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  1. Araldite rapid is a very strong glue and 'should' stick that together perfectly.
  2. No problem. They may take a few weeks, as they come from the USA.
  3. I don't think so. I know they are rated for a .308.
  4. Three left, plus I could possibly make up another two, but then that's the lot.
  5. You can buy one via their online sales.
  6. Although I don't have any condensation in my cabinets, I've installed Napier VP90 sachets in them, which give protection for up to one year. I usually change them every 8-9 months.
  7. I have 830 approx of the above cases. Once fired but not deprimed or cleaned. MRP brand. Sell for £50 inc pp.
  8. A sad and possibly painful way for a fox to die. Plus, poisoned rats can be picked up by Owls, then they too ingest the poison. I realise that it's difficult to control rat's without using poison though.
  9. I now have another 8 x 1ltr bottles of the above lure, which is made from boiled horse hoof/nail clippings. Excellent for attracting foxes and it's always worked well for me. One PW member who had a bottle from the last batch, messaged me to say that it worked on the very first go and he shot a fox. Price is £11:00 posted.
  10. My wife uses Otrivine nasal spray, which works for her.
  11. Wanted: Either of the above: Thanks.
  12. What's the best recording device to attach to a NV scope/add on?
  13. She's good so far, Lloyd. Puppy pad training is good and she sleeps all night, so I can't ask more than that. I don't think she'll be a big dog, looking at the size of her front paws. She will be 90% pet and the rest 'gun dog'!
  14. Meg, now 13 weeks old. She's put on 0.7kg since we've had her (Sept 10th)
  15. My meter was free for a trial period of one year. After that, it could be removed free of charge. I think meters are the way to go for most people. Like gas and electric, the more you use, the more you pay. My elderly parents don't use half as much as I do, but pay a lot more for what they do use. I don't keep a tally either. And I don't worry if I'm using the hosepipe more than usual. My bill came this morning and I do like to check what's what.
  16. I mentioned this subject a few years ago. I've had a water meter fitted for the past 20+ years, and, compared to my parents (who are in their late 80's) and haven't got a meter, my annual charges are far less than theirs, and we use a hell of a lot more water. For the past six months, I have used 25 m3 of water, a m3 = 220 gallons, so 5500 gallons total. My 6 monthly bill is £141.04. Slightly more than the previous six months. I am being charged £1.3078 m3 for water I drink/use and £1.7318 m3 for taking away/cleaning the water used. Service charges are: Water service = £18.18 (181 days) and sewerage service £48.60 (181 days)
  17. Personally, I would look elsewhere for insurance.
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