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  1. pork chop


    No it’s not standard ,conversion by jake bowman They can be hit n miss generally down to poor crown ,very easy gun to work on
  2. pork chop


    This is my fav at moment
  3. pork chop

    22LR wanted

    Got a syss 1022 based on their action and volquartsen barrel
  4. I was too ,I’d be legal but nothing on their website
  5. I love it ,it’s surprisingly heavy but yeh points really well much better than my matador
  6. Can’t answer any of that yet didn’t have a charging probe for it so I made one today ,I do know the chap who owned it before chap I got it from n he’s told me it’s very accurate they said to do 60 shots at 40j so sub 12 should be a decent count ,I’ve taken the bottle off n put cylinder back on .Looks so much better
  7. Kalibrgun Capybara Lol
  8. pork chop

    New to me

    Got this other day ,to good of a bargain to pass up
  9. Depends on budget loads to choose from ,but fx wildcat a good choice
  10. General thinking was .177 for feather .22 for fur always thought that was wrong way round Myself 100% .177 for rabbits
  11. Breaking bad sons of anarchy bad blood
  12. Defiantly more tender towards the knee ,was same on front when I had this done
  13. Anyone who says a tat doesn’t hurt has never had a proper one ,they do hurt but that can vary a lot depending where you have it .I had time where I could nod off n times where I’ve had to say stop this is one I had other day on my calf n it hurt
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