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    I didn't have a Scooby but I knew you didn't solve the equation normally. I asked a shooting champ I know who happens to be a maths genius (writes maths papers). It’s reversing and balancing an equation to find an unknown. Start by taking 2 from both sides. The remember that 7n means 7 times n so divide both sides by 7 to get the value of 1 lot of n. What you actually need to do is put n= 10 into the expression 7n + 2 and get 70 + 2 = 72 The sequence is 9, 16, 23.... You replace the n with 1 to get the first term, 2 to get the second term etc HTH because
  2. To find out what is going on about the police shutting down free speech https://www.faircop.org.uk/ To read a man's view on what has been going on https://grahamlinehan.substack.com/ All men need to open their eyes to what is going on to women and how women live in 2021. I'm not going to let me time be drained explaining it all to people who are capable of doing their own reading, if they were interested enough or cared enough. This is a seemingly genuine question so I'll answer it. Biological sex is important. Gender is made up by whichever society you ha
  3. Yep. You have it right. The Police have been "Stonewalled". That is, they are taking advice from Stonewall, the former advocate for Lesbian, Gays and Bisexuals, which is now a trans rights lobbyist. The new ideology is that gender identity is more important than reality. If you, a man, say you are a woman, they will mark you down as one. It's why the rise in "female" child rapists on record. Because they are MEN. If you say "A man cannot become a woman" you could get marked as having committed a "non crime hate incident". BASC have refused to engage in a public conversation a
  4. The thread drifted. Vince Green said we should always let a sine.shootet shoot through. That is a different statement from you waiting your turn and being overtaken because you were alone.
  5. Why? If we've waited our turn why do we have to let someone else in front? Our time is as important as anyone's. People are free not to wait and to move on. It's nice to let someone shoot eight pairs and move on but if it's practice you have no idea what people are going to do. In competition it's all done on which cards get in first. Move on, do another stand. Come back later.
  6. The Disabled Shooters Group are a lovely group of people and cracking shots. We've (S&CBC) have done dual events with them (they came for the cake!) and they've always been mega helpful and encouraging to us C- class shooters. https://www.facebook.com/DisabledShootersGroup/ I wish I could shoot as well as most of them!
  7. Then I withdraw my recommendation. Never seen these before. Go and get some RCs instead 😁
  8. The fragmentation of media means we can no longer rely on government funded public information films to remind us of what is expected of us. I grew up knowing to stay away from pylons and electricity sub stations, deep water and strangers. I also knew to keep Britain tidy and to follow the Country Code. I still have a badge that says "I don't play on the railways". There was a lot of indoctrination in the 1980s and that had been abandoned.
  9. I love Sipe. Don't use them often because my pheasants are not that extreme. Mr Simpson at Simpsons of Newmarket recommended the RC series to me and these are super. Even my picky peg share agrees they are a reliable cartridge.
  10. Jackie and Richard Clarke have just installed a new pay and play range at Six Mile Bottom Shoot. I have been up to see it for work, it's in some woods and they have put a whole lot of effort and thought into it. Hard standing for the car park, get a card and shoot as much or as little as you like. They have launched a priority club for first chance bookings, email Jackie on the email below if you want to grab one of the last places. "It's a bit windy up here" I said to a colleague. "That'll be why they put the windfarm here then" was the crushing reply! But it made the clays more fun.
  11. 🤬 I will shame every person who says that and you won't shut me up by accusing me of "kink shaming" either. Lots of prominent people supported PIE, like Peter Tatchell, who refuses to condemn it or say he has changed his mind about what is acceptable . Now they support transitioning children from own sex to another. Why are they so keen that prepubescent children get puberty blockers? And why are they so keen to shut up women who are screaming safeguarding concerns? 🤮
  12. There's a great article about this: https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/we-need-to-look-after-our-own-first-say-people-who-would-never-help-anyone-20150907101741
  13. What do you do to look after your own? Is there a charity that you donate to or work for we should look at instead? We need to share ideas on how to keep our humanity and help others without businesses involvement.
  14. So what are you saying now? It doesn't count unless it involves rape and physical violence? Thanks for clearing that up. I'm not going to respond to this any more because I don't think there is genuine concern for women or interest in understanding, only a desire to prove that I'm wrong, women have it worse than men.
  15. That's utter rubbish. Right now Alison Bailey is fighting a court case because she, a black lesbian barrister, was sacked from her chambers because Stonewall didn't like what she tweeted, basically that men are not women. The judge reviewing the case called Stonewall's claims "outrageous". Maya Forstater "didn't have her contracted renewed" which is the modern form of sacking with impunity because she also said gender critical things. Women who say that men in dresses are not women and shouldn't be in women's spaces are losing their jobs. I had a client with massive PTSD after she was trappe
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