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  1. ehb102

    Side by Side Club

    Down at the gunsmith today I mentioned I was on the lookout for a sxs 12G with open chokes for clays, requirements: lots of cast, and he just happened to have a nice Webley & Scott he had been meaning to do up and move along. Nicer than I intended, but at least it will fit properly. Going to have a good look when I go back for O/U collection. Only thing is, I might have to move some guns along to make room.
  2. ehb102

    20 bore cartridges required Colchester/ Cambridge

    Do you still want 20G cartridges? I am shooting clays with some 20G shooters on Saturday and can pick you some up. I am in Cambridge. If you can silver plate a cartridge I am very interested.
  3. ehb102

    20g VS 12g

    If you shoot a 12G on clays for a couple of years you will have saved enough money on cartridges to buy a 20G. That's if you buy cheap cartridges, obviously.
  4. ehb102

    Side by Side Club

    No, we didn't cross paths. The sequences were annoying. I don't shoot much gun down anyway and it's not something I was expecting to do with an ill-fitting gun. I have no problems with the birds, I can miss anything, but it didn't really work for us.
  5. ehb102

    Side by Side Club

  6. ehb102

    Side by Side Club

    We really liked it. My shooting chum won ladies, I'm so proud of her! Five years we've been doing that competition, shows we've come a long way. I am shopping for a new sxs now. Mine is lovely but doesn't really fit. Found one at the Fenland but I didn't bring my licence. I can't find it, I wonder if my husband has put it carefully away so I can't go shopping.
  7. 👍 Tis often the case, not everyone can admit it 🙂 Welcome.
  8. ehb102

    Side by Side Club

    Side by Side championship at AGL next Saturday. Who's coming? And how many guns are you bringing? Just the 12G Baikal for me. I haven't found a 20G sxs I like.
  9. ehb102

    Fenland Fair - Stow c-u-m Quy

    I enjoy the Fenland show. It doesn't have as much shopping as the Countryman fairs - Kelmarsh felt like mostly shops this year - but it has pretty much everything else. I take my family on the Monday, shoot the clays, maybe help out at the Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club tent. We like the displays and the old fashioned fun fair. My dad likes to walk around the old vehicles. Another couple of years and I'll be able to give you a tour of them myself! No boot sale so far as know. Check out the stoat racing !
  10. ehb102


    Targets only. Known as birds only. Means you don't put the optional fiver into the pot to win your class. Used by those against gambling, those who don't need acknowledgement and those of us who are a bit **** and are saving up for more coaching. People have Views on this. People who win think everyone should pay in.
  11. That make senses, if you completely ignore the power balance in the situations between the different groups.
  12. ehb102

    shotgun stock alterations

    That is a very interesting Instagram feed.
  13. ehb102

    shotgun stock alterations

    Interesting. Does the gentleman have a professional website? I am often asked for recommendations across the country.
  14. ehb102

    Homeless crisis?

    *shrug* It's the free market. So long as people are buying into the fiction that the market will adjust to provide for all then it will go on. Hello, slums and workhouses.
  15. ehb102

    Unusual animals in Devon

    Aren't there wallabies in the Exeter area? The Gov list of animal sightings had them as confirmed.