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  1. These were the first to have the now dreaded plastic wad.
  2. None in Kent either I predict that any one with rape this year is going to have a lot of pigeons.
  3. 32GM Steel 3 shot works on 40yd mallard so why not on pheasant .
  4. As Mr Phantom says ring them and quote RAC price and they will match it I to have to do this every year.
  5. With regards to Game Shooting the younger generation are just not interested in beating which will lead to some shooting ie beaters day etc we can not get any young beaters the majority of our team are all old codgers me included.
  6. Contact my mate Adrian at Als Spirit in Weymouth smallish boat but top man.
  7. I have used the Eley Eco wad 32gm 5 on partridge through my Bretta Silver Pigeon and they work as good as lead and the wads do dissolve after a few days not so good on high duck no3 would be better or it could have just been me being a poor shot.
  8. Marsh Man I am with you on why do people have to fire 3 shots every time it happens all the time on our marshes and the birds are out of shot most of the time on the first shot .
  9. Nitehawk swivel seat go for the higher one very good but not much storage got mine on ebay several companies list them .
  10. Has anyone used the new Gamebore Dark Storm steel cartridges with the biodegradable cups if so are they any good I use Gamebore Wetland and like the a lot but dont like leaving plastic wads everywhere.
  11. Find a 100g bullet that your rifle likes and you will be able to shoot anything you want to but as others have said its all about sensible ranges and putting the bullet in the right place.
  12. The best gun dog I have had was a Springador its mother was a pure bred Lab and father a pure bred Springer looked like a black lab with a white bib she was brilliant at all types of shooting a mate had her litter sister which was also a very good gun dog.
  13. Andrew just looked at your website as I did not know of your company realy good products and site only thing wrong if I am seeing it right is the photo of the steel shot cartridge looks like a felt wadded lead load to me.
  14. It is definatley an age thing when I was young I would travel any where any time just to get the chance of a shot now at 69 I am far happier beating or working the dogs .
  15. Jim Neals post is spot on reading the rest of the posts no one mentions walking the birds in through the pop holes last thing in the evening does no one do this anymore ?.
  16. Just brought 500 Eley 38g due to not being able to get Winchester 40g heads are ok but they do not kill as well as winchester and do not group well bejond 35ydswill be glad to get back to winchester.
  17. Its Listed as Cut Maize on my feed suppliers lists . Not bothered what its called just need prices for 5 ton.
  18. I need 5 tonne for pheasant feed.
  19. Any one know where we can buy cut maize in 1tonne bags to keep the cost down delivered to Kent.
  20. If you are not using it you will find it a problem when your ticket comes up for renwall .
  21. We had one that barked all the way round the road when walked the owner said it was a Swedish Barking dog and they had competitions there for them I told him he best go there as it was sure to ****ING win.
  22. A mate of mine has just brought a slab of these to use in his light s/s has not tried them yet but the theory is good got them from the gun shop in Ashford Kent.
  23. As others have said go up to shot size 4 or 3 when using steel in either 20 bore or 12 and you will kill anything in sensible range.
  24. JDog that was my thought as well .
  25. Dan good luck you are going to need it the Ashdown Forest is full of Fallow they will just keep on coming onto your farm. As others have said just keep on shooting them at every chance you get you wont ever shoot enough.
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