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    clay smashing, pigeon smashing, crow smashing!! spending time with wife and daughter
  1. lol i used these exact shells meself only the other weekend, full used used and results of if i remember correctly were just over 200 birds. although i did use my 1/2 & 3/4 chokes where i normally use 1/4 & 1/2 and yes get them in CLOSE
  2. certainly a well deserved well done from me!!!! full respect of the animal even though were restricted to a point with the tools at hand at that present moment.
  3. yep, wasnt long ago i had quite a large piece slice straight through my cap and slice me scalp right open!!! hurt like **** and was glad to get to the local hospital where the nice lady in a&e injected some lovely anesthetic oh my was in heaven then and left with 5 stitches!!!!!
  4. only ever tasted these little ******* once and was pleasantly surprised how good they, sadly though there seems to be a lack of them in the woodland i cover which is most annoying!!!!
  5. Ive a Beretta Ultralight, have had it a while and have put a stupid amount of cartridges through it. took it in for a routine service which was fine only had to rreplace the bottom firing pin due to wear and as for the ejectors . . . . . never ever had an issue with them!!!!! like anything if ya look after IT then IT will look after you!!
  6. sadly no yummie items at four seasons gun club . . . . tea or coffee . . . . . oh and a bicuit!!!!! oh but at the xmas shoot there be small sausage rolls and minced pies!!!!!!! mmmmmm maybe it time to find another club in the east devon area!!! if any of you have any suggestions by all means private message me with some details. many thanks
  7. roost shoot myself when ever farmer calls me for an evening on the birds!!!! he brings a mean old coffee in his flask too!!!
  8. Top gun, bought one only few months ago and am well impressed!!!! go buy it as you wont be disapointed!!!!
  9. Seems to have helped my left eye dominent issue and since fitting the easy hit i seem to have improved considerably and miss very little these days.
  10. Express special game are i think a 65mm case and smallest load of 25g of 6s, have used them and found them to be quite good.
  11. Merry Xmas!!!!! Roll on fourtnight sunday got me a set of briley chokes to try out!!!
  12. Good evening CaptainP !!! just outside of the honiton area there is the FOUR SEASONS GUN CLUB which is located along east hill. I presume you know the honiton area? if not the chairman Chris Spiller on 07853210452 / 01395 278862 will be able to give you more info. There next date for meet is 28th December (sun) and have 50 sporting and if available skeet also. if you wana know more by all means send me a message here. Hope this helps with your christmas break shooting!!!!
  13. oh yes no shoot is complete without a good sandwich!!!!!!
  14. ive had a few days like you mention, of late ive only been heading out onto the rape field with gun carts fags and coffee. not bothered with hide or decoys as ive a lovely natural hide in the middle of a hedgerow!! just nice for a change to site for a while, shoot a few that make a mistake in coming in too close to me then just getting up and moving to another place!! roll on tommorrow morning, so cant wait to try my new beretta ultralight deluxe!!!!
  15. if he is just after a butt pad then there are many aftermarket items that will fit with a little final fitting. look on ebay as there plenty on there
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