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  1. Behind the memorial bench for my son, at our local cemetery, there is a lot of brambles/weeds/grass etc growing. This is outside the cemetery grounds and is on land (never used) owned by a farmer. The council cannot do anything about it, and the farmer couldn't care less about it. I've managed to cut/crop a few tree branches that were growing over the fence, and allowing birds to **** all over the bench, and other's. I would like to get a good weed/bramble killer that I can spray directly onto them. What is the best out there? Thanks.
  2. They are a copy of the Napier 9 & 10 ones, which work well.
  3. It's quite possible an Elm. I did try planting some a few years ago but didn't get any luck. Maybe this one did. It's approx 2 years old and will be given to a local farmer in due course.
  4. This looked full grown to me.
  5. Looking up at my roof this morning and I saw a Jackdaw feeding on a dead Sparrow. I thought it was a mouse at first but then noticed the feathers. I don't know if the Jackdaw killed it or something else did. I've never witnessed this before.
  6. No, just tried it without any IR light. I will try it again though and use my Solaris SRX to see how it goes. This NV is a few year old, I don't use it now as I've got a Vulpine Mk 3.
  7. My first ever go at firing a 12g shotgun was a Baikal single barrel with Record #4 cartridges. It kicked like a mule but thankfully never put me off. I used many 100's of Baikal cartridges over the years and still have a few left.
  8. Thanks. I'll pass it on to my mate.
  9. Can extra IR be added to it, and would you post ? A mate of mine is interested.
  10. I'm not sure mate as they are a 3d copy of the metal PARD 007/008 collar.
  11. The above for sale. Very sturdy and tested thoroughly. 42mm, 44mm & 48mm available. £12:00 posted.
  12. I've found the DVR after a good search again. My thanks to Digger79 though for offering his.
  13. I have 2 x 1ltr bottles of the above lure left. Excellent for attracting foxes and it's always worked well for me. One PW member who had a bottle from the last batch, messaged me to say that it worked on the very first go and he shot a fox. it's a very effective lure if there's a Fox about. Used in Canada to attract Bobcats. Price is £11:00 posted One sold / one left. I will (hopefully) be making more in the near future.
  14. One here: https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/425141-solaris-srx-for-sale/
  15. Yes, I tried it on a few, to no avail. It never used to be like this, I just clamped it to a scope, switched it on and it was okay.
  16. Sorry, his surname is Thomas, he lives in Swansea.
  17. Me too Dave. I don't know where this 'light' is coming from. Looking through the NV/Scope and all can see is a bright circle. Even altering the contrast etc on the NV doesn't remove it. Looking through the NV when it's off the scope, I can see whatever I'm pointing at, albeit a bit blurry. Do you know what type of NV this is? I had it off Daren Morgan, who I think you know?
  18. I've got one of these add on NV's, which has worked well in the past. I tried it earlier, and after attaching it to my scope, switched it on and all I could see was a bright light which obliterated the reticule. It was as if a torch was shining through the other end. This add on NV relies on IR to work, and I cannot understand why I am seeing this light shining, which can also be seen when it's dark with no additional light source. Any idea's, or who I can contact with view of them looking at it for me? Thanks.
  19. Has anyone got the above they no longer use or need? I bought a new system ( button camera/monitor) a few months ago, but have lost the DVR which I use in conjunction with my Vulpine Mk3 NV.
  20. He will be buying new, and I think from Pellpax, who deliver to you. I might even purchase one myself. I've already got an Airarms S410 Xtra (FAC)
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