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  1. As a wild guess I’d say 2012....
  2. I’d like them if still available at asking price...?
  3. Louis

    Nylon pouches

    Thanks guys, Items posted today for you - let me know how you find them. still some left if anyone else interested. regards les
  4. Louis

    Nylon pouches

    Thank you newbie, help appreciated les
  5. Louis

    Nylon pouches

    Huge thanks to all those offering helping with the picture. Hopefully up soon . Cheers
  6. Testing the water _ i have a quantity of nylon pouches that originally held H&K 416 individual field cleaning kits. The contents are gone but the pouches are good quality . 2 shallow sections with velcro and stud fastenings & metal belt loop. too good to chuck, handy for your own field cleaning kit or precious things- boresnake, spare rounds (rifle users) etc - you get the idea. i know a picture speaks a thousand words but im struggling to upload so any IT gurus out there prepared to lend a hand much appreciated, i have a pic i can e mail to you. I am hoping to sell a pouch
  7. Where are you please walker, a mate in Herefordshire looking for one.....l Disregard just seen post code...
  8. 2nd dibs on gloves if it falls through please.
  9. Louis

    Ziess scope

    Where are you please? cancel that just seen your profile thanks!
  10. Where are you please Phil? Ah, just seen your other post! too far thanks.
  11. Les.boyland@tesco.net for some pics please



  12. Looks v nice. If you do want to sell let me know?
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