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  1. Sorry, I spent the day trying to get my semi auto work. Now a spare slot at 10.15! Northampton are excellent at slotting folk in last minute. Most flexible ground I know. Call them. 01604781741
  2. Coming back to this thread because I bought a little semi auto, took it out for a round and had hellish trouble with it. Coach pointed out the bright orange thingy on the top. I don't know if it's a D-rail or a clone but it was HORRID. I'm strongly right eye dominant and this activated my left eye, gave me double vision and a headache and made me miss everything. And that was in five pairs on the first stand! Currently it's taped over but I'll be getting rid of it when I get a second. It was such a relief when it was gone.
  3. Anyone coming to the semi auto shoot in Northampton? I've been trying to get to one of these for ages. Even bought a semi auto for it.
  4. The best person to read on this subject is David Allen Green. He's admitted being in favour of Brexit but is mostly in favour of the law. Not the latest post but the one before is about the judgement. https://davidallengreen.com/
  5. Can't ban shooting totally. If you don't keep the pigeons off the soya beans, the vegans would starve and that would be cruel.
  6. If you would like some help to buy the right pair I suggest you get in touch with Ed Lyons (https://www.ed-lyons.com/) He is super kind and helpful, sources my shooting specs for me from looking at my prescription after I see a good local optometrist. I have Ranger Sporters. Hardly stylish for a woman, but they are big, and the clip on polarised filter is amazing. Probably not going to be £50 though. If you need something quickly you could clip on a filter over your usual safety specs. Bad luck on the Azathioprine.
  7. Have you not seen my picture??? Way over that weight limit. I thought not having one's own teeth was meant to be an advantage in relationships. Or is that only for men in prison?
  8. Good Housekeeping reckoned Morrisons, with M+S, then Aldi. I don't like sugar in the shortcrust pastry of a mince pie so I've never found a bought one I like. If you look at the use by dates they are before 1st December. Buy now, eat now!
  9. It can't be true. Not when there are so many videos up on YouTube of person declaring that they are not a cheat. No sirree, just not possible.
  10. Tradition is simply something that was done because it was the best option at the time. If there's still a good reason for doing it, fine, carry on. Saying certain people can't participate because of circumstances beyond their control is just scummy. Being inclusive is about making reasonable accommodations for people. My friend with cancer gets to swap to the closest peg every drive, is that too far away from tradition? The gent who shoots a semi auto because of his arthritis, is he now beyond measure? I can't squeeze my diseased arms into tweed jackets, does that mean I'm not allowed to shoot? Frankly if someone else not being exactly like you destroys your enjoyment of something, what you're actually looking for is a uniform and a belief system.
  11. Compression. Anything from sports compression to medical grade. To the knee compression socks will help no end. If you need medical grade you can buy from Haddenham.
  12. Thanks, @oldypigeonpopper. We're working on it. Five years ago it was hard to field a team of ladies, now it's common. Today I was on a squad with women using a CG Syren Light (traded in from the CG Syren), a Browning Liberty and a Beretta Vittoria. Those last two were incredibly similar, just with a slightly different pitch. I do appreciate the details, how it isn't just a short Monte Carlo stock, the grip is different too. I also got to have a look at a Kofs. It was pleasant enough, the wood felt raw. It wasn't ugly. Bit like having a Kia for your car. If it's your first or you don't care about details and finish it's fine.
  13. Polling of the 500+ women in a group I am in shows the 12G/20G split is roughly 65/35 with a small minority having both. Clay shooters end up with 12Gs, game shooters who never shoot competition clays are happy with their 20Gs. Size of woman has nothing to do with it. Knowledge and experience has everything. I have known a fair few women shoot 20G for years and then change to 12G, and that's because their learning curve was slower as they didn't shoot that much. The only people I remember going from 12 to 20 cited shoulder problems. Kofs gun was spoken of very highly for the price but the two ladies who talked about them have upgraded within a year. "Ladies" guns feels like a bit of a scam to me, but actually it's probably cheaper for most people to pay the extra at purchase than to develop the knowledge to get an ordinary gun altered. Having said that a second hand CG Syren is quite reasonable in price these days. Those were designed with Tania Faulds and she's teeny. The Browning Liberty Light is getting rave reviews from lady guns I know. I only know one with a Vittoria. Beretta 682 gold e is a model that was recommended to me for being light barrels. I liked it but a friend sold me something else as a favour so didn't buy one. Browning 525, the later ones, are also much loved. The Beretta Ultralight does not seem to stay long in a women's cabinet. Nice idea, horrible kick. Better a normal 12G with neutral pitch on a shorter stock and a good recoil pad.
  14. Lots of people wore tweed. You can see that in the AGL publicity. The Hurlingham Club were fully rigged out in period wear. If anyone would like to make a direct criticism and say that *I* should have worn tweed, I will point out to you that I am a woman with stage 3 lipoedema, and the fact that I am out and shooting at all is testament to the effort I have put in to regaining and maintaining my health and mobility. It is nearly impossible for me to find shooting clothes to wear at all, and it is impossible to find tweed short of fully custom made. I would love to have been able to turn up pretending to be an Edwardian in the grouse butt - that's why I got my first side by side after all - but that is not an option open to me. I am not going to allow the opinions of strangers on the Internet stop me participating in the events I enjoy with the guns I love.
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