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  1. Never had any shoot say they go anywhere other than the game dealer or gifted. There is a reasonable assumption that game is shot for consumption. It's sad that we should start feeling that we have to check up on the behaviour of shoots.
  2. England, England by Julian Barnes is a great (comedic) read about events that lead to devolution.
  3. I have a plan. I start folks off easy with pheasant breast. Then I'll show them how to breast a pheasant or even dress it completely (Not that I know much more than the BASC video showed me). Then we're up to texts on the day: "I left you a couple of brace on the fence." It's sad that I can't rest assured the game I shoot goes to a dealer for strangers to eat, but I'm starting to see this distribution as part of the ethical cost of my shooting.
  4. Rather than boot polish on leather (my leather working friend nearly cried when they found my dad had polished my clay bag with boot polish), try shoe cream. Also if you put a good coat on and warm up with a hair dryer the polish sinks in a bit more. No idea about the canvas part.
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    BMI is inappropriate for use on an individual level. Measure body fat percentage if you care and go on that. You look somewhere around 20%, which is pretty damn good for a chap your age. You might be able to shave a couple of percentage points off for visible abs, but it's not really worth the hassle. Being active and eating well is far more important. Good work.
  6. ehb102


    I am very sad. He was such a kind man always happy to share his wealth of knowledge with those prepared to ask the question. Yes, he was a great shot but he was a brilliant forum member too. I learned a lot from him.
  7. I think some tint has to be there, although you can get lighter ones. I think yellow is as light as they come.
  8. Is that even an option in shooting glasses?
  9. Let us know how your get on. I have clear shooting glasses with clip on filters, but I will order my new ones with just polarised brown if possible as I love them so much.
  10. I love polarised lenses. I had a sports vision assessment with Ed Lyons and did some further work with him on coloured lenses. I have my own personalised shade of purple for orange clays, and we did some further investigations into polarised coloured lenses. What I discovered was that for me the polarisation is way more important than the shade I am seeing through, but that a polarised lens of the right shade is even better. Further experimental work with someone else showed they had a great benefit from rotating the axis of the polarised coloured lens. We never pursued this any further becaus
  11. They may call you names and steal your cap, but they are just jealous of your pretty gun!
  12. Lunch isn't such a problem, but I don't fancy dinner outside in December. Think I'd rather go home.
  13. I hope you still go. Maybe a PigeonWatch squad?
  14. https://www.agl-uk.com/events/10-11-20/agl-side-by-side-challenge Apologies, I joined with a squad of ladies and we have five. AGL are being very tight with numbers for safety reasons. Caddied round too so only five of us. Less than non-members at EJ Churchill's. *Shrug* I have supported this event for a while now, I'd like to see it come back so I hope interest stays up.
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