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  1. Not sure what mate used but they were pretty good but the wild man ones had the edge
  2. Defiantly need to look into them more have you tried the jsb slug
  3. Have to try one of the trial pacts you using the slug liner or the superior liner
  4. Wow not good mates using .22 n gets 200 for £18 jsb are pretty good .only h&n he’s tried so far is the 21g n they flew all over What barrel setup are you using
  5. Compared too the fx slugs and slugs uk they priced well n as for **** in your gun can get that In any .Slugs can change a lot from speed they run at too
  6. pork chop


    If you don’t have any luck try the charm mags ,great mags not sure I’d they do what your after by worth an ask
  7. Anyone into slugs look up wild man slugs ,decent prices n quality is very good
  8. Got a rim fire magic 1022 their own action , Carbon fibre barrel lam thumb hole stock , 2 mags plus mod
  9. pork chop

    Mtc swat

    Any one using the 12x50 mtc swat just wondering how you finding them
  10. Wonder if the pregnant woman he robbed n pistol whipped begged not to be hurt
  11. I lost my tickets through depression , life time hobby/headspace/friends all gone
  12. pork chop


    I’d be looking at an fx wildcat not sure you’ll find a laminate one for that money though
  13. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with ,lost my son too it in November I’ve fought n still fighting I guess not to be with him .It’s impacted so many members of my family n friends
  14. That’s all I used when I had my impact that was 5shots at 40 y
  15. Can’t go wrong with an hw100
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