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  1. Few of them been got too over the years tbh just string him up
  2. He’ll get what’s coming inside
  3. I’ve shot a few gasrams thebens and bsa found them all harsh myself the bsa was a non starter cousin had a fenman very long time ago was a nice gun tbh trigger was ok but never been a fan of gasrams in general
  4. Much better out there for the money
  5. Fits a stud or rail weaver attachment are available to
  6. Send me your email its a third eye evo
  7. As title says vgc boxed I believe it’s a 2 moa ret ill need to check £650
  8. If he isn’t happy only way is vote with his feet best way sometimes
  9. Go to a steel fasteners N get a suitable sized roll pin
  10. pork chop


    Never used liter than 50 gr mall ways said I’d try 40 gr just for giggles but my current br is a 8” twist n not sure bullet would do too well shoots 69 gr tmk well well though
  11. pork chop


    I use viht 135 50 to 69 gr bullets in two different rifles All ways had great results
  12. I’m in chesterfield
  13. Got just over 450 eley subs , don’t suit my rifle £50
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