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  1. If I sold a gun to someone and followed all the right procedures and it turned out it was a fake licence I do not trust that the Police would say "Oh, sorry, Madam, but don't worry, you're not responsible for what was done with the gun after you sold it in good faith." They would keelhaul you.
  2. Wabbitbosher sells guns so cheaply it's like private sale.
  3. I am considering these: https://thedomelus.com/products/xituo-kitchen-knives-set-damascus-steel-vg10-chef-knife-cleaver-paring-with-blue-resin-wood-handle-color?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping My best loved knives are not stainless steel so I am on the look out for alternatives to stainless steel,
  4. It was a splendid day. Eight beaters, eight guns. Drive 1 I wasn't in the shooting, I was out on the end, but lots coming out of a long bank of cover. Drive 2 I was balanced on the edge of a pond. There were lots of ponds as it is Fenland, the ground was flooded. This was reasonably sure footing, I stood on a grassy knoll. A more modest set of birds but I managed to hit the one pheasant that came my way with a nice first barrel. Shame it fell straight into the pond! The nice chap on the next peg hoiked it out for me. I also raised my gun to a cock pheasant I thought was rising, but it suddenly
  5. The one thing that human beings absolutely should not, must not, do is decide that the life of one human is worth more or less than another, or that a life is not worth living. What happens if you decide that other people do not have the right to live? Murder. Genocide. Forced euthenasia. Ethnic cleansing. Recognising the humanity of other humans is the minimum required of a morally responsible person. If you can't manage that, why would the Police trust you with a lethal weapon?
  6. Anyone want to go beating on Dec 26th or Dec 28th? New tiers have taken out a large chunk of our beaters. Shoot is North of Cambridge. Message me if interested. You have to be local I'm afraid, inside the same Tier 2 area as Cambridge.
  7. Rhubarb. The world is divided into putters and leavers. My husband "tidies" which is code for "moving everything that doesn't belong there into a big pile in a room where visitors don't go."
  8. It doesn't matter if it's something that makes kitchen work easier or a hobby more enjoyable, if someone says what why wouldn't you believe them? I'm not a fan of strange and unusual gadgets. I prefer ones that are used an awful lot. Really, really, really good knives are always welcome. A good sharpener too, if you don't have one already. A cast iron frying pan is a revelation, if there isn't one already then get one. Steak is perfectly done every time now. Gourmet ingredients are fun to try. Truffle butter for that steak? New top quality roasting tins make such a differe
  9. ehb102


    Respect the air bike! It is harder than you think. It's my favourite piece of cardio equipment but that's because I do a lot of heart rate work and I'm working for myself not against others. It will make a grown up cry because it will always make it look like you could have given it more 😄 Average is 20-30 cals a minute, but I don't know if that is average of all people or average of the kind of people who would get on the air bike.
  10. Pheasant legs. Chucked in some boullion, pulled off the bone and served in wraps with barbecue sauce. The only thing is that I forgot to take out the tendons at the time of pulling, was like eating badly filleted fish.
  11. They've been around a long time. If you've seen one every Christmas for the past 40 years that's tradition now. Tradition is just something people used to do because it was their best option at the time. Or "bullying into conformity by dead people" as someone said to me once. I have lots of coloured Christmas trees I bring out when we are having people over through Christmas and I don't have room for a big real tree. I love a big fir tree loaded with as many mis matched ornaments as the branches can stand.
  12. Croots are an utter pain. Great quality, clean up well, but seriously, in a line of ten guns six have a Croots slip. You had better get youra monogrammed! Also the fluff keeps getting on the bead. And when I shut the gun inside the slip, if the lining gets caught I have a heck of job opening the gun.
  13. Kent Police make no mention in their appeals that I can find. Anyone want to ring their press officer and find out what their official position is? Anyone got press credentials?
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