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    Shooting whatever i can whether it runs or it flies
  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, in regards to shooting lamps for foxes. I want a lamp that is hand held and plugs into a 12 v (cig lighter) socket in a truck, What are the advantages of LED ones verses the ones with bulbs? What to look for when buying one, good brands etc? Price wise.... I am looking for a decent lamp and willing to pay for it! Of course I have had a look online and read many product reviews but would like to know from people that actually use them and can give impartial advice and views on what different lam
  2. Zeiss Duralyt has now been discontinued from production and they are bringing out a new 'improved' one called the Conquest DL..... shall i wait for the new one or just buy the duralyt? or will the new one be A LOT better?
  3. Yes I plan on getting a sling for it as well! Thanks will bear that one in mind
  4. After a lot of scanning through threads on here and speaking to various people on the subject I think I have decided what to get.... Looking to order it soon BUT I thought I would run it past you all on here before and see if there was anything you would change?? A Sako .243 rifle, wooden stock and blued barrels. A Zeiss Duralite 3-12x50 scope Optilock mounts A-tec Maxim moderator with 2 extra baffles A Harris flexi bipod
  5. I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and moderators. I getting a .243 and i would very much appreciate ANY ADVICE ON SCOPES and moderators, with recommendations of different scopes, in different price ranges (above £200) and reasons why. I am looking for a good quality scope that will be versatile for lamping foxes and stalking deer. (arou
  6. I have done a bit of decoying before but only ever with static decoys. Now the opportunity has come up that i will be able to do some more especially over winter on oil seed rape etc. I am looking to buy either a flapper or a rotary decoy as with so much 'food' around for the pigeon, I expect I will need movement to bring them in. Could you please help me with this decision. Giving reasons for each and where you can buy good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg....... Any other advice on shooting pigeons over oil seed rape in winter would also be very helpful!!! Many than
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