sounds like? It sounds like you're saying that it's really okay to **** children because some countries are backwards and don't make it illegal. I really hope you don't mean that. It might be okay in law - see child marriage - but it doesn't make it okay, as shown by the multitude of survivor stories.
  8. Men arg It's not about equivalence, it about the age of consent. It's a black line. You fall one side or the other. Either a person is deemed able to consent in law, or they are not. If they are not, the adult is an abuser. They should be being adult about the decision. Arguing that the age of consent is flexible according to who is asking, or even that children are able to consent to sex is what you hear from paedos. I hope you read all four parts of the article.
  9. I rarely agree with @lloyd90 about anything, but he is spot on this time @Retsdon and anyone else needs to read Dr Em's recent work. Start here: https://medium.com/@doctorEm/the-trojan-unicorn-queer-theory-and-paedophilia-part-i-a0cf30ef7bfa .
  10. Dave Izzard's Xpad is bloomin' amazing. Trying to work out if I want one on my SXS. They re pricey, but I do not want to develop a flinch. My first gun had a terrible kick. RCs were recommended to me and I still recommend them. I can shoot 28g 6s and feel nothing.
  11. Depends on your child, how they obey you and if they are the type to rush out from behind a barrier or a hide. My girl is 4 and I will take her to clays, but I can trust her not to rush past the barrier now. I wouldn't take her at 3. My friend's boy is happy in a pigeon hide at 2. Peltor ear defenders are the most comfortable for littlies we've found. Other brands are available.
  12. No rape without a penis in English law. It's sexual assault.
  13. That's a misunderstanding about consent. A person under 16 cannot consent to sex. The law demeans them unable of consent. This is to protect children from all adult exploitation, starting with manipulation. There is no such thing as sex with a child, only child rape. So a child might be verbally saying "yes" and might be showing physical signs of willingness, but it's still child rape in UK law. Some of my work is with victims of abuse. Abusers are very cunning, victims are left thinking they asked for it, it's their fault, they made it happen, they should be ashamed, they are dirty, evil, unworthy of good things. Of course they didn't. The adult leveraged their greater power and abilities and understanding to control the situation. Pigeon Watch discount for anyone who wants to seek help from me over "historical" offences against them. ETA: "Historical" is a term that makes me angry. People live with the effects every day.
  14. The nitrates used in commercial bacon production have been proven to be a massive risk factor in getting bowel cancer. This is why I have switched to nitrate free bacon. I ate some of the leftover normal stuff the other day and bleurgh! You could taste the difference.
  15. Well, we could address the epidemic of male violence and why so many men feel that they are entitled to use violence, but no one wants to do that.
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