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  1. You’ll not go far wrong with Hawke move a couple n they do job very well or as said Nikko Stirling
  2. Hd50 good working order £1100 ono mk1 drone good working order £1100 ono
  3. Gonna look great when it’s done chap couldn’t get the colour I wanted so got to paint it
  4. Ha me too ,not shot for group yet but it’s a hw barrel so I’m not worried 😬
  5. Put reg in today and fitted stock reballeled in .20 made shroud n mod .i’ll be painting stock n forend when paint turns up then just need to fit rail
  6. Good guns ,miss mine
  7. pork chop


    Yeh think it’s gonna turn out well ,standard reg is just dire even though I polished internals and belville washers .70+ FPS over ten shots each one faster than the last,breech seal is damaged so that will have a bearing on it
  8. pork chop


    Started my pp700 project yesterday got a .20 cal hw barrel from silco ,took me a few days to pluck up courage to cut it n start machining it .Got there in the end ,going to sleeve barrel with carbon fibre tube and maka a mod.Just waiting for Huma reg and stock/forend to arrive
  9. pork chop

    Barrel wanted

    After .177 ideally .20 barrel for a project bsa/cz/hw/Walther
  10. pork chop

    .22 hornet

    I’ve a cz with dm80 mod , bedded into a boys lam stock .Second rifle up these are my rifles that are being held at local shop
  11. Polite? think it’s polite to contact me
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