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  1. It's all very well saying "One that fits" but as a left shoulder shooting lady there will be almost nothing out there that fits off the shelf. So take a good chunk of budget out for that and we are looking around the £500-£600 mark plus alterations. Thank you.
  2. I was recommending to a friend that they have a look at a second hand Lanber multi choke sporter as a first gun and spend on the rest of the budget on good fitting and recoil pads. They were amazed at the prices of the Lanber. What other comparable sporters should we be looking out for? I would appreciate your recommendations.
  3. I has a coached round with a squad of ladies at AGL on Saturday. At the end the instructor got everyone shooting the driven with my SXS. Apart from one lady who unfortunately really didn't fit the gun they all dusted all the clays. Especially when I tell them the price of the gun. More converts to the cause!
  4. I have always loved Christmas, all bar the task of getting gifts for people you don't know well enough to think of a gift for. Children are easier, you can take a best guess. Adults though? If you don't need anything why bother? That's middle age though. For years there was always something I needed. Now all I want is some really, really sharp knives. I am trying to make sure we make our own Christmas traditions as a family. We go to the crib service on Christmas Eve rather than church on Christmas morning. We have a little turkey crown because we like a bit of turkey but not all the legs and wings, which were my mother's favourite. We choose a different colour artificial Christmas tree from my collection instead of geting a real one (which I actually rather miss, but they are much harder work, moving and cutting the end off and much bigger to decorate and until my child is old enough to help I'm skipping it). All the bits I like most - trees, feasting, mistletoe, Yule logs, gifts - are pagan.
  5. The 10,000 rule is a misinterpretation of the research. It's quality of practice that counts, otherwise you'll just be repeating low quality work over and over again.
  6. Mk1 MX5 Harvard Likewise, plus 1.8l. Doesn't have the straight line acceleration of some beasts, but does beautifully around country lanes.
  7. Tennant's in The Guineas has game. http://www.erictennantbutcher.co.uk/ Also really, really good hot smoked salmon.
  8. There are thieves amongst shooters, just like anywhere else. I had a double set of chokes stolen during a National Intercounties. I was lulled into being careless by the sense of community and the "most law abiding people in the country" spiel. It was amazing how certain high profile people felt I shouldn't say anything about this. It was Pigeon Watch kindness that set me back up with at least some chokes.
  9. ehb102

    Musical instrument

    It will be a B flat trumpet. It means if you play a C on the trumpet it will equal a B flat on the piano. ETA I'd be looking for a listing with maker's name. "Boosey & Hawked B flat brass trumpet". It might be worth getting someone to confirm it plays in pitch.
  10. Gentlemen, I shoot with a lovely lady called Gemma, who is the marketing person for The Game Fair. Gemma is looking for people to participate in Game Fair focus groups. I know you all have Views, and if you would like to help Gemma via her formal focus group processes you might find your views can help bring about change. Hi, Can anyone help me please? I am looking for some more participants for The Game Fair focus groups. They are online and phone based - likely to take 1.5 hours in the evening. I'm looking for: 1) People who used to attend but don't any more 2) People who know about the event but have never been If you can help at all I will be eternally grateful. Please drop me an email gemma.payne@thegamefair.org Please respond to Gemma if you are prepared to help her. Replying to this thread will just be throwing your opinion into the wind, it won't be part of the process. Thank you!
  11. Just because something is made in the same factory as another produce doesn't mean it's the same recipe. Remember when Kwik Save beans were made in the same factory as Heinz beans? No way we're they the same product. The beans themselves were larger and harder in the Kwik Save brand, and the sauce had a completely different taste. Having said that, if the ingredients on the packet are in the same and in the same order there's a good chance it will be the same or similar. Aldi do incredible copies of biscuits. Fox's Viennese Fingers are a favourite of.my husband. They were £1.50 a packet. The Aldi version were half that. The only difference in the recipe was that the Aldi one used "butteroil" instead of butter. You could taste the minute difference if you got all food critic about it and directly compared the the two makes, but really no noticeable difference at all. Fox's have since brought their price down #marketforces.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/nov/14/human-hair-behind-pigeons-lost-toes-paris-study-finds?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1573715158 Thoughts?
  13. I love a bit of pretentious food! I bet the celeriac cappuccino is a soup with lots of foam on top, served in a cup. I do pigeon with sherry and pomegranate syrup. I bet the whisky jam would be a similar combination of alcohol and fruity sweetness. One of my favourite things to do in restaurants is to ask the wait staff to clarify what the menu items are. Usually they know and are happy to explain, once they get over the surprise that someone will admit to ignorance.
  14. Those are my kind of guns! I have a Perazzi MX8. It needs treating gently. I've already lost a stock. The leaf springs need treating with respect, one of the few guns that actually benefit from the use of snap caps apparently. I adore it. It makes other guns feel clunky. Good points is that there are a lot around, you can get parts and stocks. The gunsmith had several MX8 stocks I could have had if I was 6' and needed a much lower comb. So light! I use mine in the field to good effect. Mine is a sporterized trap gun btw. B25s are great but the only one I know of is unchromed and a pain to use in the wet. Lovely gun to shoot. If you like those two look at the DT10 and the 686 Gold E for a budget option.
  15. James Greaves for sure. We have a tree in our garden. Had to take the fruit to the apple festival to get it identified. I still haven't managed it with the other tree that is an early fruiter. The best tasting apple I have ever had is from a wild pippen on a nature reserve. I used to eat them when pregnant, and was told that the apple wouldn't be of a named variety. I think about taking a cutting and grafting it on another tree.
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