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  1. It does look delicious. How did you 'air dry' ?
  2. As above; they could not be more badly named, and this point about preventing emergency services access, is another good example of how stupid they really are. You could not make it up.....
  3. SO3isme

    Light aircraft

    Commercial pilots have to keep their hours up too. If there is any work for them in the future, many will have to 'requalify' before they can fly again
  4. Fibre wad only. Is lovely, provided you get access to the whole range.
  5. We had one as a pet when I was a kid. They are indeed incredible. Our dog caught it as a a youngster (a few weeks old). Much like a puppy, it became socialised with us. Later on, we tried to release it into the area where we found it, but when we went back a couple of days later it came running to greet us! It was more than capable of catching and killing mice. The action was so fast, you could barely see what went on. I do remember it having rather sharp teeth!
  6. SO3isme

    Heads Up

    When these characters start mentioning the population explosion I will start paying attention.
  7. He seems to be promoting his farm lately. I heard that there were plans for a TV series about his farming antics.
  8. SO3isme


    Love it. 'Rarely mentioned in these discussions, but I think that may actually what is happening here as much as anything, especially when you consider how many MPs are former lawyers. They are making hay while the sun shines.
  9. SO3isme


    What is the alternative if the referendum result is not upheld?
  10. SO3isme


    How many Brexit days have to come and go before the 52% feel that there is no alternative but take the law into their own hands? Assuming that they just don't accept that leaving the EU is 'impossible'. What can the obviously disenfranchised do if there is no General Election? What if even after the GE, we still 'can't' leave?
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