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  1. Thank you for all your time and work.
  2. They certainly hate women and biology.
  3. They taught us at school how "tradition" and "respect" meant a generation of men tugged their forelock and set off to fight for King and Country and those in power, those Gentlemen, used good honest working men and boys in a war of attrition, where they didn't care that the winner would have sacrificed the lives of millions so long as they had few more soldiers left than the other side. I am old enough to have listened to World War 1 veterans and to have listened to and lived with (and be one of) those damaged by the war for the next couple of generations. "Tradition" and "respect" meant "Know your place" and "Don't question your betters" and "Die because we tell you so" and "You are worth less a human because you have less money and connections". The traditions and values that brought ME into this world were ones that questioned the Establishment and Tradition and all the things that blindly hurt so many for the whims of their "betters", and taught me that we HAD to question what was going on because not doing so was how six million Jews went to the gas chamber. We have to know why and we have to be able to look beyond how something makes us feel as an individual and look at the impact on the whole including the weak and the sick and the poor and the different, because the moment we start judging that one human is worth more than another we step on the slide into fascism. I stopped reading the Guardian when they decided men in dresses could be women. I might be a bleeding heart socialist but I'm not an idiot.
  4. Nope, sorry, reread all the thread and the article and still can't work out where the sensitivity is. Unless it's pain at any suggestion that the past wasn't perfect and might have been done differently.
  5. Could you please explain what makes you feel that way? I am struggling to understand. What digs are made at what British culture and what British values?
  6. Well, I like them. Buy them tight as they do loosen a little.
  7. Macwets for me. I have green for the season and black for clay shooting. Sim days and sxs shooting I want gloves. I have sensitive little paws to protect. I wouldn't rely on them to keep you warm in serious cold but they work for a drive or a stand. Don't get them wet, they fall apart at the seams.
  8. This was gone by the time I clicked back. Someone else has followed your recommendation! Sounds great. Something hard wearing would be great. I don't mind hand washing it, but I don't want it to die if someone puts it in the dishwasher once. Something with a little flatness at the very end for actually moving stuff off the bottom of the pan would be perfect. Thanks.
  9. Those look awesome! My favourite wooden spoons are just under a foot long. That's a good distance for being able to stir something boiling and not get burned from the steam. If you can help me would you like to message me with a price? Thank you x
  10. Does anyone here make wooden spoons? Plain ones for cooking. I am sick of cheap spoons that don't last. I bought a new pack and both split within the month. Yet at my parents' house there are spoons that have been in use since they were married. And my one decent hickory spoon goes on and on. Etsy offers me customised spoons which are just cheap spoons with writing on, or something that wouldn't look out of place at a medieval banquet.
  11. Irish Traveller is a legally recognised ethnic minority in the UK. That was decreed in the High Court, fair and square. They meet the criteria for being a distinct ethnic minority. Romanies are a different ethnic minority. Lots of settled Romany and Irish Traveller people around here. A person of any ethnicity can have the status of "gypsy" under the law, to mean a person of nomadic habits and some other bits like travelling in cohesive groups, and travelling for economic purposes. Fairground people, boat people, "new age travellers" (anything from people who want to live in a van to people who can't afford a house). You have to prove a history of being in England for 600+ years for a people to be awarded ethnic minority status, so neither Romanies or Irish Travellers are recent immigrants, not when compared to the Huguenots (16th Century), Indians (17th Century) , Africans (19th Century), Germans or Russian Jews (also 19th Century).
  12. Gun doesn't matter so much but put ££ into fitting and refitting every six months. Also a decent recoil pad and an adjustable comb. I know lots of women who shoot with guns designed for women and they love them but then if I had spent that much on a new sporter I'd love it too, on principle!
  13. ehb102


    Maybe have a conversation about whether there is anything the two of you could do together? I am a planner, and if my husband takes a week off and expects me to be waiting around for his attention he will be sadly disappointed, life has many demands on me and I have limited time. If your wife is a planner it might be worth suggesting that you make time together.
  14. ehb102

    Tesco bacon.

    Nitrate free bacon. I get Finnebrogue because it's available and a similar price to the bacon I used to buy. Even Aldi sell a version now. The world is waking up to the fact that nitrates are unnecessary for bacon production - just cheap - and a massive risk increaser for bowel cancer.
  15. I still celebrate my quit date because giving up smoking was the hardest thing I ever did. The turning point for me was when I realised I was an addict, no better than the winos on the city streets. I enjoyed smoking, it was more socially acceptable for a fat woman than eating or drinking. But then an addict loves their drug. Even now I sometimes say to smokers "I am an ex-smoker, do not give me a cigarette, no matter how hard I beg." But I rarely get a craving now. Once every three or four years. Back in the days of newsgroups there was a piece called "Junkie Thinking". It explodes all those tricks your mind plays on you. Here's a link to an archive version: https://sites.google.com/view/junkiethinking/home.
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