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  1. Wildfowling explained?

    Top answers lads summed it up well.forgot to add falling asleep during dinner parties etc or coming home early due to getting up for dawn the next day.
  2. The "walk / stand " pheasant shoot.

    We now use this system and agree with David its the best and fairest.
  3. Widgeon finally arrived

    They are not in Kent in any numbers yet either.
  4. bird id waterfowl

    Where as I agree you should know what they were before you shot them you are in luck they are legal widgeon.
  5. Will sewelling work?

    Is it possible to drive it up hill away from the hedge the birds should then get up at the top and curl back over the beaters to get home at a decent hight.
  6. selling Wildfowl

    Most clubs have a rule that states that no wildfowl shot on their grounds may be sold which is quite rite in my opinion.
  7. Proper cartridges

    my local supplier gave up dealing with him as in his words he is a nightmare to deal with which is a great shame as his 32grm 6 were one of the best cartridges I have ever used and a good price.
  8. I spotted that as well moaned to the wife she did not know the difference like most viewers I suspect still a good programe.
  9. A realey good series but either my ears deceived me ( I am hard of hearing ) or did those canadas sound like greylag last night.
  10. Steel carts for driven shoot

    Silver steel is the only steel load with fibre wads if the estate wants fibre this is your only steel choice if plastic is ok go for Gamebore Mammoths in either 4 or 3.
  11. Rottweil 36grams no. 6

    60 to 70 yards is beyond most peoples capabilities with any load only they dont know it
  12. poults killed?

    Bird of prey probably Buzard we have lost and still loosing loads this year to them .
  13. Bloody rear end in pheasants.

    Sounds like feather pecking by other poults are they still in a pen ?
  14. As others have said the weather is the biggest problem when the poults are wet and cold this is when disease strikes it is usualy in the ground waiting for the right conditions we have had a new one this year SARCINA symptoms are the same as Hexi and Coxi droopy wings and the dreaded shuffle had to treat them with penaciline a good vet is a must.
  15. Poult deaths

    Wet weather will kill poor birds it also makes the others liable to catch disease medicated feed will not help as stated this is for gapes you need a vet they probably have hexi or coxi probably both and need a perscription medecine I have lost 300 this year in exactley the same conditions and had to get the vet all ok now.