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  1. Blackneck Vs Bazanty Pheasants

    We had Bazanties for the first time this year they were a nightmare from day one ok so this last season was bad for wandering but they were no where to be found on the plus side the few that did stay flew realy high many to good for our guns but I think they did not land on our estate. We are not having them again going for a Bazantie cross this year .
  2. Golden retriever cross Welsh springer

    There is a chessie x lab pup on Face Book gun dog page now that should be a wildfowling dog.
  3. Duck Numbers

    Its official because it was on Country File the other week (and they are always right) wildfowl numbers are down this year due to the mild winter they were at Welney there are certainly very few in Kent most of us have given up I only saw 2 teal on my last trip out and they were nowhere near me.
  4. 20 bore; yes or no

    I have a S687 30" I brought years ago have just had it re blacked and serviced and its the best gun I have ever used best used with 28gm shells.
  5. Wildfowling Season To Date

    It is no better out in the estuary JJ I think we had better move north .
  6. Wildfowling explained?

    Top answers lads summed it up well.forgot to add falling asleep during dinner parties etc or coming home early due to getting up for dawn the next day.
  7. The "walk / stand " pheasant shoot.

    We now use this system and agree with David its the best and fairest.
  8. Widgeon finally arrived

    They are not in Kent in any numbers yet either.
  9. bird id waterfowl

    Where as I agree you should know what they were before you shot them you are in luck they are legal widgeon.
  10. Will sewelling work?

    Is it possible to drive it up hill away from the hedge the birds should then get up at the top and curl back over the beaters to get home at a decent hight.
  11. selling Wildfowl

    Most clubs have a rule that states that no wildfowl shot on their grounds may be sold which is quite rite in my opinion.
  12. Proper cartridges

    my local supplier gave up dealing with him as in his words he is a nightmare to deal with which is a great shame as his 32grm 6 were one of the best cartridges I have ever used and a good price.
  13. I spotted that as well moaned to the wife she did not know the difference like most viewers I suspect still a good programe.
  14. A realey good series but either my ears deceived me ( I am hard of hearing ) or did those canadas sound like greylag last night.
  15. Steel carts for driven shoot

    Silver steel is the only steel load with fibre wads if the estate wants fibre this is your only steel choice if plastic is ok go for Gamebore Mammoths in either 4 or 3.