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  1. Gun doesn't matter so much but put ££ into fitting and refitting every six months. Also a decent recoil pad and an adjustable comb. I know lots of women who shoot with guns designed for women and they love them but then if I had spent that much on a new sporter I'd love it too, on principle!
  2. ehb102


    Maybe have a conversation about whether there is anything the two of you could do together? I am a planner, and if my husband takes a week off and expects me to be waiting around for his attention he will be sadly disappointed, life has many demands on me and I have limited time. If your wife is a planner it might be worth suggesting that you make time together.
  3. ehb102

    Tesco bacon.

    Nitrate free bacon. I get Finnebrogue because it's available and a similar price to the bacon I used to buy. Even Aldi sell a version now. The world is waking up to the fact that nitrates are unnecessary for bacon production - just cheap - and a massive risk increaser for bowel cancer.
  4. I still celebrate my quit date because giving up smoking was the hardest thing I ever did. The turning point for me was when I realised I was an addict, no better than the winos on the city streets. I enjoyed smoking, it was more socially acceptable for a fat woman than eating or drinking. But then an addict loves their drug. Even now I sometimes say to smokers "I am an ex-smoker, do not give me a cigarette, no matter how hard I beg." But I rarely get a craving now. Once every three or four years. Back in the days of newsgroups there was a piece called "Junkie Thinking". It explodes all those tricks your mind plays on you. Here's a link to an archive version: https://sites.google.com/view/junkiethinking/home.
  5. Being middle aged and having everything we need, I am looking to shed possessions rather than acquire new ones. What I am doing is looking for more ethical swaps for things I use regularly. I'd love a good thick corn starch bin bag for the black bin for example. Little things like interdental brushes could be less wasteful. I definitely want it delivered though.
  6. I bought a Hatsan Junior 20 bore with an eye to teaching a big 11 year old. It's huge! So I have a new gun and I borrow a .410 O/U from the ground.
  7. Hello. I'm in Cambridge. Welcome. The Cambridgeshire Field Sports Association website seems to have disappeared but it's worth following up with them: field_officer@cfsa.co.uk
  8. An apology, an admission of error and an upgrade in the quality of meal would usually soothe my injured soul. Or a new gun, obvs.
  9. The drowning of a squirrel alone will get you prosecuted.
  10. Usually on a SIM day they run the drives twice and you load for each other.
  11. I've shot Six Mile Bottom sim days several times. They are excellent. They really know their stuff. They also do a flush day which is all clays, no hospitality. But the sim days are great fun.
  12. It would help if we knew what subset of 20 year old MX8 trigger mechanism you're talking about. Mine has detachable trigger mechanism. The whole lot comes out.
  13. If you are going to spend that kind of money it would probably be worth looking for an adjustable trigger.
  14. Oh, yeah! We want to find out what happened to Maverick.
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