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  1. JDog that was my thought as well .
  2. Dan good luck you are going to need it the Ashdown Forest is full of Fallow they will just keep on coming onto your farm. As others have said just keep on shooting them at every chance you get you wont ever shoot enough.
  3. nic could not agree more they will stop anything at sensible range .
  4. Ditchman is correct but as to why it chose to eat it god only knows.
  5. it depends on the age of the gun the older ones were not 3" my new silver pigeon is.
  6. 5 weeks is a bit young 7 is better we just put ours on the ponds with a heap of food on a flat bank next to the water for the first few weeks then start to feed them further and further away untill they are flying out for the food. none of our ponds have islands.
  7. I think you will find that your 686 is not 3" chamber so stick to Gamebore wetland 2 3/4" in shot size 3 will stop any goose at sensible range.


    JDog we have had them in our part of Kent since the end of march I even saw two together the other day which is first for me .
  9. 7daysinaweek come to Kent we are over run with the bloody things eating every thing they can reach or dig up .
  10. I think you are going at the wrong time of day if this is an inland marsh the ducks will be coming in to feed at night time you need to be there for evening flight not morning.
  11. NOBS were as others have said a good idea that did not work Max151 you are better off going on Face Book and looking on the Beaters and picking up pages there are lots of people looking for beaters on them.
  12. I have 130 feeders so would be costly plus as I said they all clog up if not stretched out when it gets wet.
  13. Jus drill lots of holes in them I find pan feeders clog up when the food in them gets wet and the badgers just straighten out the spring feeders and empty them .
  14. Turtle Doves have never been on the list of birds that can be shot even back in the 60s when there were plenty about they were protected. I saw one in Kent last week the first for several years maybe a good thing that collard doves are now protected as some people have a problem telling them apart from Turtle Doves .
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