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  1. I hate to see owt run over ,on end for anything
  2. pork chop

    Vortex fury

    As above
  3. Mates looking to sell his fx .25 impact 70odd ftlb
  4. pork chop

    Artemis P15

    Think that’s what I paid new for mine
  5. pork chop

    Mtc swat

    12x50 swat very good condition ,I just prefer a standard type scope comes with every thing as it should plus lever for pa ,just misplaced rear lens cover at mo £350 posted
  6. pork chop

    Artemis P15

    I’m selling mine
  7. He’s made a great job
  8. pork chop

    New frock

    Got my stock back today dipped by Andrew baxster ,quick turn around and a superb job
  9. No not logged them then
  10. Had one in place since Xmas shot it twice so far ,both this week n had 7 off it
  11. pork chop


    Loading kit rock chucker press powder thrower plus stand 10/10 scale not in pic chamfer tool primer cleaner priming too £500 collected from chesterfield
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