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  1. Still on offer. https://www.gogroopie.com/all/1we6ge31ybe/emvc_500203-5-7413416-z5z6Pz2SPYMz4LOz5SLz9Kz5VzB2Nz1X-1 I haven't used mine yet, but my mate has tried his, and it works well. Good value for money.
  2. FOR SALE: The above printed collars. Very strong and sturdy. Tested rigorously. Loads have been sold on here and elsewhere with my complaints. Various sizes. £12:00 in pp.
  3. Quick question. Does a shock absorber need to be removed before fitting a suspension spring? It's on my Freelander 2
  4. ALDI were selling them recently.
  5. It's too heavy/bulky/long to post sorry. Where do you live?
  6. A bit more expensive, but I needed it 'now'! Thanks for the link though.
  7. UPDATE: The universal lockable fuel cap does fit the Freelander 2.
  8. The above for sale. Used for a very short while then changed for a larger one: £8:00 posted.
  9. Thanks. I need one sooner than later. I'll check Halfords tomorrow, although they are charging £16. If not suitable, I'll phone Bad boy Classics.
  10. Does anyone know if the 'universal' lockable fuel cap sold by Halfords, will fit my 2008 Freelander 2? The fuel flap/cover hinge has snapped and I now need a lockable the fuel cap.
  11. I've never actually run over a live fox. I have hit a few rabbits on country lanes though, and also a pheasant. There'll be many young fox cubs dead on the road soon. One particular dual carriageway near me, goes through a few fields, with hedgerows etc either side. It's common to see 3-4 cubs dead very near each other. I think it's said that only one out of five cubs reach adulthood.
  12. On the way to work yesterday morning at 06:30, there was a dead fox on the dual carriageway. It didn't appear to have been there long, as it wasn't 'squashed'. If I could have stopped, I would have picked it up and put it by the hedgerow on the side of the road. It was small, probably last years Vixen cub. I passed the are a few hours later, and it was completely flat! It's a shame because even though I control foxes for local farmers, it was sad to see that this one ended it's life in such a way. Also, it was an urban fox, as the road was a mile away from the city of Cardiff.
  13. I've just checked the rifle (Air Arms S410 Xtra) and it's shows 250psi on the gauge. My air bottle shows 400 Bar. I'm not sure what pressure I used to put in the rifle, but I believe it was 180, as this was recommended to me.
  14. I meant to add that the spike on most rota arms is inserted through the bird as well.
  15. Yes. The main part of the spreader is tightened onto the rotary arm, and then the birds wings are clamped via small crocodile type clips. I've never had any of mine come off. This is also the same for my flapper/s.
  16. The issue with some doctors is that they don't want to put their name on the form, which states that in their opinion, the person is 'okay' to hold firearms. They would rather pass the buck to someone else. Just like the police have done.
  17. I'm certain you'll find that your FAC department will reject your medical records, on the grounds that they are not qualified to assess them. My FAC department refused, when I asked if I could send them, and stated that they would only accept a Pro Forma.
  18. I have a box of 5000 nails and a box of 990 (approx) staples for sale. I purchased the wrong size as I need 25mm. The nails are 18G Series and the staples are 91 series. The both for sale for £13:00 inc postage.
  19. Medical report pages are numbered. Also, your medical history is dated. If you were to cross something off/try and delete an entry, the GP who views your record will see this. Very true. The police will refuse to view your records, this is why they send you a Pro Forma for a qualified GP to sign, whether it's a GP working for MEDCERT or one recommended by BASC. BASC 'approved' GP's charge a standard £50 (although the one who signed my Pro Forma only charged £25) and £50 is the price also charged by MEDCERT.
  20. Your medical records are (or should be) printed off by your GP/Surgery and handed to you. You have to show identity when collecting them, even if the GP/Surgery know you, and they take a copy of your identification. I had mine via my GP, sent it to a GP that was listed by BASC, and he checked the records and completed the Pro Forma. These were sent back to me and I sent the Pro Forma to the police, together with my renewal application.
  21. They cannot refuse, or, if they do, then they are breaking the law. Everyone has a lawful right to have access to their medical records.
  22. I've used a Foxpro (Spitfire) for many years and it's been faultless. However, should it finally pack in, I would buy an Icotec 350 or 500, mainly because it has a longer range.
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