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  1. pork chop

    Artemis pp700

    As above ,prefer 177
  2. Yeh buddy but not on this ,it was just on the bench Cheers buddy,I’ve got five sets coming .Seem to remember reading something about new bands failing
  3. Yes buddy should be here next couple of days
  4. Lol ,it’s not as big as it looks mate said something similar lol
  5. Never made a catapult before ,it’s turning out quite well
  6. Cracked it at last ,right pitch helped 🙄
  7. pork chop


  8. pork chop


    depends what ya surname is lol
  9. My force always wants a specific cal not just fac air ,don’t forget your mod .But if it’s in built as the impact you don’t need to but always best to cover ya backside
  10. pork chop


    My sis sent me this I googled my surname ,which is Anglo Saxon so it’s germanic .Bloody German lol always thought as myself as Viking lol
  11. Just hits do much harder,50oddftlb though to flatten out the .25.Do you need fac air ,no I’ve shot lots more with sub 12 think out of all my guns I miss my .25impact the most .May be coming up for sale when all this virus stuff is over
  12. pork chop


    Any one ever done the dna test where you can trace where your ancestors came from ,Saxon,Viking ect
  13. If ya going fac go .25
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