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  1. Not sort of thing that easily posted
  2. Couldn’t be much further away
  3. Seen them in derby I’ve been told they’ve been seen local too (chesterfield)
  4. Idle back shooting chair don’t come up for sale often £200 pick up only ,chesterfield
  5. I’ve got two a standard in .22 and a compact in .177 ,best airguns going at moment I think if your on mewe there’s an agt page will loads of info
  6. I think the slap looked very staged to me wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out as a setup Really needs a like button on here he’s a weasel
  7. Good used condition Cary bag plus pegs £60 collection only from chesterfield
  8. I’ve got one based in chesterfield
  9. Die on your feet or live on your knees tough choice
  10. Take a look at agt great line of guns and all can be fac
  11. We not allowed to vent frustration any more ?
  12. pork chop


    Powder throw plus stand £75 posted or pickup Chesterfield
  13. Be more interesting watching Kelly Brooke fight him have you seen her fight on it crowd
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