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  1. The dropping heels off the step is the best stretch ever. In addition to all the other suggestions, my PF was cured by some Western medical acupuncture and assisted stretching by my osteopath. He recommended ice and NSAIDs too but I never did the ice. I think he suggested a frozen 500ml bottle of water to combine the chill with the rolling of the sole.
  2. Cambridge area is apparently tough to find anything. You can join PX Farms syndicate https://pxfarms.com/country-pursuits/ The Cambridgeshire Field Sports Society used to come with membership to PX Farms but I think they have dissolved.
  3. ehb102

    Brady slip

    Thanks. So, new gear to acquire 🤔
  4. ehb102

    Brady slip

    Every day is a school day. I know of Brady slips. What's a side by side slip please? Brady only have what looks like standard slips on their website. Is this a leg of mutton gun case?
  5. Any boarding school would provide that kind of structure and discipline needed to offset a wastrel parent. A good one will provide SEN support too, pastorally as well as academically.
  6. The woman does not get more rights than the man these days. I have a case history list of dangerous abusive men who get anything from access to partial custody because they have only battered the woman, and that's completely different from battering children. CAFCAS write the reports, but a judge or magistrate may ignore everything that is put in front of them. Right now I'm dealing with a woman who thinks that she is "sole parent" and a judge is going to award her sole custody and only supervised access of a five year old who wants his daddy. She's barking. The Family Court have NO TIME for this kind of thing. They want what is best for the child, and whilst I might argue that the presumption that parental contact is always a good thing is fallacious, a reasonable person asking for 50/50 won't be penalised for anything short of a crime. You will almost certainly be fine - although an excellent solicitor is a great help. Mediation sounds great but honestly, I've never seen it work. Mediators don't form opinions, they are so neutral as to be rather ineffectual and whilst they may work when you have people willing to engage, the kind of people who get things out in the open, and who still have respect for each other and don't hate each other more than they love their kids, it's very easy for an unreasonable person to stonewall you. Sometime you have to be truthful with the child like "I want to see you but Mummy won't let me" but never ever speak ill of the other parent apart from those bare facts. Good luck. It is time consuming and horrible but be straight with your kids and act with decency and you should come out of it with your relationship with your children in tact.
  7. Ah, you were doing so well there. It's not all I've done. I've written to all kinds of people, I've put my name to petitions and I've joined in crowdfunding important court cases. In a world where proper representation is considered this issue being discussed by two men and two Trans identified men (transwomen) (8pm Monday BBC) I am going to keep on refocusing on the class of men. They are the Lords of creation, they can stand it! And I give thanks that everyone I know with a gun licence thinks this issue is utter rubbish.
  8. Bit unfair, don't you think, to the women athletes? That they should give up all they have worked for because a committee of men think that the feelz of other men are more important than fairness. Why is it down to women to change the behaviour of men? Let's see all the male sports people stepping forward and saying "this is wrong".
  9. Good idea! And please note, STILL MALE. Graph showing Gavin - sorry, Laurel - Hubbard's lifting. Mediocre men can beat exceptional women in terms of strength.
  10. It's unfair. It means women lose out. It is the end of women's sports. Text Julie Bindel “When women’s professional soccer was deemed good enough for our TV screens a couple of years ago, I was watching with a friend and her four-year-old son. He was enthralled by the game, and asked his mother, ‘Are boys allowed to play football as well as girls, mummy?’ This little boy’s comment clearly highlighted the insidious sexism prevalent in all aspects of competitive sport. When it comes to soccer, rugby, weightlifting, darts, you name it, commentating, sports writing, sports photography and so many other operational aspects of competitive sports are dominated by men. Female sports champions can be such important feminist role models for girls. Look at Martina Navratilova, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Nicola Adams and Sian Massey-Ellis. These women are looked up to by so many young women, whether they want to enter the sporting world or not, they have succeeded in a world colonized by men — often the most patriarchal types. The decision to allow Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old weightlifter who transitioned from male to trans woman in 2012, to compete in the forthcoming Olympic Games against female competitors is the beginning of the end of women’s sport. Why does women’s sport exist at all? Because biology in sport matters. Separate categories give females equal opportunities of sporting success. Australian Weightlifting Federation’s chief executive, Michael Keelan has spoken out about how unfair Hubbard’s inclusion is to female competitors. We all know it is unfair, even those speaking out in support of Hubbard’s inclusion in the Olympics — they just don’t care about women. The science is clear. As Ross Tucker wrote in 2019: ‘At any level, across any range, the top 100 (way more, actually, add a zero) an open competition between all humans would be won, without any exception, by those who benefit from testosterone’s effects on muscle, skeleton, heart, blood and fat.’ Scientific papers have clearly shown that those who have undergone male puberty retain significant advantages in power and strength, even after taking medication to suppress their testosterone levels. As one study published last year highlighted, scientists found that the male performance advantage in weightlifting was 30 percent when compared to women. Yet crucially, even when transgender women suppressed testosterone for 12 months, the loss of lean body mass, muscle area and strength was only around 5 percent. In other words, even after reducing testosterone, trans women retain most of their strength and power. Why, then, with all this evidence that shows how unfair it is, do the likes of the Olympic Committee allow natal males to compete against females? Two words: fear and capitulation. Any descent from the ‘trans women are women’ mantra earns you an accusation of bigotry. In 2019, tennis champion and lesbian icon Martina Navratilova was dropped from the advisory board and as an ambassador of of US-based Athlete Ally, which supports LGBT sportspeople and which Navratilova helped set up. The 18-time Grand Slam winner was deemed to be ‘transphobic’. Her crime? Navratilova wrote in the Sunday Times of London that it was ‘insane’ that transgender athletes who ‘decide’ to become female had achieved honors ‘that were beyond their capabilities as men’. Navratilova came out as a lesbian in 1981 and bravely stood firm against the slings and arrows from bigots and misogynists in the tennis world and beyond. But her good work and courage stands for nothing as far as the trans Taliban is concerned. Hubbard stole the place of Kuinini Manumua, a 21-year-old woman of color who had trained for years. This would have been her first Olympics. Remember her name.” It is NOT accepted. People are fighting it across the board, and I urge EVERYONE to keep protesting. Gender is MADE UP. Biological sex is real and it matters. If you make every sporting category "open" then women will have no sport.
  11. Are you sure it wasn't fiction? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Year_of_the_Sex_Olympics#:~:text=The Year of the Sex Olympics is a 1968 television,as the creator of Quatermass.
  12. I never saw the books but I saw the TV series based around them.
  13. ehb102

    under attack

    It's called "contemplating the hereafter". You walk into a room and think "What am I here after?" 😄 I've heard the corvids eating putty from windows thing several times in fiction. There was one thing I watched recently where a witch's jackdaw familiar was in disgrace because he ate the putty from the windows. I'm trying to remember what it was, probably a kid's thing I was watching with my child. ETA: Nanny McPhee 2.
  14. Mid Norfolk shooting ground and High Lodge Shooting Ground are both within range, but I don't have a particular view on either.
  15. We have them in a village with rubbish bus links that is cycling distance from the City Centre. They are an excuse not to fund the buses, that's for sure. Apart from the visual irritation at the way they are abandoned on street corners, they are a good alternative to a taxi for the agriculture workers/college students etc. I keep meaning to have a go on one myself.
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