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  1. Ha ha how many times a day
  2. You’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time
  3. I hate selling far too many messers out there
  4. Agt uragan but you’ll struggle to find one n not for £1000 edgun matador good choice or an impact
  5. pork chop


    As above saim19 thermal spotter/scope great condition and working order £800
  6. pork chop


    3/12/40 Hawke compact great little scope £180
  7. pork chop


    Rcbs powder thrower and stand £120
  8. Got a pressin great condition £125 prefer pickup because of weight but could meet within reason I’m in chesterfield
  9. I’ve got a rcbs rock chucker sat doing nowt ,keep means to put it up in sales
  10. Surely they could practice in day with really dark shades on inconsiderate barstools
  11. Yeh it’s great self indexing too
  12. Guns a steyr pro x only had it a week or so
  13. jNot bad couple of hours
  14. Cheers buddy I’m using 3 mm n just snaps only bnq stuff though ,n thank you I’ll pm you later
  15. What’s best to use it’s driving me up wall ,tried alsorts from heavy duty wire to steel wire n tie wraps .Nothing lasts more than a minute or so
  16. pork chop

    Die set

    I’ve got a set
  17. I hate to see owt run over ,on end for anything
  18. pork chop

    Vortex fury

    As above
  19. Mates looking to sell his fx .25 impact 70odd ftlb
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