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  1. ehb102

    Vegan in the family

    No conflict between old school transsexuals and radical feminists 🙂 The problem is that lots of straight dudes have started declaring themselves lesbians or "transgender" and insisting lesbians learn to like ****. The whole Pride furore was lesbians protesting that they are only attracted to women, and that everyone else should be okay with that. People don't see how these pornified straight white dudes are taking over and trying to erase women, to say women don't have different needs or have any kind of problem with the world just because they have female biology. Everything women have, even the rape crisis help and the womens shelters, these dudebros want to colonise. It's a huge problem, and the Left are worse than the Right in this. T Glad your vegan problem is now a non-problem.
  2. ehb102

    Vegan in the family

    I'm not sure what is so baffling here. New rule comes in that any man who wants to perv at women can declare himself a woman and walk through into women's changing rooms. Women protest. This is a stupid rule, say women, and we aren't going to take this. This rule is not about genuine transsexual people with a diagnosis and a Gender Recognition Certificate they say, this rule is about allowing Autogynophiles to get their rocks off by exercising power over women, enjoying leering and peering and accidental touching of women in space where women are meant to be male-free. [Augtogynophiles are aroused by the thought of themselves as a woman. Part of the thrill is having this identity validated. A nasty streak to this thrill is the power kick, transgressing by being in women's spaces, and forcing women to accept their presence. This is different to transexual people who have gender dysphoria and change their bodies to relieve their mental distress. Autogynophiles are very male. They certainly don't want their penises removed.] Tough luck, women, says the Powers That Be. You are transphobic! Learn to put up with it. Learn to like lady **** in your changing rooms. Get comfortable with a male bodied person with a hard on watching you coming out the shower and trying to get dry and put your knickers on under a towel without showing any flesh. You have no right to be free from men getting aroused by your bodies! You are women, you are objects for the pleasure of men, you aren't important and we don't care about your dignity or your safety or how young your daughter is. A group of women apply the rule in exactly the same way. The only difference is that this time it's female bodies with a thin layer of male paraphernalia instead of male. OUTRAGE! screams men. THIS IS A STUPID RULE! We quite agree, say women. It's ridiculous, and we want it changed. Glad you see our point. Suddenly The Powers That Be agree it is a stupid rule and start changing their position. I thought it was a classic protest, brilliant in its simplicity. Show how stupid the rule is by obeying the rule.
  3. ehb102

    Could have shot 100+

    That is such a lovely post. Great going, both of you.
  4. ehb102

    What to wear for informal syndicate?

    Respect for the quarry. You are taking the lives of lots of living creatures, respect for the quarry is part of what differentiates sporting shooting from a massacre.
  5. ehb102

    First Aid Kits when shooting

    Tube of anthisan. Good for bites and stings.
  6. ehb102

    Panorama - Driven Game Shooting

    I suggested a three season project where volunteers collect excess game birds, breast them (or pluck if they care to do so) and distribute them without charge. No sale, no legal problem. Yes, it costs us time and sometimes petrol, but it would be helping the industry. No one was interested, such a grass roots type of project doesn't appeal to industry leaders. Pre baby I would have done it myself, but I'm a wee bit busy. Could be done reasonably easily if shoots were prepared to cool the birds properly. If they won't do even that then all is lost.
  7. ehb102

    Clays to game

    There are have a go days at A1 for a pound a go. Also practice days when you don't have to do 24. Five shots and home, suits you, Sir!
  8. ehb102

    Clays to game

    Go and do some Helice if you want the closest approximation of pigeon shooting. Sitting around all day, two dozen shots if you're lucky.
  9. ehb102

    SD CARD for Audi in car

    There are lots of free MP3s out there, you can just download them legally. They don't tend to be by top bands though 🙂
  10. ehb102

    SD CARD for Audi in car

    Legal podcasts are freely available. Download lots from the BBC. So essentially a radio show.
  11. ehb102

    werewolf shot in Montanna

    IFL Science covered this. It was a wolf.
  12. RC Professional Game in various weights, and a heavier RC for January pheasant. I think it's Prestige. Mostly because I overbought last season but also because RCs aren't thumpy. I like to take an old PW hand out with me as a loader. Loader's code for "coach", right?
  13. ehb102


    I second the RC2s.
  14. ehb102

    Eriswell Lodge

    It can get expensive! That's how I was taught game shooting. Brilliant lesson, but the clay bill was horrendous. Best to stick to four birds for two people 🙂
  15. ehb102

    Eriswell Lodge

    Eriswell is excellent. Great range of stands, lovely staff, good food. If the game area is set up you can have a spur of the moment flush by pressing lots of buttons at once.