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  1. Depends entirely on his PTSD and what triggers him. If he got PTSD in a combat situation involving guns, probably a bad risk. If he got PTSD from anything else at all, shouldn't be a problem. PTSD is just measuring tick boxes about how distressed you are, it's like a quiz. The risk would be if you were triggered and found yourself reacting to stuff in the past, not in the present. If being triggered makes him rage, no guns would be my recommendation. If it's something else, you have to judge on what is there. PTSD is my work. It's fairly easy to resolve. I'm finished for 2021 but you can message me if you want more information. The hardest part is getting the person with PTSD into a place where they want to resolve it.
  2. Has this bloke been reading Danny The Champion Of The World? I was very sad to find out that the poaching tricks in there were made up.
  3. Vegan food is an easy way to accommodate those who can't eat dairy at the same time as vegetarians. Lots of reasons why people don't eat meat that's aren't ethical choices.
  4. Kindles are the thing to buy this week. Kid needs a tablet? Half price Kindle Fire. Chum buying for the hospital got two for the money they raised instead of one.
  5. Your problem there is that you didn't agree the price with the person organising the team. They were selling the peg at £550. You demanded wholesale price but you weren't buying wholesale. I don't have a problem with people taking a cut, but usually those of us who do have the sense to make sure our friends are still getting market rate on the price. I've had some excellent days when the person doing the work got a free or subsidised shoot, and having been that person myself, if you do the work and take the risk, you deserve the reward. Friends don't gouge friends, but then friends don't expect other friends to work for free.
  6. Brook Taverner have excellent deals on including a third off their tweed shooting gilet https://www.brooktaverner.co.uk/black-friday/black-friday-outerwear.html
  7. I have a Croots dark oak. Don't get one. It's incredibly hard to pick your gun out of the rack. I had to hang a big pink fluffy pom pom on it to stop the old chap on my syndicate taking it. Mine doesn't have a buckle, so needs a bit of extra care game shooting. Buckles for clay shooting are an annoyance.
  8. I think you could have your own thread. We all learn from stories. If you haven't had the chance to learn from your own experience, you might as well learn from other people's.
  9. My money is on the director being the kind of person who thinks rules don't apply to him.
  10. Squeeze marmite was definitely thinner already so I can believe that. I make a Marmite cake and it needs the jar stuff. I tried chilli Marmite this week. Good, my friend said now it feels like something is missing from plain Marmite. I think it is probably the best replacement we'll get for the XO Marmite.
  11. Thought you meant "practice"
  12. I wear polarised prescription lenses all the time when shooting. Having started shooting within the last ten years I can't imagine shooting without safety glasses or ear protection. I've seen what happens to people hit by clays, and I've heard what happens to people who shoot with drunkards and idiots. I went to see Ed Lyons (sports vision specialist) when I started and got amazing advice that meant my corrected vision is as good as anyone's. I also find that polarised lenses give me an advantage in many conditions. That's not to say they would work for everyone, it's a personal thing, but I wear them even when the evening is drawing in. A hat with a broad brim or a peak keeps the rain off. And as a long term glasses wearer, I'm used to peering through dirty lenses so a bit of rain doesn't bother me 😀
  13. What is this thing of which you speak? 😝
  14. Eriswell have this at the moment. Lots of fun.
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